Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 114


Just looking at the straight ki beam, unlike Muyang’s determination, Saiyan Bazita squealed a bit. A trace of disdain surfaced on his immature face.

He even squeezed his fist towards the Tri-Beam and smashed it. 


There was a dull sound. As Bazita’s fist smashed in hard, Muyang’s Tri-Beam was shifted in a row direction, crashing towards the mountain at the other end. 


The mountains crumbled, debris splattered, and thick smoke rose as if the sky was falling apart in front of them.

“I can’t believe he blocked it!” Muyang couldn’t help but draw in his breath. His expression was somewhat incredulous. 

The Tri-Beam was already one of the most powerful moves he had ever mastered. Its savage domination could be said to be rivaled by few other moves.

Even strong fighters whose power level surpassed his by a lot would find it difficult to retreat from the Tri-Beam’s blast!

And now… it was such a move that could display his full strength to the fullest. However, it was blocked by the Saiyans in front of him.

His heart couldn’t help but sink. Right now, his heart was born with the heavy feeling that Piccolo had when he faced Nappa during the Saiyans’ invasion of earth.

No matter what attacks were ineffective, all of it was easily bounced off.

Such different levels of crushing really make people feel hopeless and powerless.


After blocking the Tri-Beam, Bazita looked even more aggressive, with seemingly inexhaustible ki on his body.

Sometimes when you thought about it, the Saiyan’s physique was a bit unreasonable. Seeing Bazita instantly leap forward, his entire body was like a raging rhinoceros.

The violent foot force brought up shock waves and air friction, making whooshing sounds.

Bang!!!!  Bazita kicked out and targeted Muyang’s chest.


Muyang couldn’t dodge. His hands padded on its feet’ backs, and his body was blown away by Bazita’s attack.

The tremendous force that entered Muyang’s body caused his face to turn white. A mouthful of blood spurted out, leaving two deep gullies under his feet. 

Seeing that his target had been severely injured, Bazita, who had struck a blow, laughed arrogantly. He then moved his body continuously, appearing in front of Muyang once again.

A young face appeared in front of him with a coldness that was not appropriate for his age.

“I don’t know what race you are, but since you look so much like Saiyan, I’ll let you die a quick death. No, no, no, that would be boring, let’s just kill you slowly.”

“What do you think… should I break your leg first, or your arm?” Bazita’s mouth curled in a faint smile. A grimace flashed across his face.

Afterward, he raised his hand, and the fierce attack descended again.

Bang! Bang!

Muyang’s forehead was covered in a cold sweat. Bazita’s vicious attack caused his expression to stagnate and his face to turn a little paler. However, Muyang was considered to be a veteran of a hundred battles.

Although he had suffered a significant loss, his reflexes were still there. After taking several heavy blows from his opponent, he used the techniques he had learned from Mr. Popo to avoid the body’s vitality temporarily. 

“Don’t think you’ve necessarily won!” Muyang covered the wounds on his body with a calmness on his face that was extremely inconsistent with the situation.

In front of him, the young Saiyan might be a bit stronger, but he wasn’t in a desperate situation yet!

If the skill that the earthlings were best at was concealing their ki, then another characteristic couldn’t be left out.

That was their use of every trace of ki on their bodies to the point where they were outclassed.

Compared to the plutocratic Saiyans, Muyang still had his most significant advantage! 

“Oops, I can’t believe I dodged that.”

Bazita barred his mouth. He was a little surprised, but the disdain in his eyes was evident. He was confident in his strength. 

Bazita looked at Muyang and said indifferently, “So what if you dodge it now? It’s just for a moment, let’s see what other tricks you can play!”

“Then… please open your eyes and take a good look…”

Muyang looked at Bazita with a pale face. He smiled grudgingly and suddenly took a deep breath. He then gradually moved every bit of ki in his body.

“No matter how much it is, I’ll move all the ki in my body!!!”

“Ah!” With a painful shout, a vein protruded from Muyang’s forehead. All the muscles of his body followed suit, coiling up.

In this instant, the ki on Muyang’s body rose by a large amount, reaching its maximum destructive power. The intense burst of ki was not a small burden on the body, but now Muyang had no choice.

“Tick!” “Tick!” “Tick!”

The scouter Bazita wore in her ear chirped rapidly. The data displayed above the frame began to rise steadily.

480, 490, 512, 540….

The ki reaction kept increasing and finally stayed at the value of 540 power level.

“What’s going on? He should have used his full strength just now, but why has his power level gone up by a large amount?” Bazita had never encountered a situation like this before. His eyes couldn’t help but flicker with confusion.

Although the Saiyans’ power level was also divided into Base Form and Angry State. From the battle just now, the opponent should have already exhausted his full strength. However, now the opponent’s power level had actually increased by so much.

It didn’t make sense; it really didn’t make sense!

This was too confusing for Bazita.

Soon, a disdain look crept back into his cheeks. Bazita’s lips curled up, and laughed presumptuously. “Hahaha, I don’t know how you improved your power level, but do you think you could escape death that way?”

“No, no, no, you don’t stand a chance!” Bazita shook his head, “To tell you the truth, my power level has already reached 730, and even if you raised it to 540, you wouldn’t be a match for me!”

After saying that, as if showing off his power, Bazita released the restrictions on his body. 

Suddenly, an overwhelming pressure of oppressive ki made the vegetation shiver. Muyang’s body had also trembled as if a thousand weights had been pressed down on him. 

“A match for you or not, aren’t we going to know after the fight?” His dark eyes flickered with cold light. Muyang sank and tried his best to resist Bazita’s pressure.

“I wonder if you know what you’re talking about!”

Seeing that the opponent was still acting like a tough talker even after he had released all of his ki, Bazita’s killing intent rose once again.

His eyes were bloodshot. His face was slightly fierce, and his body exuded a dark and terrifying yet chaotic aura.

The light wind blew the sand and dust. Bazita and Muyang looked at each other, looking for the right moment to strike.


Suddenly, the two figures flashed at the same time, appearing together in the next moment.

Muyang’s attack was very decisive, as he had already used his power to maximum effect. If he was not decisive enough to strike and unable to defeat his opponent, he could only retreat as soon as possible. 

One hand stretched forward, the other hand clenched his fist, ready to make up for the blow. Just like what Muyang had always said, his attacks never exhausted his strength; he always kept a share as a preparation. 

Fearlessly, the air caved in, and the fierce attack exploded with terrifying ki. Upon facing Muyang’s violent attack, Bazita seemed to be much more at ease.

However, because Muyang’s fighting skills were far superior to Bazita’s, it made each of Bazita’s attacks feel like hitting cotton, with a feeling of vain. 

This feeling infuriates Bazita!

Why couldn’t you kill the 540 power levels guy in one hit, even when you have 730 power levels?


A violent impact, like a yellow bell, the lingering shockwave spread in all directions. It bent the trees within thousands of meters.

Muyang’s strength was ultimately not as strong as some of Bazita’s. After the protracted battle, Muyang’s face became more and more ugly. Beating iron still relied on oneself, even with his rich skills; he was still not a match for Bazita.

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