Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 117


At the other end of the stary sky.

A huge modern spaceship port was brightly lit. A strange-looking tower stood in the center of the spaceship port.

The open space around the tower building was dotted with depressions made of rubber material, each of which was a spaceship landing site. 

In just a short while, there were several spaceships constantly taking off and landing.

This port station of the Frieza Force Ninth Star Territory governed all Spaceship communications within the Ninth Star Territory. 


The busy communications hall.

An alien with several arms had been staring at the monitor in front of the console, constantly sending various commands.

These multi-tentacled aliens were called Avidoian, are the most developed Civilized Race of Frieza. They managed the air communication work of the Frieza Force all year round. 

At this moment, a dot of light representing the spaceship’s signal disappeared from the display.

An Avidoian adjusted the display’s data and said to his companion, “A spaceship signal just disappeared from the monitor.” 

“Which signal was it?”

That Avidoian pulled up the signal message from earlier and said, “Number 684214. The place of disappearance is on a planet on the Ninth Star Territory Southeast.” 

“It’s a remote planet. I know that there is an abandoned planet, with only water and beasts on it. It’s not much to explore.” After a pause, he continued, “What I’m curious about is, which unlucky man is on a mission there?”

“Let me see. I found it; it’s a hired mercenary, Saiyan Bazita, a mere brat!” The Avidoian tentacles toggled the console, bringing up the owner of the spaceship number 684214. 

“Hey, a few of the contacts under his name have lost their signals, too. It looks like he’s getting killed.”

“Oh, a Saiyan brat is just a Saiyan brat; if he’s dead, he’s dead. Don’t bother with him; just do the failure treatment and report it to the Task Assignment Division!” The Avidoian companions had no affection for those rude Saiyans of Planet Vegeta. He clearly had no desire to send a rescue team.

Moreover, the Saiyans were still just a mercenary from outside the system. There was no need to go to that much effort to rescue them. 

“Okay.” The Avidoian nodded and treated it as a mission failure.

Usually, those abandoned planets on the fringes were worthless places. Only the exiled sons of Saiyans were sent there to die with nothing to lose.

Even if the Planet Vegeta knew about it, they wouldn’t do anything to them. So under various coincidences, Bazita was classified as a mission failure.


Time flew by. In the blink of an eye, more than a year had passed since Muyang had left earth. During the year he had been here, Muyang had worked hard to train on the Red Planet.

As his strength rose, Muyang had sought to settle scores with that Saiyan several times.

However, the Saiyans’ physique was, after all, more than earthlings’. Even if Muyang had the Acceleration Space multiplied, he was still quite behind compared to Saiyans Bazita.

It should be known that this was still a situation where the Saiyans had not entered physical development, and their strength had not reached the golden time for improvement. 

Returning from another battle with that Saiyan, Muyang sat on top of the Acceleration Space ground to heal his injuries.

After a long time, he opened his eyes, a ray of brilliant light appeared in his deep eyes. 

He stood up. His body was exploding with overpowering ki. A few muffled sounds pierced through the air sounded in his ears as Muyang’s state returned to its peak.

“My power level has finally reached 660!”

Upon letting out a long breath from his mouth, a smile appeared on Muyang’s face.

In the absence of bottleneck restrictions, Muyang’s strength increase was as fast as the Saiyans.

He already had the strength to fight that Saiyan. However, that Saiyan wasn’t simple either. In just over a year, Saiyan’s power level had risen to 810!

But it didn’t matter. That guy only knew how to fight with savagery. If they really fought, Muyang wouldn’t be afraid of him.

Suddenly, he raised his head to look at the clouds in the sky.

Compared to a year ago, black clouds had gradually become lower. The color had also become darker.

It had changed from white to ebony, which meant that Muyang was getting closer to the second limit.

“Don’t bother about the limit, let’s defeat that Saiyan first!”

Muyang shook his head and threw all these worries out. Now his goal was to defeat that Saiyan; let’s not worry about anything else.

Once a person had a goal, the more influential the struggle would be, which could be seen from the effects of his training over this period. 

Three days later, Muyang adjusted his state to its best.

Then he swooshed out of the Acceleration Space. He determined the location of the opponent and quickly flew towards the Saiyan Bazita.


A year later, the Bazita was a lot more robust than before. His eyes had also become a lot colder.

When he saw Muyang’s hateful figure appear in front of him again, Bazita emitted violent ki all over his body.

“Damn you. Because of you, I can’t even go back to Planet Vegeta.”

“I’m going to kill you!”

After more than a year on the Red Planet, Bazita had come to terms with the fact that he would never leave this primitive planet without a companion to rescue him!

The one who caused all of this was the man in front of him. So when facing Muyang, Bazita’s eyes were filled with hatred.

Muyang glanced at Bazita. His eyebrows furrowed slightly, and said flatly, “Since you want to kill me, let’s end this today! I’ve also been on top of this planet long enough.”

After saying that, Muyang’s frosty face became even colder. The blood in his body suddenly boiled. The eyes that looked at Bazita were also filled with killing intent!

Today, he intended to kill the Saiyans in front of him.

Instantly, the temperature of the air seemed to drop by ten degrees. The entire air condensed, and a strong sense of oppression swept over him.

Bazita, on the other side, took the brunt of the impact and lowered his eyelids in an ugly manner as this momentum struck him.

When he raised them again, Bazita leaped forward and flew towards Muyang. He even left an afterimage on the spot due to his speed.


Muyang swung his fist, blocking Bazita’s attack.

The ground beneath his feet was hardened and sunk by half a meter. The rock strata couldn’t withstand the tremendous pressure and were shattering and cracking, forming countless deep cracks.

When Bazita saw that he couldn’t make a move, he was busy reversing her body. The browntail behind him was like a whip flung towards Muyang.

“I’ve been waiting for this!”

Muyang smirked and grabbed the tail that was smoothly flicked towards him. 

The tail was a Saiyan weakness. The vast majority of Saiyans would have their tails coiled around their waists to avoid exposing their weaknesses.

Many Saiyans will also take various methods of exercising their tails to overcome this weakness.

Bazita’s exercise of the tail was certainly adequate for this purpose.

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