Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 128


“It’s Senior Brother Muyang… I haven’t seen senior brother in five years.”

“Me too.”

“Even senior brother is back; it seems it’s really about the World Martial Arts Tournament.” Several disciples whispered and discussed while looking at Muyang with respect.

On the other hand, some of the new disciples were a bit confused. Although they had heard rumors about the senior brother, they had never seen Muyang in person.

Now that they were facing him, they were shocked by his aura.

In their hearts, they couldn’t help but sigh, worthy of being a senior brother who had won the World Martial Arts Tournament.

He was an existence that could talk and laugh with some of the elders of their sect! Other disciples would inevitably be naturally low and fearful when confronted by their elders, unable to be as relaxed as he was. 


Isaac coughed lightly and looked at these disciples in the martial arts building, his face filled with a red glow.

The Kami School Training Technique that Muyang had brought back to his sect had given him hope for the school’s rise, and these disciples would be the first lucky ones to benefit from it. 

“There are two main things why I’ve gathered you here today…”

Next, Isaac spoke briefly about the legacy of the Kami School at length.

After the introduction of the origin of the Kami School, all the disciples present were in shock. The large martial arts building was silent.

So there really was a Kami in this world!

Their ancestor was actually the Lookout’s Kami.

What made them even more excited was that the Kami had created a brand new martial technique for them.

It had been partially revised by their senior brother and was about to be taught to them today.

Oh my! The Kami School Martial Arts, the name alone, was overbearing enough, and they were just so lucky to practice it!

At this moment, the disciples of the Heavenly Sky School were all excited.

Apart from their excitement, they had more respect for their teacher and admiration for Senior Brother Muyang.

They had heard from Teacher Isaac that this Kami School Martial Arts was the one that Senior Brother Muyang had obtained from their ancestor.

It was all thanks to the senior brother that they had access to such martial arts. 

Also, senior brother had even revised a part of it. What level of strength did it take to have the confidence to adjust the Kami’s Martial Arts?

They had known before that senior brother was extremely strong and even as strong as their teachers.

However, saying that he wanted to revise the Kami’s Martial Arts, they still couldn’t imagine it.

As the disciples below were exchanging their heads and discussing, Isaac and his fellow elders exchanged glances before pressing their hands, signaling for everyone to quiet down.

Isaac looked at all the disciples with a severe expression, “From today onwards, Heavenly Sky School officially changed its name to Kami School. You will join me in experiencing the charms of the Kami School Martial Arts. This is a martial art created by Ancestor Noah for all earthlings, so I hope you will be able to carry it forward in the future.”

“Please don’t worry teacher, we will definitely learn it seriously!”

“We will certainly carry the teaching of the Kami forward.”

The following replied in unison.

In comparison, the change of the sect’s name from the Heavenly Sky School to the Kami School had, on the contrary, set off no discussion.

The kernel of the martial arts was changed, so how could a name change be a big deal!

Nodding his head in satisfaction, then, as the disciples looked on in eager anticipation, Isaac announced, “The martial arts of the Kami School are vast and profound. It may be a bit difficult for the new disciples to learn, but the good news is that you all have the Heavenly Sky School Martial Arts foundation. The Heavenly Sky School and the Kami School are in the same lineage, so you can soon get started comparing each other.”

“In the next few days, you will be taught the specific training of the Kami School Martial Art by your senior brother. I hope you will study carefully and not slack off!”

At this point, Isaac’s gaze sternly swept over all the disciples.

He was aware of the current level of his eldest disciple. It was no exaggeration to say that Muyang’s teaching to them was like Kami teaching.

This was a great opportunity that couldn’t be missed. If you missed it, you would have to regret it for the rest of your life.

“Please rest assured, teacher, disciples will never be slack.”

“Please rest assured, senior brother.”

Isaac nodded at the words and looked towards Muyang.

Muyang knew that it was time for him to make his appearance, so he took two steps toward the front row. 

He looked at the junior brothers and sisters’ scene, hailing a circle of familiar and unfamiliar ones, all of them looking at him with blazing eyes.

Without saying much, he stood there, and an awe-inspiring qi arose. Under this powerful qi, all the disciples in front of him turned white, feeling as if a mountain had been pressed down on them, and they could hardly breathe.

At this time, all of them revealed a look of horror.

Even those elders behind Muyang, who was under such tremendous pressure for the first time, their faces slightly changed. However, their eyes exploded with a fiery light.

“In the next few days, it will be me who will personally teach you the Kami School Martial Arts until the World Martial Arts Tournament begins!”

Muyang’s majestic gaze swept over the crowd. When he finished making his stand, he collected his qi, and the oppression from earlier dissipated. 

“…The second thing that teacher said before I’m sure you must have guessed it. Yes, it is the 12th World Martial Arts Tournament that will be the stage to test your training results. I will then select three of you to participate in the competition. A for who these three places will go to, it will depend on your efforts in the next few weeks!”

“I want you to be able to make a name for our Kami School in front of the world!”

There were only less than two months left before the start of the World Martial Arts Tournament. After deducting the time spent on the road, the effective time was less than three weeks.

Of course, Muyang couldn’t make all these disciples master the essence of the Kami School in those three weeks, nor did he expect them to be able to do so.

However, young people always had to have a fighting spirit, and setting them a goal to strive for was essential.

As expected, none of these young people were people who easily conceded defeat. All of them were boiling with blood and bursting with the impassioned fighting spirit after hearing the news.

“Please rest assured, senior brother.”

“We will definitely achieve good results at the World Martial Arts Tournament!”

All the disciples almost spoke in unison.

Among them, Yiya and Aso, who had received instructions from Muyang, naturally knew what senior brother could do.

Thus appearing more excited than anyone else after learning that Muyang would personally teach them.

Although April and Ness had already received information about the Kami School from Muyang, they also had their cheeks flushed red and extremely excited under their many brothers and sisters’ warm atmosphere.

In the following time, Muyang began to teach these disciples the martial content of the Kami School.

With the Heavenly Sky School as a base, it wasn’t much of a challenge for them to formally get started.

As Muyang taught them the training technique, Isaac and other elders would also listen intently at the side.

Every time they listened to Muyang recount the Kami School’s main points, they would also gain a new understanding. 


One day, in the martial arts arena.

Muyang, Isaac, and the others stood calmly.

Chuckle… Chuckle!

Gently, almost inaudibly. There was unseen qi wrapped around the elders of Isaac, Sith, and Karl. As they became familiar with the Kami School’s convenient ways, their qi on their bodies rose.

The Kami School was worthy of being the training technique that Kami Noah had created for the earthlings.

Noah’s goal in creating the Kami School was to raise the earthlings level, which was said to increase their power level from less than 5 points to 20 points.

This certainly wasn’t to make every earthling an excellent martial artist.

After all, practicing martial arts also required talent. Not everyone was suitable for the path of martial arts.

However, there was no doubt about one thing. For the original martial arts practitioners, the Kami School was an important magic weapon for them to break through their bottlenecks.

This magic weapon has more noticeable effects on Isaac and the others who were practicing the Heavenly Sky School.

After several days, a certain “thread” in their bodies holding back their power seemed to have broken. The qi that hadn’t advanced for a long time started to come back to life. It began to soar overtime…

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