Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 126


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“Go, Senior Sister Ness!” April put her hand to her mouth in the shape of a trumpet to cheer up her senior sister. Her round eyes were glancing to the side at Oman in discontent.

Oman looked down at the “little girl” in front of him and narrowed his eyes, “Don’t blame me for beating up girls if you lose.”

“You talk a little too much.”

“Hmph!” Oman couldn’t hang on to his face and grunt. He secretly said in his mind; he would have to show the opponent later. Well, but he had to take it in stride.

After a sinking breath, Oman loosened the cloth tied around his fist. He then shouted, and with all his strength, an iron fist slammed hard into Ness.

Whew, the extreme fist brought up the wind. It was clear that Oman had some power… it was just a pity that he was facing Heavenly Sky School’s Official Disciple.

Swiftly, the moment Oman’s fist landed, Ness’s body flashed. A realistic afterimage suddenly appeared in place.

With a boom, Oman’s fist ran through Ness’s body, only to suddenly blink before his eyes. His attack was apparently falling short.

What was going on?

Oman looked at the remnant in front of him in confusion, but there was no fleshy touch.

“Afterimage Technique!”

April was watching proudly with her little mouth cocked at the side.

This was the first technique taught to them by their senior brother Muyang. Without a certain amount of eyesight, it was impossible to see through. Hehe, the fight was over.

Oman tensed his body. His eyes kept scanning the surroundings, but he couldn’t see Ness’s movements at all, so he could only swing his fists haphazardly. Soon, Oman began to sweat, losing most of his energy.

“Bastard, if you can fight me upright, what’s the point of dodging all the time?”

“Hey…” after a sigh, Ness’s subtle figure appeared. It wasn’t that she wanted to dodge, but the opponent couldn’t even figure out the most basic pattern. How was this teaching her a lesson? She was a fatal shot.

“Hmph, finally you stop hiding…”

Seeing Ness appear, Oman gasped and rubbed his fists, thinking that his chance had come.

Who knew that in the next second, he saw that the girl from earlier was gone again.

“Where’s the girl…?”


As if struck by a heavy object in the abdomen, Oman bowed up, one foot off the ground, his eyes bloodshot, both eyes rolled back, and he passed out.

With a snap, Oman’s sturdy body leaned forward. His neck craned, saliva was drooling from the corners of his mouth.

At his feet, Ness’s clear face was filled with fury.


The entire martial arts dojo became silent.

So what if you won third place on the World Fighting Competition? How could a punch strand you from a woman in her early twenties? 

The situation was very awkward for a moment.


Ness was frosty, “You, who else wants to challenge me?”


“I don’t dare!”

The fighters present brushed back a few steps and shook their heads in embarrassment. All frightened by Ness’ fury.

All kidding aside, how could they have the guts to go up and challenge someone who had defeated a world fighter as powerful as Oman with just one blow?

Maybe it really was because they were lonely, but it seemed like the martial arts community couldn’t be messed with!

Ness said coldly, “Take the man away, and don’t appear in front of me again.”

“We will go now.”

Seven or eight fighters stepped forward and carried Oman wretchedly out of the Heavenly Sky School Martial Dojo.

They vowed in their hearts never to mess with the Heavenly Sky School Martial Dojo again. After seeing Oman’s tragic end, some of the previous challengers who were eager to try out were all chilled to the bone and left in ashes.

“Senior Sister Ness, you were so awesome just now!”

After everyone had left, April smiled and shook Ness’s arm.

Ness laughed, “You don’t have to be nice with those guys.”


Just then, a burst of applause sounded. A tall man walked out of the crowd in front of the martial arts dojo.

Seeing the appearance of the visitor, both Ness and April were stunned for a moment. Their nimble eyes showed surprise, and they even walked forward in front of the man.

The man was none other than Muyang, who had returned from outer space. Since the student in Martial Dojo has changed, no one recognizes him.

“Senior Brother Muyang, you’re finally back.”

“Senior brother!” April’s face was a little red, and very excitedly pulling Muyang’s hand.

Pressing his hand on top of April’s tiny head, after several years of not seeing her, April’s height was already at his shoulders. Muyang swept the backs of those fighters, “Did that group of people come here frequently?”

He remembered that the Heavenly Sky School Martial Dojo side was still very stable in the past, and there had never been any such distractions.

“Yeah, every now and then, a group of people would come to challenge, causing the martial arts dojo always have extra fights for these things,” Ness said, deeply disturbed.

Then, Ness roughly explained the reason to Muyang. After hearing it, Muyang suddenly realized that it was the World Martial Arts Tournament reform that was causing the trouble!

By the way, the time he left earth, Great Azure Mountain, had changed quite a bit. The village roads had been widened, the houses renovated, and even the market had expanded. 

“Don’t be so polite to such people. They are not the ones who take the initiative to pay homage and ask for advice. Just break their arms and legs and throw them out. Ness, you are still not ruthless enough.” Muyang said indifferently. Where was the need to be polite to others since they were provoking first? 

“Mm!” Ness nodded her head vigorously. Muyang’s words were as right as the truth. 

“Brother, isn’t that bad?” April asked weakly.

“Not everyone is a criminal; I’m not a criminal. However, if people come to provoke you, there’s no need to show them mercy. April, that’s the bottom line; otherwise, you’ll be mistreated.” Muyang treated his Junior Sister April as his sister.

However, she was just a little too weak, which might have something to do with what happened to her as a child. 

“I understand.”

April nodded her head, remembering Muyang’s words. The brother and sisters then left the training ground and headed to the living area behind the dojo.

After leaving earth for so many years, Muyang learned from them about the Heavenly Sky School changes over the past few years. 

After the three of them left, the students and instructors of the dojo reacted. The crowd was suddenly talking.

“Who is that man? Why Senior Sister Ness seems to respect him a lot?”

“I remember, he’s the senior brother of Heavenly Sky School.”

“Is he Muyang?”

“I met him when I was a kid.

“Oh my, I’ve even received instruction from Mr. Muyang, but I didn’t even notice it just now.”

Most of the students who had received Muyang’s guidance back then had now left the dojo to find their way out.

Those who remained there had been promoted to become teachers. Five years ago, Muyang’s guidance to them had broadened their paths and had been so useful that they could remember it for the rest of their lives.

Then during these disciples’ discussions, those post-advanced students realized that the young man who had just walked in was the Heavenly Sky School’s senior brother.

The one who had won the World Martial Arts Tournament Champion at a young age.


In the dojo’s backyard, Muyang listened to Ness’s introduction of Heavenly Sky School and the martial arts dojo changes over the past few years. From Ness’s words, Muyang learned that the Heavenly Sky School had developed very well over the years.

Some of the junior brothers and sisters were skilled in martial arts and could initially stand independently.

With society’s development, the Heavenly Sky School Martial Dojo had opened branches in nearby towns and villages. They were all developing very well. 

“Not bad, Ness. You all have become powerful now.” Muyang praised with a smile.

“This is thanks to senior brother’s guidance back then, which has opened our eyes.” Ness smiled, a hint of redness appearing on her fair face.

Muyang smiled faintly. Back then, he had only instructed them for half a year; the real growth depended on them. 

He slightly sensed that Sister Ness’s current strength was about 50 power levels. It wasn’t bad to have this strength at the age of 20.

In a few years, she might be able to reach Teacher Isaac’s level. One more glance at the well-behaved baby-like April, Muyang’s eyebrows furrowed.

This girl’s mind was all on scientific research. Her body was growing solid, but her strength growth wasn’t noticeable. It was a bit humiliating, to say the least.

However, everyone had their aspirations, and Muyang also supported her thoughts.

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