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Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 115


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540 versus 730, it was already almost a 50% difference, which had basically reached the limit of what skill could compensate.

“Alas, my power level is never as good as my opponent’s!”

After a few rounds of attacks, seeing that his attacks were never able to deliver a fatal blow to his opponent, Muyang sighed in his heart. He had already come up with the idea of retreating.

After a few more rounds of fighting, Muyang’s body was already in tatters. He knew he couldn’t drag it out any longer.

If he delayed, something would happen. Even with the Senzu Beans as an aid, he’s afraid there was no guarantee that an accident wouldn’t happen!

So after venting the last ki in his body, he routinely chose to use the Solar Flare to escape.

“Solar Flare!”

“What the hell!”

The blinding light illuminated the entire sky. Bazita’s expression was startled as the sudden bright light blinded him. The attacks on his hands stopped, and his arms reflexively blocking in front of his eyes. 

After a while, by the time the bright light disappeared, Muyang’s figure was long gone from his sight.

“Bastard, he got away!”

Already realizing what had happened, Bazita roared in annoyance. He then busied launched the scouter to search but found nothing.

Unable to hold back his anger any longer, Bazita kept releasing ki waves towards the surroundings to vent his anger.


There were fireballs everywhere. The raging fire turned the vast primeval forest into a purgatory.

“The next time I see him, I’ll be sure to break him into pieces and let him know how miserable the consequences of teasing Lord Bazita are!”

After venting his anger, Bazita cursed fiercely and gloomily. He then continued his mission.


On the other side, Muyang, who had escaped from the range of Bazita’s attack, had relieved his Power Up Stage.

He was now slumped on the ground. His face turned pale, constantly gasping for air, and his forehead covered in beads of sweat.

At this time, Muyang was severely injured. His bones were broken in several places, especially in his chest.

Because of the many times he had endured the opponent’s attacks. The terrifying power had already permeated his body, causing his internal organs to be severely injured. 

“Ahem… Saiyans really can’t be underestimated. Even a small child possesses such terrifying power!”

Smiling bitterly, Muyang shook his head. A slight movement was jerking the wound on his body, causing him to grimace and twitch.

Carefully taking out a Senzu Bean from the Acceleration Space, he used the Senzu Bean’s power to recover from injuries. 

Instantly, the wounds on his body recovered at speed visible to the naked eye. In the next second, Muyang became alive again.

“Phew, the Red Planet has been discovered by the Saiyans, it means that the universe’s outer forces have already noticed this place. Should I… should I leave this planet as soon as possible?”

Muyang didn’t know when the Saiyans had joined Frieza, but that didn’t matter to him at all. All that mattered was that the Saiyans had arrived here!

The Saiyan who fought before was still a child; he must have been sent out on a mission just like Son Goku…

No, that Saiyan should be different from Son Goku, who was sent out by his father Bardock and mother Gine as a refugee. He was called the “Son of Exile,” but he was the one who escaped.

That Saiyan was much more powerful than Son Goku, so he should not be the “Son of Exile.” He was probably given a task to do after some training. Either way, the Red Planet was no longer safe now.

At this point, Muyang was incomparably glad that he had placed the armored spaceship in the Acceleration Space. Otherwise, with an aircraft near him, he wouldn’t have been able to leave the battlefield so spontaneously.

It was just on the question of whether or not he should leave the Red Planet immediately, Muyang was a little hesitant.

He had actually lost to a child today. For the first time in his life, he was full of humiliation!

If he just fled in ashes, his heart would definitely be unsettling. But then again, Red Planet was such an excellent place to train; it would be a pity to give it up.

Muyang was a man who was most particular about having his mind accessible. Now that his mind was clouded, he wouldn’t be happy if he didn’t get this place back! 

Anyway, the Red Planet was also huge. The opponent couldn’t find him for the time being, so he should stay and slowly practice first.

Having silently made this decision, Muyang no longer hesitated and searched for a place far away from the Saiyans to practice cultivation.

Because of that Saiyans called Bazita, Muyang felt a spur every time he trained, which made him train more seriously. 



On a plateau, Muyang was chasing a dinosaur with a power level of over 500.

“Boing Boing!” Several ki waves swung out, blocking the running routes on either side of the dinosaur. After releasing the ki waves, Muyang’s figure flickered and appeared right in front of the dinosaur. He once again pushing out a large ball of ki waves with both palms united.

“Heavenly Sky Beam!!!”


Bright white waves of ki condensed together and attacked that dinosaur like a hungry wolf snarling. The high purity ki instantly devoured everything.

The dinosaur didn’t have time to break free before the heat burned it up with a miserable howl. 


The red fire rose, accompanied by a secondary explosion. A powerful shockwave sliced through the uneven ground, creating a hissing sound.

Many scattered ki spread out to a radius of hundreds of meters, burning the ground in an instant.

This Heavenly Sky Beam was a technique that Muyang had comprehended after a while from the Trip-Beam and the Thunder Shock Surpris.

Combined with the ki connotations of the Heavenly Sky Beam, it had an even more powerful power.

Puccin~ Puccin~.

The ground emitted hot smoke, and the scattered ki drifted in the air. Muyang looked at the dinosaur with only a charred black bone left and nodded his head in satisfaction.

Now that he had gone through a training period, his strength had risen by a large margin.

Suddenly, Muyang noticed that powerful ki was approaching him.

It was that Saiyan’s ki!

“That Saiyan is at it again. It looks like he’s done with the creatures on the Red Planet.”

With a glint in his eyes, Muyang smiled coldly. As time went on, the powerful scent on the Red Planet gradually grew less.

It was clear that it had been disposed of by that Saiyan. This also caused Muyang to meet up with the Saiyan more often.

Even now, he’s still not a match for that Saiyan kid. It was still too early for a head-on crash. As he thought of this, Muyang’s body flashed and entered the Acceleration Space once again.

Shortly after Muyang disappeared, a black figure flew over the plains.

The Saiyan Bazita stayed in the sky, looking at the charred dinosaur corpses below. A few exasperations were appearing on his face. 

“Damn, one step too late again. It must be that annoying guy again!”

After saying that, Bazita grunted grimly and once again looked for his next target.

After Bazita left, Muyang’s figure reappeared. Looking at Bazita’s distant back, Muyang suddenly revealed a wry smile, then his figure turned into an illusion and appeared near an impact crater. 

In that impact crater was buried a white orb-shaped spaceship; it was the spaceship the Saiyans used to travel to the planets.

“If I destroy this spaceship, let’s see how that Saiyans will go back!”

With that in mind, Muyang stretched out his finger. A sharp ray flew out from his fingertip, blasting the spherical spaceship to pieces.

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      It is likely that the ship is being tracked by Freeza’s army. To steal it would be tantamount to condemning the Earth.

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