Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 133


“Wait for a moment. I’ll go find her for you.”

Upon hearing Muyang’s request, Mr. Popo walked to the edge of the Lookout with his hands behind his back, then looking at the lower realm of clouds rolling in below.

Muyang stood by the side and watched. The hazy clouds obscuring the view, so Muyang squeezed his eyebrows and wondered how Mr. Popo was observing the lower realm.

After a while, Mr. Popo turned around and said to the warped Muyang, “I’ve found her.”

“Where is it?” Muyang hurriedly asked.

“Land of Extreme West, Mount Five Element!”

Mount Five Element. Isn’t that Annin’s territory? Muyang was a little surprised, and said in his heart, ‘That girl, Mexia, why would she go to that place?’

No matter what, he had to find Mexia first.

The longingly nostalgic Muyang got the exact address of the Mount Five Element from Mr. Popo.

He then waved his hand at Mr. Popo and was about to jump down from the Lookout.

Just then, Mr. Popo suddenly asked, “Muyang, you are the successor of Kami Noah, have you ever thought of inheriting the position of Kami in the future?”

Muyang was startled at the words and shook his head in refusal without much thought, “I think I shouldn’t serve as Kami.”

Reasonably, Muyang, the heir of the Kami School, was the most qualified to hold Kami’s position.

Regardless of his strength or origin, as the inheritor of Kami Noah, he was the perfect candidate.

It was just that Muyang knew his own business. His heart couldn’t calm down, and he couldn’t stand the thought of him staying on top of the Lookout.

This position of the Kami, let’s leave it to someone else! There was always someone better than him.

“Oh!” Mr. Popo uttered a loud voice and gave up. “If you see Annin, tell Son Gohan there that Kami wants him to come to the Lookout.”

Since Muyang had no intention of inheriting the Kami’s position, the candidate fell on Son Gohan.

However, that guy hadn’t come back much since he went to the Mount Five Element.

Even when he did, he’d been heading over to the Mount Five Element every three days.

Also, Mr. Popo didn’t think that Son Gohan was the most suitable candidate, either.

“I got it.” After agreeing to Mr. Popo’s request, Muyang leaped down and flew towards the lower realm’s Mount Five Element.

Not long after Muyang left, a pale figure walked out of the entrance of the Lookout.

Kami’s vicarious face was covered with wrinkles, and sighed, “Muyang refused to serve as Kami. He was the most suitable, and apart from him, the only other person left was Son Gohan.”

Mr. Popo stood to the side, “Son Gohan seems intent on the Mount Five Element and may not return.”

“Alas, I was fighting with Garlic over the position of Kami. But now Muyang and Son Gohan actually turning down the position of Kami. This era has become too fast.” Kami smiled bitterly and shook his head.

Two people who were qualified to inherit the position of Kami had hardly appeared.

Once he found the candidate, they all despised Kami’s position. Kami couldn’t see the reason for Muyang’s rejection, but Son Gohan… that guy was purely blinded by Annin.

Frankly speaking, if Muyang knew what Kami was thinking at this point, he would have sided with Son Gohan.

Knowing that Annin was a great beauty, to be able to spend time with such beauty, Son Gohan was brain-dead to return to the Lookout!


After leaving the Lookout, Muyang traveled alone. Soon, he arrived at the domain of the Mount Five Elements.

The Mount Five Elements was located in the extreme west. The entire mountain was covered by a boundary that blocked contact with the outside world. On the Mount Five Elements, there was a huge Furnace of Eight Divisions. The rising water vapor in the furnace condensed into mist-like clouds.

There was a cracked passage in the shadows, which was a passage to the Other-World.

At this time, Mexia was floating in the Furnace of Eight Divisions. The moist steam dyed her dark green appearance.

Mexia was wearing a tight-fitting dress in the clouds and mist, her voluptuous and exquisite body undoubtedly visible.

Next to her, there was a gigantic, beautiful woman. This woman was holding a large bowl of ramen in her hand and eating it.

She wore a red divine robe and shawl, with two long pheasant tail feathers rising upwards on her crown. It was the Supreme God of Mount Five Element, Annin.

“Gohan, the fire doesn’t seem to be enough; the ramen isn’t even cooked.”

Annin’s clear voice shouted towards Son Gohan at the bottom of the Furnace of Eight Divisions.

Upon hearing the words, Son Gohan immediately and passionately released ki waves towards the mouth of the Furnace of Eight Divisions. The water of the Yellow Spring boiled and rose with even more ample vapor.

“How about now?” Son Gohan wiped the sweat off his forehead and asked loudly.

Such physical work was a massive drain on energy, but Son Gohan enjoyed it. Not only could he keep a beautiful women company, but he could also hone the ki in his body.

In the two years since he came to Mount Five Elements, Son Gohan felt like he lived in paradise every day.

‘Master Roshi, I felt like I understand your quest now.’

“Much better.”

Son Gohan’s efforts allowed Annin to have a stronger fire to cook ramen.

“Nah, Mexia, isn’t the man you’re looking for on earth?” Annin asked, holding a huge bowl of ramen noodles.

Mexia sat quietly over the Furnace of Eight Divisions, covered in glistening, flawless green light. “He hasn’t come back yet, but we’re supposed to go to the World Martial Arts Tournament.”

“Ahhh, is this what it’s like to be in love? I don’t understand!”

It had been tens of thousands of years since Annin was in charge of the Furnace of Eight Divisions.

Since she never left the Mount Five Elements, Annin’s mind was still as pure as a young girl’s.

“Hey, Gohan, do you know what love is?”

Son Gohan suddenly smiled stupidly at the words, “No, I don’t know…”

“Huh?” Mexia glanced at Son Gohan there and snorted. He was relying on the Mount Five Elements to stay.

What he had in mind was already obvious. Only Annin, a goddess with a pure and simple heart, would know nothing.

Just as Annin was happily fishing for her ramen, suddenly, powerful ki rammed into the boundary outside of the Mount Five Elements.

Mexia, Annin, and Son Gohan soon sensed the ki, and different expressions appeared on their faces.

“This ki is so strong, and it’s already entered the boundary.” Annin opened his mouth; her expression seemed surprised.

There were actually such powerful earthlings in the outer world.

Son Gohan frowned, “This familiar sensation, is it Muyang…”

Mexia, on the other hand, was dumbfounded. Her lips slightly parted and closed in surprise, “It’s him; he’s finally back.”

A whirlwind swept over; the entire Mount Five Elements was swept away by the intense storm.

The mist clouds above the Furnace of Eight Divisions were stirred violently by that storm.

“Mexia, I’ve finally found you.”

Muyang’s body flickered. He appeared directly beside Mexia and embraced her whole body in his arms.

The warm feeling that came from the other person’s chest, making Mexia suddenly felt at ease. Not knowing what to say, her tears flowed down.

“Senior brother…”

After floating in the air and embracing for a while, Muyang carefully measured the girl in his arms.

Compared to two years ago, Mexia was more gentle and mature. Her body should be convex where it should be convex, concave where it should be concave. Her exquisite and voluptuous body became tall and full of charm.

She had also grown a lot taller.

“Hmph!” Muyang didn’t know why; Mexia suddenly angrily broke away from Muyang’s embrace. Her proud face was so deep, and she didn’t look at Muyang happily.

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