Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 122


Three months later, the sky was clear and white clouds were floating. The bright sun shone directly, and the vast grasslands were suddenly warm.

According to the agreement, it was the day that Muyang came to the branch of the Planet Domini Reid Trading Company.

The one who welcomed him was still the same Dominian from before.

The individual power level of the Dominians was deficient. Their short stature made them look like they couldn’t even compare to earthlings.

However, because of this, the Dominian had developed very advanced technology. Perhaps the Dominian were naturally weak because they didn’t actively invade other planets, and their technology was mostly practical equipment. 

“Sir, your gravity device has been built, please follow me!”

The Dominian led the way, with Muyang following behind. The two of them passed through a long corridor full of technological significance.

They soon arrived in front of an extensive docking shed about a hundred meters high. It was filled with floor scaffolding and equipped with robots that were consigning equipment back and forth for assembly. 

The Dominian led Muyang into the docking shed and to a corner where a spherical gravity chamber stood.

About fifty meters in height, this gravity chamber was large, with eight sturdy brackets sticking out around the bottom of the sphere, firmly anchoring the gravity chamber to the ground.

The entire gravity chamber was painted with a black metal coating on top and bottom, looking solemn and oppressive.

 “Tell me about it.”

Looking at the giant gravity chamber in front of him, Muyang was quite eager.

“Yes, sir.” The Dominian smiled politely and pointed at the gravity chamber, then introduced it according to the parameter diagram in his hand.

“As you can see, Sir, this gravity chamber is fifty meters in diameter on the outside and forty-five meters on the inside. It’s divided into three levels; it is fully equipped and can also be used as a spaceship. The speed is definitely as good as any other spaceship.”

“The first layer of the gravity chamber is the operating space. Using two control technologies: an electromagnetic wave and voice control, the gravity chamber can be controlled to fly in the cosmic space.

The second layer is the gravity chamber. According to your request, our scientists spent a lot of effort to design it.

The redesigned gravity engine can change the gravity size according to the parameters. The maximum gravity can be adjusted to fifty times the gravity that you need!”

Muyang nodded lightly as he listened. Fifty times the gravity, it’d be enough for him at the moment.

“The third floor is the living space, which is divided into three rooms with all sorts of equipment for daily life.”

After describing the gravity chamber structure and layout, the Dominian solicited Muyang’s opinion and asked, “I wonder if you are satisfied with this design?” 

Although he was asking whether Muyang was full of satisfaction, it was clear from his expression that he was filled with pride in the gravity chamber that his scientists had designed and built.

“You, guys are very thoughtful. I am delighted with this gravity chamber.”

Without much thought, Muyang looked at the ebony and shiny spherical gravity chamber with satisfaction and said without stinting his praise.

This massive object in front of him was said to be a gravity chamber, but it would be more appropriate to say it was a gravity spaceship.

After Muyang circling the gravity spaceship and tapping his fingers on the metal shell outside the spaceship, a clanging sound was heard.

The surface of this gravity spaceship was still very sturdy. To be able to design and build such a perfect device in just three months, the technology of the Dominian was indeed amazing.

“Not bad; it looks excellent too.”

“Thank you for the compliment. Let’s go back inside and take a look.” The Dominian smiled and sent a mental command to the gravity spaceship. Soon, the bottom of the spherical gravity spaceship lowered an elevator.

Muyang’s two eyes grew brighter and brighter. This function was somewhat similar to the Namekian’s Shell Spaceship.

Next, the two boarded the elevator into the gravity spaceship. The first floor was the control center.

The interior space was very spacious, surrounded by a transparent observation deck. A voice-activated and mind-controlled double operation platform in the center, with the very sci-fi feel of the shape, immediately showed the class.

Along the corridor upwards, there was the second level of the spaceship.

The second level had a circle of corridors around the periphery. Through the transparent toughened material, it was possible to see the inside of the gravity chamber.

The layout inside the gravity chamber was much more straightforward. The floor was made of an ultra-hard alloy that could withstand dozens of times the gravity without deforming.

This structure was a big ball inside a small ball. The entire gravity chamber and the spaceship shell was a separate casing, with complex alloys and piping filling the space between them, providing excellent shock absorption and buffering effect.

The third level of the spaceship was smaller than the first two levels. It had three simple rooms inside, just like a hotel room, with all the necessary equipment.

After a general tour of the entire spaceship’s layout, Muyang had a new understanding of the Dominian’s technology and pragmatism.

He now just wanted to go in immediately to experience the effects of the gravity chamber.

At that moment, a researcher came next to the Dominian, holding something like a pocket watch in his hand.

The researcher said a few words in the Dominian’s ear and handed over the Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Radar to the Dominan.

“Sir, this is the detection radar you need. It can extend its detection range up to the size of a star.”

The Dragon Ball Radar in the Dominian’s hands was only the size of a pocket watch. On the front of the radar was a grid-like coordinate screen, with a red heart in the middle representing the radar’s location.

Behind it was a finely drawn pattern with three buttons: the zoom in, zoom out, and the power button, with a silver-white chain strung at the top. It was extremely well done. 

“Let me take a look.”

Muyang took the Dragon Ball Radar from the Dominian.

After pressing the power button on top of the radar, “tick,” “tick,” “tick,” a bright orange-red spot was displayed on top of the green screen.

As the screen kept zooming in, he could see that bright spot was at the central red dot.

With this Dragon Ball Radar, finding the Dragon Balls became very convenient.

“By the way, are the other spaceships I ordered ready?”

Muyang looked away from the Dragon Ball Radar and asked the Dominan.

The Dominian said, “Several other spaceships are in stock, would you like to go over there and see if there is anything that needs to be adjusted so that we can change it immediately.” 

Muyang waved his hand, “No need. I’m very confident about your products, and the adjustments are not necessary.” 

In fact, Muyang didn’t plan to use those spaceships. He wanted to put them in the Acceleration Space.

After all, drifting in the universe all year round, he needed to make two-handed preparations. In case one of the spaceships crashed, he wouldn’t even be able to return to earth.

That Saiyan Bazita and the Planet Tucamand Melukojo were both examples of what had come before.

After a short visit to the dock of Reid Trading Company, Muyang found that the spaceships in the dock were multifarious.

There were ball-shaped, disk-shaped, and even teardrop-shaped spaceships. After seeing all kinds of spaceships, Muyang’s eyes were opened.

As he was about to leave, he suddenly turned to the Dominian next to him, “By the way, do you have the latest Astro map of the universe here?

Please enter the latest Astro map for each spaceship, and then arrange the spaceship to a grassland three hundred kilometers away. I will give you the specific coordinates.” 

“Sir, you can rest assured that the Astro maps will all be equipped automatically. However, our Planet Domini has limited strength, and the Astro map covers an area only one-fourth the size of the Northern Galaxy.”

“It doesn’t matter, as long as it has Astro maps.”

Muyang was very generous; he didn’t care about the size of the Astro map. 

For a poor man, giving him one billion was no different than giving him ten billion.

“Yes, it will definitely satisfy you, sir.”

The Dominian cared about honesty, and they cared more about that in business.

After a little inspection of the gravity spaceship, the next step was to settle the bill. The cost of so much advanced equipment was not small, but the good thing was that these three months were not an idle time for Muyang.

During this time, he could instead get many rare precious metals from the surrounding planets, and settling the bill was no longer a problem.

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