Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 129


For the teachers’ breakthrough, Muyang was heartily happy for them.

Isaac and the others originally had an around 80 power level. After changing to the Kami School, the long-suppressed bottleneck had finally broken down.

The decades of heritage burst out suddenly, pushing them directly to around 90 power level, and gradually moving towards 100.

This was already similar to the state Muyang was in before he broke the first restriction.

From this, it was evident that the Kami School was indeed excellent for earthlings to adapt. He believed that it wouldn’t be long before Isaac and the others could also break the 100 marks in power level!

“Congratulations to the teacher. You guys have greatly improved their skills.” Muyang smiled and congratulated.

“Hahahaha…” Isaac laughed openly. The joy of the power boost filling his dark cheeks with a smile, “It’s thanks to you, Muyang. If it weren’t for you, we would never have made this much progress. “

On the side, the Sith who had just been able to break through also nodded, “The Kami School is worthy of being tailored for us earthlings. I feel that if I continue to practice it, I can continue to breakthrough.”

Muyang smiled, “This is not difficult. In my estimation, it should not be a problem to double your strength by practicing the Kami School.”

By doubling, it would be one hundred and sixty-seven power levels!

“Let’s not rush this for now. It’s better to take it one step at a time in a steady manner.” Isaac shook his head, but instead of being overwhelmed by excitement, he decided to stabilize his foundation and breakthrough gradually.

“I think the same too!”

Muyang agreed with this point of view. After all, the effect of the Kami School was already there.

They didn’t need to rush; the so-called ten thousand feet high, the importance of the foundation had already been highlighted among the Heavenly Sky School’s cultivation.

As long as Isaac and the others dived into training for more than ten years, there should be no problem reaching almost two hundred power levels in the future.

“Hey, it’s time for dinner.”

The teacher’s wife, Alice, came over with a pot of rice. April followed behind to help, carefully holding a bowl of broth in her hand as well. Even the young blue dinosaur Growlie, who hadn’t been seen for a long time, came over with several baskets of food around his neck and two boxes on both arms, very funny.

“Hahaha, it’s time for dinner.”

“Let’s eat first; then we can discuss the matters of training after eating.”

Several elders were in a state of excitement as if they had suddenly regained their youthfulness and hadn’t been educated for many years.

After mingling and enjoying their meal, several of them began to sit in silence again, comprehending the wonders of the Kami School.

The teacher’s wife, Alice, who did not know the wonders of practice, shook her head and walked away when she saw how much her husband was enjoying himself.

As she left, Alice waved towards Muyang, and Muyang immediately followed her when she saw him.

By a small stream, Alice asked Muyang, “Muyang, have you seen Mexia since you came back from your training?”

Muyang looked at his teacher’s wife and nodded, “The first moment the training ended, I went to the Superpower Academy, but I didn’t meet Mexia there. The teacher at the academy said that she had graduated.”

“Mexia has indeed graduated. She just returned a while ago, but she only stayed at the Great Azure Mountain for a few days before she went out for training. She said she wanted to have a good fight with you at the World Martial Arts Tournament, and that she didn’t want to lose to you.” Alice nodded, grumbling a bit, “This girl doesn’t know how to stay at home for a while longer.”

Didn’t want to lose to me?

Muyang secretly rolled his eyes at the words.

Mexia, this girl was getting more brave and duplicitous. Obviously, she was so catering in bed, but she always put on a reluctant face beforehand.

Was this considered arrogance? However, it seemed a little wrong.

“Muyang, Mexia, that child is grown up; you have to care about her a little more. You haven’t seen each other for several years, so don’t get upset.” After saying that, Alice cast a look towards Muyang and said thoughtfully.

Seemingly understanding his teacher’s wife’s meaning. Muyang scratched his head apologetically and said, “Madam, there’s actually one thing I want to tell you to tell you.”

“What is it?” Alice looked at Muyang.

Muyang hesitated for a moment, somewhat embarrassed, “Actually, my relationship with Mexia… how to put it? Two years ago, we had an agreement that after participating in this year’s World Martial Arts Tournament, I would marry her.”

“So… Madam, I hope you will be able to give your blessing…”

After honestly explaining his relationship with Mexia, Muyang’s heart calmed down quite a bit. He then quietly waited for Alice’s response.

After a while, Alice didn’t decide, and Muyang’s heart gradually raised to his throat.

At this time, the teacher’s wife, Alice, said, “You guys! I’m a person who has been through this; the last time I saw Mexia, I already saw that her body was no longer pure. After some pressing, Mexia also honestly explained to me what happened between you two. You guys grew up together; you two know that stuff by heart.”

“I’ll leave Mexia to you, both your teacher and I are at ease.”

“Are you agreeing to this, madam?” Muyang asked excitedly.

Alice put up a face, “My daughter is in that kind of relationship with you, how can she marry anyone else but you? I heard from Mexia that you tossed her around so much the first time you guys did it, she almost couldn’t stand it.”

“Did she even tell you that?”

“She told me everything!”

Now Muyang was a little dumbfounded. He didn’t know how to say the reasons he had prepared before.

Oh, this silly girl. Was she really stupid, or she was pretending to be stupid? How could she talk to the elders about things that happened in the room?

No matter how much they fooled around in the room and unlocked many poses, it should be the privacy of the two of them. How could she talk to other people? This isn’t very pleasant!

“Mexia also said that you were the one who lured her into the lodge in a daze that time. How innocent my daughter is, and you just took her away.” Alice said with a lousy tome. Her daughter was lost in a muddle; she was lost!

“Ah, forgive me!” Muyang was busy apologizing; he was so embarrassed!

But it’s true that he took Mexia’s first time in a muddled manner.

However, thinking back about it, he felt that something was wrong. No matter how innocent and pure Mexia was, she couldn’t explain everything.

As he recalled when we met at Superpower Academy and came to a battle with him in front of all the students, Mexia’s heart was not shallow!


Did Mexia, the “scamming bitch”, say this to Alice on purpose, so that she could beat him up?

Ugh… this Mexia, she’s getting more and more thoughtful!

Next time we see each other, I’ll have to pop her so hard that she can’t get out of bed. She won’t be able to use the Senzu Beans so that she would be drained!

Muyang was making plans in his heart.

Over here, however, it was majestic, “Madam, please rest assured. You can leave Mexia to me; I will ‘take good care’ of her.”

Alice didn’t know the deep meaning of Muyang’s words. She nodded in satisfaction to Muyang as her son-in-law, “After this World Martial Arts Tournament, we will hold a wedding for you. Your teacher and I are still thinking of hugging our grandchildren early.”

Muyang smiled cheerfully and responded. As for the matter of conceiving the next generation, it was still up to Mexia’s will.

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