Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 119


I finally killed him!

After the battle was over, Muyang was physically and mentally exhausted. He stood in a daze, looking at the few battle-armor wreckages left in the ki collision center.

There wasn’t even the slightest fluctuation in his heart! 

It took a while for Muyang to come back to his senses.

He actually killed a Saiyan himself. When such thoughts crossed his brain, it felt like a dream afterward.

Immediately a chill ran down his back; it turned out that in the previous battle, the sweat had soaked his underwear.

After sitting on the ground to recover for a while, he stood up again. Muyang felt that his thoughts were suddenly accessible, and his mood was much smoother. 

He stopped at the Red Planet for more than a year to kill this Saiyan. It had to be said that this had become part of his obsession.

Now that his goal was accomplished, there was nothing worth keeping on the Red Planet; he should also leave.

Muyang looked for his next target, and the spaceship rushed into the sky with a swoosh, gradually moving away from the Red Planet.

Looking at the Red Planet, which was gradually disappearing from view, Muyang had many emotions.

On the Red Planet, his strength had significantly grown. He jumped from 300+ power level when he left earth to 660 power level. This year, he fought beasts or enemies whose power level was higher than his own almost every day.

Now finally, this has some self-preservation ability in the universe.

After all, warriors with 1500 power levels like Raditz could travel to all the major planets in a spaceship and act like they were unstoppable.

So it was clear that most of the planets in the universe were very feeble. 


Ninth Star Territory of Frieza Force.

Muyang’s spaceship quickly traveled between the stars.

About three more days passed, and the spaceship entered a medium-sized solar system.


A cluster of high-powered energy rays grazed past the side of the spaceship, nearly knocking it down.

Muyang looked out the window with an unhappy face and saw a cluster of hundred-meter sized spaceships facing off in space. They were about a thousand in number. 

Countless mechs were protruding from the bottom and sides of those spaceships. Each of them mercilessly emitting ki cannons.

From the form of the equipment, both sides were very technologically advanced aliens.

“Looks like I came at a bad time. There’s an interstellar war going on in this solar system!”

Shaking his head, Muyang didn’t intend to get involved. To avoid being mistakenly injured by the opponent’s weapons, he came to the spaceship’s control console and re-selected a new sailing direction.

A white light swept across the void. The spaceship quickly left the engagement area and flew away towards its new destination.

Speaking of technology, the Civilization that just broke out the interstellar war was definitely very advanced.

If it weren’t for fear of the opponent’s artillery injuring his spaceship, Muyang would have wanted to land down and get some advanced technology back.

Anyway, he could pick a more technologically advanced planet for your next destination and develop a gravity chamber for him!

As long as he had the gravity chamber, Muyang believed that his training would definitely be more efficient.

With his mind made up, Muyang began to search for that planet, one at a time. However, the universe’s technological planets were not so easy to find.

After stepping over several living planets in a row, he did not find any technological civilization traces. 

Finally, when he arrived at the sixth planet, the silver-white flying object floating on the planet’s periphery gave Muyang hope.

It was a satellite!

“If there are satellites. The technology on this planet should always be more advanced!”

With this thought, Muyang let the spaceship quietly land on a high ground of the planet. Out of the spaceship hatch, Muyang sensed that life’s reaction on this planet was very weak.

It was generally between 2 and 3 points because the ki was too weak. 

It was so weak that Muyang almost didn’t even perceive it.

“Individual reactions are very weak. However, only because the individuals are weak that they develop more advanced technology.”

Often, the stronger the individual was, the more they neglected the development of technology.

It wasn’t that they didn’t understand the importance of technology; rather, their motivation to develop technology was not as strong as those weaker races.

Simply speaking, they couldn’t produce great scientists!

Only those weak, one-touch and die races would fight to the death to develop “technological creations” and make technology mainstream.

Muyang’s spaceship landed at the foot of a high mountain. After putting the spaceship away, Muyang flew towards the place where the most ki was gathered.


In the distant high altitude, only a tiny dot of light was rapidly cutting through the sky, trailing a long stream of the tail as Muyang was gradually getting closer to this planet’s cities. 

A few small villages could already be seen sporadically.

The natives on top of this planet had a peculiar shape. They were a meter tall and appeared very short. Their head was round and blue, making them look like plastic dolls.

“Civilization is so advanced, but the individual looks so strange. Um, they have Zeno style in them!” Although casually evaluating the individual form of Civilization was a very uncultured thing to do, this appearance of a life form in front of him would truly educate Muyang on how to evaluate correctly! 

It was really refreshing to look like this. However, it was a pity that he didn’t have the God force like Zeno.

Wow, Muyang entered a nearby city.

These blue-headed aliens were obviously much frightened by the visit of alien beings. One after another, these blue-headed aliens hid inside their houses, not daring to come out.

“Am I that scary?”

Muyang touched his chin, still feeling very good about himself. He then walked into a store that sold technological products.

The display case had all kinds of technological developments in it. Muyang couldn’t understand their function and could only make guesses based on the patterns.

“Hello… hello…” a soft voice sounded.

The employee of this store timidly hid behind the counter and squeezed out half its head.

Its mouth didn’t open and close, but the voice was transmitted to Muyang’s brain with unparalleled clarity.

“Spiritual power!”

Muyang quickly reacted that the natives of this planet didn’t have strong physical strength, but had a remarkable mental ability.

“Tell me the name of this planet.” Muyang calmly said.

“Okay…okay.” The opposite gave Muyang a careful glance and got out from behind the counter.

“Gentleman, welcome to Planet Domini. I’m an employee of Planet Domini Reid Trading Company.”

Muyang nodded, “Tell me about the products here.”

“Yes, yes!”

Responding evenly, this employee immediately went to work.

“Gentleman, this is the most affordable product in our store. The latest product developed by our store’s chief scientist. This, you see… this is called a laser gun, and it’s very powerful…” The reception employee gushed as if he had forgotten his fear once he talked about his product.

Muyang nodded faintly as he watched.

These guns were still somewhat attractive to ordinary earthlings. However, to Muyang, unless they were portable nuclear bombs with a huge equivalent, they wouldn’t really catch his eye.

After all, as long as a life form’s power level exceeded 300, the full-force strike’s power was already no weaker than a nuclear bomb. Moreover, Muyang’s power level was over 600 now.

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