Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 121


“Do you mean a Spaceship’s Gravity Engine? This could be found on every ship and is used to make the ship produce artificial gravity. Is your spaceship malfunctioning? We have the best repairmen here to make sure we can fix your spaceship.”

The Dominian took a pause to promote his services.

Muyang shook his head, “No. What I want is a device that can change the gravity of space at will, not an engine with a fixed gravity effect.”

The Dominian stayed for a while. After a moment, he said with difficulty, “Sir, we don’t have the equipment you mentioned here for the time being, but we can try. Although the Higgs mechanism is abstruse and difficult to understand, please give us some time. I believe we can do it.”

The gravity of the spaceships were all fixed values, produced uniformly by the merchants. To change this parameter into an active gravity parameter was a reversal of both the materials of construction and the design principle.

A complete change needed to be made; this could not be done in a short time.

“Approximately how long will it take?”

“Well…since we’ve never built a dedicated gravity chamber before, it’ll take a little time. Probably about three months, what do you think?”

The Dominian wiped the sweat from the top of their foreheads. Three months was already a tight time frame, and they couldn’t guarantee that it would be completed.

Muyang pondered for a moment and nodded his head in agreement.

“Yes, I’ll give you three months. I also need a few spaceships, so prepare them for me as well.”

“No problem, we have a lot of spaceships here. Please don’t worry about it.”

“Also, besides the gravity chamber, I have one more thing I need you guys to look into.”

After getting a promise from the Dominian about the gravity chamber, Muyang remembered about the Dragon Ball Radar. The Six-Star Dragon Ball from Mexia was still in his Acceleration Space.

“What else do we need to look into?” The Dominian asked.

Muyang took the Six-Star Dragon Ball out of Acceleration Space, “This is the glass ball. I need you to develop a device that can detect the special signals it emits.”

The Dominian received the Dragon Ball to measure it and said, “As long as it emits signals on its own, we can try to create it based on the principles of a Lifeform Scouter. It’s not difficult for us.”

“Then, it’s all in your hands.”

Once the deal was settled, Muyang gestured towards the shopkeeper and walked out of the Reid Trading Company.


For the next three months, Muyang would stay on top of Planet Domini. During this time, he would also have to prepare enough gold. Since the Dominian was open for business, he would have to follow the deal.

Muyang wasn’t a dooming person; as long as they didn’t offend his taboos, he was always amiable.

With a swoosh, Muyang rose into the air. He swept across the void, only to become a black dot growing smaller and smaller in the distance, gradually disappearing into the boundless sky.


In a flat prairie with turquoise grass bending down like waves in the breeze, surrounded by several water pools and a herd of creatures like wild horses gathered beside it.

“Just pick them!” Muyang smiled faintly and lowered the altitude of his flight.

Before getting the Lifeform Scouter, Muyang hadn’t been aware of the change in his lifespan. However, now that he knew, he needed to get to the bottom of things!

It was a good thing that his own lifespan was so much longer than that of an ordinary earthling. Still, if he could know the reason for his extended lifespan, he could be more focused on it.

In fact, a life span of over two hundred years was still not enough in his opinion… it was better to be able to extend it all the time.

So, to figure out these reasons, Muyang chose these animals in front of him to test.

When the wild animals on the grasslands that were eating grass with their heads down saw the silhouette of a man descending from the sky, they immediately seemed frightened. They began to stir, fleeing everywhere in groups.

However, even if they could run, how could they possibly outrun Muyang!

A black shadow quickly flashed in the sky, like a ghostly apparition moving among the wild animals.

With a few low bangs, the wild animals howled and collapsed on the ground, in the blink of an eye.

“The lifespans of these wild animals are between 20 and 25 years.”

Using the Lifeform Scouter to test it, Muyang carved the corresponding data on each wild animal’s body.

He then silently opened the Acceleration Space and prepared to bring these wild animals into the Acceleration Space.

This was the first time Muyang had brought a life other than his own into the Acceleration Space (the fish he got for Korin was all dead), so the operation was severe.

With a boing sound, invisible ripples enveloped the group of beasts, ingesting them all into the Acceleration Space.


In the vast, empty, Accelerated Space.

Space was glowing with some life due to wild animals’ addition. With the arrival of the wild animals, the surrounding vitality gathered together. The air flowed into the wild animals’ bodies like filaments of air.

These wild animals lived in the Acceleration Space for four years. Their lifespan loss was equivalent to one year in the outside world.

“It doesn’t look like it’s because of the Acceleration Space!”

Muyang shook his head. He still hadn’t found the reason for the change in his lifespan.

Those outside lifeforms could also enter his Acceleration Space, but the vitality inside only equalizes the time they consume, and will not increase their lifespan.

For example, if a person lived in the Acceleration Space for one year, the loss on the body was the same, reducing one year’s life span.

Of course, if a person lived in the Acceleration Space all the time, their lifespan would indeed be tripled.

This was what Muyang thought at first. However, after he left the Acceleration Space and came back to find that all the wild animals had died for no apparent reason, he realized that this method was not suitable.

After all, Acceleration Space wasn’t a real-world or planet. Muyang’s spiritual power was the one that opened it.

When Muyang left the Acceleration Space, the life of the entire space would be sealed. Only dead things could continue to stay inside the Acceleration Space.

If someone stayed in the Acceleration Space at this time, then the only thing that would be waiting for that person was dead.

This also meant that Muyang’s idea of having people live in the Acceleration Space was shattered.

Frankly speaking, Muyang still didn’t understand the true meaning of the Acceleration Space. Did he really cross over by himself, or was it just one of his superpowers?

All sorts of questions, which even Muyang himself, couldn’t explain. However, the good thing was that the existence of the Acceleration Space brought Muyang endless hope.

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