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Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 125


The Frieza Race was the largest force entrenched in the Northern Area. Among them, Frieza alone, his power spreads over about a quarter of the Northern Area.

The Astro map of the Dominian spaceship was inherently incomplete, so most of the Astro map range was Frieza’s force.


When he thought of this character from the Dragon Ball Z story’s early days, Muyang couldn’t help but shake his head.

This big boss was a hurdle that Northern Area could never get around!

It was just that his strength was not good right now, so Muyang could only avoid the attack for the time being.

However, he was keeping in mind what happened today. No matter who attacked him, Frieza’s subordinates were always wrong anyway.

“…They made me lose a spaceship. This debt will have to be settled sooner or later.” If it wasn’t for a powerful weapon like the Acceleration Space, he might have been buried with the spaceship by now.

Muyang decided in his heart, then waited quietly in the Acceleration Space. 


About ten hours had passed, and two and a half hours in the outside world. Roughly estimating that the opponent’s spaceship had already left, Muyang then boarded one of the spaceships arrayed in the Acceleration Space.

He set the destination and moved the spaceship into the cosmic starry sky. 


The silvery-white spaceship suddenly appeared from the void, shining white at first glance. It flew towards the outside of the solar system at a breakneck speed.

The Headquarters’ port station once again spotted the strange spaceship’s signal, but it was too late to stop it.


Earth, the Great Azure Mountain.

The sky in April had a relaxed spring feeling, but the sun was shining, and the sunny areas were beginning to get hot.

It was the most relaxing time of the year. The Great Azure Mountain was filled with birdsong and vibrant life, with flowers of different colors competing to bloom at this time.

At the foot of the mountain, all the students of the Heavenly Sky School Martial Dojo were training in an orderly manner as usual.

April wore a fitted white martial arts uniform with a red-colored belt tied around her waist. A curtain of slightly curly brown hair down to her waist, tied into a ponytail with a ribbon.

At this time, April was being taught by her Senior Sister Ness to fight back and forth with her. 

Puff! Snap!

Ness’s slender palm arced a half-moon, bringing April’s body up in a smooth motion, only to have a force shoot out from between her palms.

April stumbled backward several steps with an ouch.

Ness approached and said with a smile, “April, you’ve improved a lot recently. You’ve become proficient in the foundation of the Heavenly Sky School. Next, the more profound things need to be taught by the teacher.”

Ness was a woman with red hair. She ranked among the top in strength between the female disciples of the Heavenly Sky School.

At this point in her early twenties, her body was sturdy yet supple and full of seductive power.

April stuck out her tongue playfully. Her young face smiling as she clasped her hands together and bowed to her senior sister.

“It’s all because Senior Sister Ness taught me well.”

“Oh my, you have a sweet little mouth.” Ness joked happily.

It had been five years since April had come to Heavenly Sky School. In those five years, April had been open-minded, polite, and well-behaved.

She was well-liked by everyone. April, who was already ten years old, had come out of the haze of losing her family and had made this her new home.

Five years have passed. Now, the only official students who remain in the Heavenly Sky School Martial Arts Dojo were April and Ness, while Yiya and Aso had returned to the mountain to practice with their teacher. Even the students in the dojo had changed.

The time was nearing noon. Just as April and Ness were finishing their training and preparing for lunch, a loud noise suddenly came from outside the martial arts dojo.

Along with a few painful cries, a rough voice rang out in the martial arts dojo.

“Hey, is this the strength of a Heavenly Sky School martial arts practitioner? It’s simply impossible to withstand for this World Fighter, Oman.”

The sound of a gong clanging to the ground and a rough voice sounded again, “What kind is Heavenly Sky School? It’s just a name in vain! So whoever is it… let your Dojo Master, or that person called Muyang, come out…”

Ness turned pale and reached out to pull April. She glared at April, who was about to walk out of the room. Shaking her head, they walked out together.

Walking outdoors from the indoor martial arts arena, they saw a man with his upper body exposed. Their bronzed skin was seen standing strutting on the open-air martial arts stage.

There were seven or eight other people with the same attire behind him, clearly from the same school.

“Finally, there is a person in charge. Oh, it’s actually a little girl.”

Seeing that the person who came was a woman in her early twenties, the fighter named Oman shook his head in disappointment.

“Sister Ness, this guy came to pick a fight, and he has injured several of our students.” An instructor came over and whispered in Ness’s ear. A hint of shame on his face.

Ness nodded faintly, her cold eyes scanning the fighter Oman, then sighed.

Another guy who wanted to prove his strength.

She couldn’t remember how many waves of such people this was ever since Senior Brother Muyang won the World Martial Arts Tournament five years ago.

There were always people challenging their martial arts dojo, wanting to prove their strength in this way.

At first, the ones who came were some famous martial arts practitioners who treated each other with courtesy, which was quite harmonious.

But strangely enough, in the last few years, the real martial arts schools came less often. The ones that came over were all unimpressive guys.

At one time, they were fighters; at another, they were boxers; at yet another, they were Hercules. Since when did they become so famous?

To put it in perspective, Ness knew the reason for this. It was all because of the reform of the World Martial Arts Tournament!

She heard that starting with the 12th World Martial Arts Tournament, the organizers will change from the traditional martial arts schools to official government co-sponsorship.

Under the official propaganda, the World Martial Arts Tournament had caught fire. It was said that the 12th World Martial Arts Tournament would be huge.

Like the school of the previous champion, the challenges Heavenly Sky School faced suddenly increased.

What a bunch of cats and dogs, all were trying to express themselves!

They didn’t know what they were capable of!

“We are a martial arts dojo, teaching martial arts techniques, not a place where you fighters should be.” Ness’s voice was tepid and icy. She would have thrown the man out if she hadn’t been trying to maintain Heavenly Sky School’s manners.

The fighter Oman craned his neck. He bounced up and down to move his muscles and scoffed at Ness’s words.

“Martial arts or not, it’s all just fancy stuff. Look at your disciples; they can’t even stop my fists. But you can’t blame them. After all, I once won third place in the World Fighting Competition, and I’m much stronger than them. Today, I want to tell all of you that martial arts and everything else are just a muddle. Forcing any connotation onto the technique is a trick.”

Saying that the accompanying brothers and sisters behind him had already begun to applaud, Oman pressed his hand. He smiled and faced everyone present with his right fist raised high in the air, “Only a hard fist is the true way!”


Ness’s voice went cold. Was a martial art intended to be a competition? This kind of guy who only talked about fists, she didn’t even want to talk to him.

“If you don’t believe me. Ask around about Oman’s reputation in the fighting world. Not that I’m bragging, but this time when the government is holding that World Martial Arts Tournament, I’ll definitely participate in it. As long as I participate, I will take the top few places with absolute ease.” 

“Right, Mr. Oman is right.”

“It’s time for our world fighters to turn the table and show our strength.”

A group of bare-armed fighters echoed loudly; each of them was confident.

In the past, the World Martial Arts Tournament was only a tournament for a small group of those who thought they were the best in the martial arts school.

Without the Fighting Circle elite, how could they call it the World Martial Arts Tournament!

Just watch this session and sweep them off their feet! Let’s show them what power was!

Well, that was it; it was all about power!

The students of the martial dojo were all filled with righteous indignation. They wanted to go up and slap them a few times.

“Sister Ness, do you want me to teach those guys a lesson.” April couldn’t listen anymore. Her azure eyes flashed a stream of light as she clenched her small fist tightly.

Ness patted her on the shoulder and shook her head, “They’re just a jumper.”

The fighter, Oman, cocked his head proudly and looked at Ness and the others, “How about you bow down and admit defeat?”

Ness sighed and swept Oman off his feet, “If you want to humiliate yourself, then let’s get started!”

She said, shaking her head and walking in front of him.

The two of them stood together. By contrast, Ness was only over six feet tall, just like a child.

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