Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 116


Of course, to cut off the opponent’s back way, Muyang knew that just destroying the spaceship wasn’t enough.

The scouter worn next to the Saiyan’s ear could also be used as a communicator. That was why to really stop the opponent from leaving; he had to destroy that scouter too. 

However, this wasn’t urgent. He could wait until the next battle to do it.


Soon, half a month passed.

Just like what Muyang guessed before, the powerful creatures on the Red Planet were getting fewer. In a short time, Saiyan’s mission should be complete. 

This wasn’t okay. Muyang didn’t intend to let the opponent leave until he got his place back!

Therefore, let’s find a chance to destroy the opponent’s scouter as well.

Muyang blame that Saiyan for being careless. He didn’t even check to see if his spaceship was still intact after landing on Red Planet for so long.

“…But who told you to mess with me first!” Muyang’s eyes flashed harshly, then searched for Bazita’s location based on his ki. After determining his opponent’s location, Muyang lowered the ki on his body and slowly lurked over.

Muyang never considered himself to be any kind of righteous person, nor did he have the idea of punishing evil.

However, he felt that he had one advantage, and that was a strong principle–anyone who bullied him would never have a good time. 


About three thousand kilometers away, the Saiyan Bazita was resting with his legs crossed on top of a large tree with a campfire lit underneath it.

The carcasses of the beasts he had hunted and killed discarded beside him.

Little did he know that someone with great malice towards him was lurking while he was resting comfortably.

This was a common problem with most aliens. They had no significant sense of ki except with the aid of scouter.

Of course, you couldn’t say that they had no sense at all. They could still sense great ki, but they had no way to sense it for some weak or deliberately restrained ki.

However, just as Muyang was approaching the ten-meter range of Bazita, the Warrior Race’s alertness still allowed him to discover something. Yet it was already too late.

With a few swooshes, several ki rays had swept towards him.

“Someone’s attacking!”

Bazita broke out in a cold sweat. His sleepiness was vanishing all at once. 

Boo! Boo!

There were several sounds through the trees. Multiple ki rays sliced through Bazita’s side as one hit him in the arm.

Bazita took a pain, but the Saiyan flesh’s strength only left a scorch mark on his arm. 

“It’s you!”

When he saw the face of the person who attacked him clearly, Bazita gritted his teeth. His dark eyes flashed with killing intent and hated, “It’s you again. This time you actually came over to die.”

“You’re mistaken.” Muyang shook his head. He looked calmly at Bazita, and said, “I’m not here to die.”

“Did you think you could defeat me?” As if he had heard the best joke, Bazita was filled with disdain. He was the “Elite Warrior” of the Saiyan Warrior Race; how could an unknown race defeat him! 

“Look at your scouter!” Muyang pointed to the scouter in Bazita’s ear.

With confusion, Bazita touched the scouter and found that a small hole had been punched through the side of his scouter’s core processor. Did the ki beam from earlier cause it? 

Bazita hadn’t realized why Muyang did this, so he laughed, “Hahahaha, you’re here just to destroy a useless machine? Does that make you proud? I can shoot thousands of attacks of this intensity with a casual wave of my hand.”


Muyang shook his head. He actually lost to such a simple-minded guy.

“It’s good that you’re happy. Just wait until you cry later!”

Anyway, everything he had to do now had been done. Without the scouter and spaceship, the Saiyan in front of him could no longer leave the Red Planet and find his location. So releasing a Solar Flare, Muyang left with great relief.

A little while later, with his sight restored, Bazita cursed unhappily, “Damn, 

that nasty trick again.” 

“Where’s that man?”

Upon looking around the vast and immaculate sky, only a few white clouds were floating in the reddish sky. Where was Muyang’s figure?

“Hmph, let’s see how far you can run.” Bazita spat.

Habitually, he reached his hand to the scouter at his ear. However, after a few presses, Bazta’s expression stiffened, and he realized that his opponent had destroyed his scouter. 

“So this is what that guy had in mind, huh? He thought I only had one scouter… Idiot, I’ll be able to find him soon enough!”

Bazita furiously burned an entire forest and then flew towards where his spaceship had landed.

However, what stepped into his eyes was a chaotic sight. White debris scattered among the ring-shaped impact craters. His spaceship had utterly fallen apart.

The atmosphere suddenly froze at this moment.


“Bastard, who destroyed my spaceship!!!”

After that, a vast mushroom cloud soared into the sky. With a heart-rending roar, its brilliant light shone like the blazing sun in all directions.

Several kilometers in radius were all engulfed by the terrifying ki.

Muyang quietly looked at the vast ki reaction in the distance. A cold smile appeared at the corner of his mouth. 

A Saiyans, without the scouter and spaceship, let’s see how you could still leave this planet? They would have something to play with next.

For the rest of the time, Muyang would be able to practice on top of the Red Planet at ease.

He knew very well that he would need to continue to improve his power level if he wanted to defeat that Saiyan.

Based on that previous battle, Muyang was clear that the opponent’s power level was around 730. After all this training time, his own power level had probably increased to a value of 510 without Power Up. 

However, these weren’t enough. Even if he counted the Power Up, the power level was far less than the opponent.

Frankly speaking, the Power Up wasn’t perfect, and earth’s Power Up was a bit like a weaker version of Kaio-ken.

The body would be under tremendous pressure as it boosted its ki output. This pressure would inevitably cause a decrease in strike speed and reflexes in the later stages of the battle.

That was why the Power-Up only worked for a brief battle. It wasn’t a lasting method of combat.

Muyang believed that he had to raise his combat power close to 600 if he wanted to defeat that Saiyan. That was when he would have a chance to win with his skills. 

Of course, that still didn’t count the growth of the opponent in the next battle.

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