Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 124


At the same time, in the building of the Ninth Star Territory Headquarters, Sorbe, who was dressed in a blue coat, respectfully led the way with a humble smile. He turned back from time to time as he led the way.

Next to him was a chubby alien covered in fleshy spines – Dodoria.

Dodoria was Frieza’s, right-hand man. Together with Zarbon, he was the popular man next to Frieza.

The two are highly powerful and have always represented Frieza’s face to the outside world. It could be said that they had accumulated a lot of prestige in Frieza’s power.

They were second only to Captain Ginyu.

At this time, Dodoria came to the Ninth Star Territory for a routine inspection. At the same time, he brought an order from Emperor Frieza.

“Sir Dodoria up ahead is the command center of the Ninth Headquarters. All orders for the Ninth Star Territory come from here.” Sorbet bent over, his already not-so-tall frame becoming even lower.

Dodoria swaggered along; his soft pink flesh was bobbing around as if he were a water balloon.

“Very well, you have conquered many planets for Emperor  Frieza in your Ninth Star Territory this time! The King was so pleased that he asked me to come and offer my condolences to you.”

“Not at all. It’s all thanks to the Frieza’s Ninth Legion. It’s an honor to serve Emperor Frieza.”

Sorbet was busy answering, putting himself in a shallow position. In front of Dodoria, a commander like Sorbet had little dignity.

Dodoria laughed and nodded with great satisfaction.

Just then, a skinny alien came running with a communicator.

“Sir Sorbet, Sir Dodoria, there is a message from the port station.”

“Can’t you see I’m making my rounds with Sir Dodoria?” Sorbet looked unhappy at the sight of a small interruption to his conversation with Dodoria.

“This…” the alien looked around with difficulty.

Dodoria took a glance at the alien and smiled generously, “Tell me what it is; it might be interesting news!”

“Aren’t you listening to Sir Dodoria?” Sorbet glared at him, then compensated by smiling at Dodoria.

The alien gulped a bit and said, “Yes, yes, my lords. According to the port station’s information, they detected an unidentified spaceship traveling through the solar system on the headquarters’ outskirts. The supervisor ordered me to ask my lords what needs to be done and whether to shoot it down!”

“Are you asking me for this little matter?”

Sorbet glared down. A small spaceship was just a small spaceship. Yet, it was reported to the commander and ruined the atmosphere he had managed to build up in front of Sir Dodoria.

“Hahaha, Sorbet, isn’t this fun?” Dodoria laughed suddenly.

Upon seeing Sorbet’s confused face, Dodoria stroked his chin and lightly smiled. “Why don’t you take me to enjoy the space fireworks of your Ninth Star Territory… The dazzling beauty that bloomed in the darkness of the night, how enchanting it was.”

When he was with Frieza, Dodoria loved to see the brilliant light that bloomed when the planet collapsed. The firework-like spectacle that made his blood boil every time he thought about it.

Sorbet’s eyes rolled, immediately comprehending Dodoria’s meaning.

“Don’t worry, Sir Dodoria, let’s enjoy that beautiful sight together later.”

“Mmhmm, hahaha…” Dodoria was in a joyful mood and laughed loudly while Sorbet laughed at the side.


In the deep starry sky, Muyang’s silvery-white spaceship was flying close to the solar system. Suddenly a beam of energy emerged from within the solar system.

A ticking alarm instantly sounded, detecting that a high amount of energy was approaching. The silvery-white spaceship quickly changed its flight path.

The vast inertia disrupted the cockpit’s original force field, causing Muyang to wake up from his training.

“What’s going on here?”

Muyang was suddenly thrown against one side of the wall, rubbing his shoulder that hurt from the fall. A wave of anger flashed in the corner of his eyes.

“Report, the ship is under attack by an unknown force. Emergency evacuation is underway; please be prepared.”

The spaceship was under attack?

Muyang was astonished. Without caring about his annoyance, he ordered to fly towards the safe area.

Dominian’s technology was amazing, indeed. Simultaneously, as Muyang gave the order, the spaceship had already changed its course and flew away from the dangerous area.

However, the pursuers behind him remained intact, and several more attacks came towards the spaceship.

After the beeping sound, an energy ray sliced through the sides of the spaceship. Muyang’s face turned gloomy, and he immediately looked through the observation deck. He found a brown disc-shaped spaceship following behind him.

A black cannon barrel was sticking out around that disc spaceship, spitting out sparks from time to time.

Muyang’s eyes narrowed. He gritted his teeth to squeeze out a few words, “A spaceship of the Frieza Forces!”

This kind of disc-shaped armed spaceship within the Northern Galaxy was the exclusive possession of the Frieza Race. No other forces would have such a spaceship.

He was being targeted by a spaceship of the Frieza Forces.

An energy ray hit one corner of the spaceship. An emergency alarm sounded immediately inside the spaceship, while the pungent smell of burning spread through the spaceship.

“Warning, the spaceship has suffered an unknown energy attack and is 15% damaged. Please leave the current area as soon as possible!”

Dark red lights flickered in the spaceship. The spaceship’s central main brain issued a warning accompanied by a rapid alarm and a report on the spaceship’s overall performance.

After watching with cold eyes, a thousand thoughts flashed through his mind. A while later, Muyang sighed, knowing that this small spaceship of his would not be able to escape the opponent’s pursuit.

Thinking of this, without saying a word, Muyang directly opened the Acceleration Space. After about a few seconds, Muyang’s figure disappeared from the spaceship.

As Muyang shifted into the Acceleration Space, Dodoria gazed at the starry sky with an enchanted face inside the disc-shaped armed spaceship.

A burst of strange laughter was emitted from his mouth, “Hahahaha, wonderful, it’s wonderful. Sorbet, take it slow, don’t destroy the opponent all at once. Take it slow. I want the opponent to experience fear before death slowly.”

Sorbet smiled heedlessly, “It’s good that Sir Dodoria is happy.”

So, the disc-shaped armed spaceship followed closely behind the Dominian spaceship. After about half an hour, the Dominian spaceship was in shambles. Only then did Dodoria contentedly order the spaceship to be destroyed. The silvery-white spaceship turned into a ball of flame with a splendid explosion and gradually annihilated into space.

“Not bad,

I’m kind of happy about this trip. Sorbet, you take things seriously for Frieza, I can assure you won’t be mistreated.”

“Yes!” Sorbet nodded with a compensatory smile.

Dodoria smiled. With a big wave of his hand, he ordered his spaceship and returned to the Ninth Star Territory Headquarters. 


In the Acceleration Space, Muyang sat quietly with a gloomy face as he boarded one of the silvery-white spaceships.

SHe pulled up the nearby Astro map, only to discover that he had actually strayed into the Ninth Star Territory ruled by Frieza Force.

“The Frieza forces, they’re everywhere!”

The Astro map had a single red dot, each red dot representing a planet controlled by Frieza’s Forces.

The spaceship should have sailed to avoid places where large forces were entrenched. However, Muyang was new here and was unclear about the division of universe forces, which was why he almost crashed into one of Frieza’s base camp.

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