Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 131


Sacred Land of Korin.

The rolling forest seemed to undulate like the sea. The verdant branches stretched out, full of infinite vitality.

Suddenly, with a swoosh, a shadow swept across from the void and soon became a small dot.

Behind it, a series of the violent whirlwind was stirred up belatedly.


A piercing roar broke through the air’s sound barrier, and the hazy horizon began to become apparent.

When a black line connecting the world appeared in his vision, Muyang calmly watched.

His sharp eyes had seen every detail of the tower. The direction of speeding suddenly changed, and Muyang flew towards the top of Korin Tower.

Soon, the flat dome-shaped top of the Korin Tower appeared in front of the eyes.

Korin saw a black figure suddenly fly into the Korin Tower and was surprised while looked up at the person.

When it became clear that it was Muyang, Korin said dumbfoundedly, “So it’s you, Muyang boy. How come you have the time to come to me?”

No one knew the news of Muyang’s departure from earth except for Mexia. So, Korin had always thought he was practicing somewhere on earth.

Muyang smiled indifferently, “After all these years, Korin’s life is still so comfortable. Have you eaten all those seafood?”

Korin washed his beard, “There is still a little bit left. Why don’t you go get me some more, Muyang…” said Korin. His eyes were glowing at Muyang.

“Sure, trade the Senzu Beans with me!”

Korin hesitated, “Well, I’d rather not. I don’t have many Senzu Beans here anymore!”

In the beginning, Korin’s inventory of Senzu Beans was over fifteen thousand. After the ten thousand were taken away by Muyang, there were still over five thousand left.

Muyang was thinking about those remaining Senzu Beans all the time. However, after becoming clear about the potential function of the Senzu Beans, Korin hadn’t even had time to hide them, so how could he sell them at a low price!

Seeing that he couldn’t gouge out another Senzu Bean from Korin’s hands, Muyang couldn’t help but sigh.

At the same time, he also knew in his heart that this guy, Yajirobe, had no hope of spoiling Senzu Beans with Korin in the future.

“How about exchanging a bit of something else. I should have… a bit of something you fancy here, right?” Korin had made up his mind that he couldn’t sell the Senzu beans, but the others should be okay. Maybe there was a treasure on top of Korin Tower that he didn’t know about!

Korin’s throat squirmed at the thought of the delicious taste of seafood.

Uh…how about selling a little bit more Senzu Beans? Just a little bit… Korin hesitated in his heart, but in the end, he was determined not to sell it.

Muyang said at this point, “If you want to get something good, I will exchange it with something else.”

“What is it?” Korin’s eyes lit up. Was Muyang planning to ask for Ultra Divine Water? But that stuff was highly poisonous; it wouldn’t do anything for him either. 

“Elixir of Immortality!”

Korin frowned after hearing this, “What do you need this for? That thing will deplete a person’s potential.”

Muyang said, “Of course it’s not for my use, but for my loved ones. Look at my current state…” as he said, Muyang let go of his ki. Long and leisurely ki came out, and the entire top of Korin Tower was swept away by a whirlwind.

“This ki…” Korin leaned on his crutches; he was shocked. 

Korin was shocked not only because Muyang’s ki was indeed incredibly strong, but also because there was a sense of depth in the higher dimensions. Upon closer inspection, Korin was even more surprised.

“When did you raise your dimensional level?”

Human’s dimension was usually less than his own; that was why Korin was surprised.

“Dimension?” Muyang silently memorized the word. He gathered his ki, and all the whirlwind dissipated in a whisker at that moment.

“Remarkable. This is the first time I’ve seen a human dimension cross its natural life level. I wonder how you did it?” Korin looked at Muyang with a puzzled expression, muttering to himself.

There was a clear hierarchy for every life in the universe. Dimension was the level that life was at.

All human beings and other naturally born beings are in the most common first level.

Earth immortal like Korin was at the second level, and Kami was in the third level.

This is a relatively low “planet level.” As the name implies, the influence of beings below the third level was limited to one planet. 

Higher beings, such as the King Yemma, Kai, and Grand Kai, were Level 4, Level 5, and Level 6 Dimension, which was at the “Galaxy Level.”

The highest level would be the “Universe Level,” like Supreme Kai Apprentice, Supreme Kai (God of Destruction), and Angel, which were Level 7, Level 8, and Level 9 Dimension.

Although the rank of a dimension wasn’t indicative of the strength of a being, beings of higher dimensions were in charge of more power in the universe.

To High-Level Dimension God, the Low-Level Mortals were insignificant. Even if they were strong, they had to abide by the rules of the universe.

Death was forever equal, and after a thousand years, even if it doesn’t take a hundred years, it will be a pinch of loess.

Korin was a secondary dimension, so he could also command a portion of God’s rights.

However, he never imagined that Muyang, an ordinary earthling, would have no less than his secondary dimensional rank.

“Korin, what is a dimensional level?”

“This dimension… refers to the level of living beings in the universe…” Korin lowered his head and contemplated for a while. He then told Muyang what he knew about the concept of the dimension.

After listening to it, Muyang chirped. He probably knew that this was a way to divide the gods’ rights and that the gods with higher dimensions enjoyed a higher status.

If the universe was compared to a computer, then the dimension was the operating authority.

Just what was going on in his case, even Muyang, himself was muddled.

He then took out Dominian’s Lifeform Scouter and showed it to Korin. It detected that Korin had 800 years to live. 


“This thing is true, accurate. I took four Elixir of Immortality in the first place; one can extend my life by 4oo years. This is a miracle elixir only for the immortals guarding the tower. Ordinary first level beings can only take one at most.” Korin had originally given the remaining four Elixir of Immortality to Master Roshi because he could only take four of them. 

After flipping the Lifeform Scouter like a magnifying glass, it shone its light on Muyang. It detected that he had 205 years of life left. 

Korin shook his head in puzzlement, “This is strange. It’s the first time I’ve seen something like this. In your case, you’re obviously a human, yet your dimension and lifespan are out of limits. What’s going on?” 

“Don’t ask me. I’m muddled anyway.”

Muyang didn’t know, but he guessed it had something to do with him breaking his life limit and absorbing those limit fragments.

Ever since he knew that his lifespan was far from ordinary earthlings, Muyang was trying to find ways to extend Mexia’s lifespan.

He didn’t want his mate to die of old age in the future.

Korin gently spun around, “Although the Elixir of Immortality is something that can extend life span, it also depletes people’s potential. Are you sure you need it?”

Muyang said, “I’m getting married soon, and this is for my family.”

Since it wasn’t Muyang himself who wanted to take it, Korin was able to tell him liberally.

“Alright, I’ll tell you, making the Elixir of Immortality requires a very precious herb, which is the Paradise Herb. It’s a magical herb that grows in the Forest of Terror. However, the Forest of Terror is extremely dangerous, and ordinary people can’t enter it.” Korin then looked at Muyang. With Muyang’s strength, he was able to enter the Forest of Terror.

“After retrieving the Paradise Herb, it is then ground specially and combed with the Divine Water from the three water tanks I have here. It takes a year of refining before it can be completed.”

The water tank of the past, present, and future can be seen above the Korin Tower.

The Divine Water inside can be blended to produce highly toxic Ultra Divine Water. However, it can also be combined with Paradise Herb to make different formulations to create the Elixir of Immortality.

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