Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 120


Muyang walked around the trade house as he followed the shopkeeper’s introduction. He could tell that the technology of this Planet Domini, was very advanced.

It surpassed the current earth in all aspects by more than a notch. It was even a little more advanced than the earth at the beginning of the original story to some extent. 

The display cases were filled with an endless array of odd equipment, which made him dazzled.

“What do you use for transactions here? Is this okay?” Muyang took out a piece of gold from the Acceleration Space.

This was what he had scavenged from the treasure chest when he had annihilated the bandit group.

Gold was also hard currency on most planets. After all, the heavy metal substance that could only be produced by the moment a planet collapsed was worth much more than diamonds and other substances that could be synthesized artificially.

The employees of the Reid Trading Company saw Muyang take out the gold, and their round heads kept nodding. “Yes, yes, gold has a high application value and can be equated to currency for trading.”

“That’s good.” Muyang nodded his head and chose a more practical device according to his needs. 

Suddenly, he saw a magnifying glass-like object in the glass display case, with a silver handle underneath the round lens that looked like a child’s toy.

“What is this thing?” Muyang pointed at the magnifying glass-like object and asked the staff.

With the previous successful transaction demonstration, the staff knew that Muyang wasn’t an evil person and was busy introducing it warmly. “Gentleman, this is a Lifeform Scouter that can detect the functions and mental activity of life…” 

The employee removed that magnifying glass from the display case and held the handle to himself. It “Beep” twice, just like a scouter.

Through a series of complex calculations, the Lifeform Scouter’s lens displayed a long string of data on top of it.


“The data on it represents the physiological functions of the creature. The higher the value means that the creature is more dynamic and has a longer lifespan. This device can predict the natural lifespan of a creature. It’s very popular in our Planet Domini. Every household has one.”

Muyang’s eyes suddenly lit up; this Lifeform Scouter was a life detector!

“What does this 248 stand for?” He watched with interest, pointing to the values on it.

The employee said, “This represents the next life activity cycle. I still have 248 Domini years to live. Of course, every planet has a different planetary year, so this can be reset.”

This was a remarkable invention, which Muyang’s eyes lit up a bit.

If such an invention were on earth, it would easily cause ethical problems. Although everyone wants to know the length of their lifespan in advance, when they know how much time they have left, they will be in a state of panic all day, like a dragon.

After all, not everyone was able to face death calmly. Only those creatures with highly developed psychological and civilizational qualities could face all of this calmly.

Dominian’s ability to build a Lifeform Scouter was a remarkable achievement. 

“Hurry up and bring it over here for me to see.” Muyang said, taking the Lifeform Scouter from the Dominian’s hands and pointing it at himself.


The number displayed was 820!

820 Domini years. Roughly how many earth years was one Domini year! Muyang stroked his chin.

Then, with the help of the Dominian, he calculated the orbital period based on approximate stellar, planetary distances, and various parameters, setting the Lifeform Scouter to measure the earth year.

Upon taking another shot at himself, the data changed.


205, could this data be wrong?

“Do you have a problem with that data?” Muyang frowned.

He’s almost 22 years old now. What the hell did you mean there were 205 years left? Did he have 227 years to live?

It was well known that ordinary earthlings lived for eighty or ninety years were considered to have a long life span.

Although Muyang was a martial arts practitioner and his life span might be a little longer than that of an ordinary person, he wasn’t Master Roshi, who had taken the Elixir of Immortality and should have lived beyond a hundred years.

How could he have a lifespan of over two hundred years!

The Dominian was busy, “There is no mistake. This is your physiology, and our Planet Domini’s technology rarely makes mistakes.”

Seeing that the other person was still a bit unconvinced, the shopkeeper took out a few other Lifeform Scouter from behind the counter.

After re-testing them a few times, he got numbers that were not too far off; all of it was around 205.

So, I could indeed live for another two hundred years?

What was going on? He didn’t think he was any different from anyone else!

In the original story, Krillin’s power level was high enough. So, in the original story’s late period, the extremely aged posture has also been revealed. 

So it should have nothing to do with the power level.

Was it because of the Acceleration Space?

If there was any difference, it must be this.

The speed of time inside the Acceleration Space was four times faster than the outside world. It was reasonable to say that staying inside would rapidly deplete the life expectancy.

However, Muyang had been trained inside for so long, and his life was not depleted. On the contrary, because of the dense ki that filled the space, his body functions had been greatly enhanced.

Also, associated with the Acceleration Space’s freshness preservation function, Muyang thought the problem was mostly in that.

However, when you thought about it, it didn’t feel right.

Although the ki in the Acceleration Space could enhance his physique, the lifespan should not be something that could be easily changed.

Otherwise, like the Lookout that had Divine Water and Sacred Water, Kami’s lifespan should be improved as well, but it looked like Kami’s lifespan wasn’t much longer than that of the average Namekian.

Perhaps… it was because he had broken through the limits of the human body.

Muyang secretly pondered. This was plausible to explain for the time being. However, there was no way for him to figure out what the specifics were.

He could only wait until he had the chance to do some experiments in the future.

Back to business, Muyang was very interested in the Lifeform Scouter of the Dominian.

He decided to purchase three or two of them and wasn’t going to show it to the public. It was enough for him to know some things on his own.

Handing over the gold in his hands to the Dominian, Muyang got three Lifeform Scouters as he wished.

After putting them into the Acceleration Space, Muyang picked up a few more rare-looking items in the trade house. Just as he was about to leave, Muyang suddenly slapped his head.

He almost forgot the purpose of his trip.

“Dominian, does your chief scientist have a way to create a gravity chamber?”

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