Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 134


“Such an arrogant.”

Muyang smiled faintly at Mexia’s profound appearance. He also cooperated with her, so he pulled up her hand and landed at the bottom of the Furnace of Eight Divisions.

At this time, Annin also put the large bowl down. Her body condensed to the size of an average human, and carefully examined them, “Wow, you two are hugging each other…”

Annin’s pretty cheeks were a little red as if she never knew about things between men and women.

Suddenly she was amazed and saw that Muyang’s life was different from ordinary people.

She then pointed at Muyang and shouted, “How can your lifespan be so long when you’re obviously an earthling?”

Muyang then looked back at Annin and nodded slightly towards her.

The goddess in front of him was not really strong, but because she managed the passage to the Other-World for years, she could also tell at a glance how long the others lived.

She was true, beautiful. No wonder Son Gohan refused to leave after sending a gourd once and relied on this place in a deadly manner.

With his eyes swept over the Annin’s body Muyang greeted Son Gohan, “Gohan, long time no see, your strength has grown a lot.”

Muyang took a glance at Son Gohan. In a few years, Son Gohan’s strength had increased to a level close to 300 power levels.

It seemed that he hadn’t deserted his training in the Mount Five Elements. In fact, it was the result of continually burning the Furnace of Eight Divisions.

“It does growth, but nothing compares to you. Your ki just now scared me.”

Sun Gohan was in a good mood seeing his old friend. His eyes turned to Mexia and Muyang, wondering, “What’s the relationship between you two…?”

“Mexia is my fiancée, and her parents have approved me. The wedding will be in a little while, and you’ll have to come.” Muyang said without flaunting. As he said that, he also took Mexia’s soft and delicate slender hand.

At this moment, Mexia was also like a good wife who snuggled up to Muyang and let him hold her hand. Her cheeks were blushing slightly.

Son Gohan was very surprised and envious, “Congratulations, you two will get married soon. I don’t even know how long I have to wait.” Saying that her eyes glanced towards the goddess Annin. Annin was checking the Furnace of Eight Divisions’ fire and saw Son Gohan looking towards her; she gave him an innocent smile.

“I see you have a long way to go.” Muyang said sympathetically.

“In a few days, it will be the new World Martial Arts Tournament, do you want to go there?”

Son Gohan said, “Are you all going?”

Muyang replied, “Well, Mexia and I have arranged to attend, in addition to those of my younger brothers and sisters.”

Mexia interjected at this time, “I’m sure I’ll beat my senior brother.”

Just after saying that, she was knocked on her head by Muyang and immediately covered her head and stared back.

Reasonably she was an adult now, being knocked on the head in front of others; it felt very humiliating.

Seeing that both Mexia and Muyang were going to participate, Son Gohan was a little touched.

His eyes hesitantly swept a glance at Annin. Annin brittle quickly understood and said in a lovely voice, “If you want to go, just go. I can manage the Furnace of Eight Divisions by myself, and I can also see the scenery outside through the steam on the furnace.”

Now Son Gohan had nothing to worry about, and chirped, “In that case, Muyang, I’ll see you at the World Martial Arts Tournament.”

“That’s right!”

After making a pact with Son Gohan, Muyang was about to leave. He wrapped an arm around Mexia and picked her up without giving her a chance to resist directly. He then flew towards the outside of the Mount Five Elements.

As they left, he said, “By the way, Mr. Popo ask me to tell you to go to the Lookout. I think they want you to inherit the position of Kami.”

“No, no, no, no!” Son Gohan shook his hand repeatedly. If he inherited the position of Kami, then he would have to stay on the Lookout. He wouldn’t be free anymore!

Muyang didn’t say much at the news. He then directly hugged Mexia and disappeared into the Mount Five Elements.

Once martial arts practitioners were fighting for the position of Kami. Now that Muyang and Son Gohan were offered the position, both of them actually turned it down and did not want to inherit it… this world has changed.


After leaving the Mount Five Elements, Muyang held Mexia in his arms as they traveled through the boundless sky.

“Senior brother, you should let go of me. I can fly on my own!” Mexia’s clear lake-like eyes looked at Muyang. Her turquoise starry eyes were as clear as crystal.

“I love holding my fiancée!”

“Well!” The phrase “fiancée” suddenly dispersed the energy that Mexia had just mustered up. Her body softly shrank into Muyang’s embrace.

“Senior brother, tell me about the things you’ve been doing for the past two years,” Mexia said grudgingly.

“These two years, ah…” Muyang as he flew, recalling his experiences in the two years since he left earth. He then landed on a flat upland and narrated to Mexia a little bit.

As Muyang told the story of his training above the Red Planet, Mexia smiled warmly.

When Muyang spoke of the Saiyan Bazita, Mexia’s small hands clenched, her emotions rising and falling as he told the story.

“…Then I kept training above the Red Planet until I defeated that Saiyan.” Muyang continued, describing his travels in the universe and the gains of the technological Planet Domini.

Mexia opened his eyes, “Senior brother, where are those spaceships you’re talking about?!”

Muyang smiled mysteriously, “This is what I want to tell you.”

After saying that, Muyang was serene for a moment. Suddenly a mighty spiritual power spread out, and Mexia instinctively tried to resist. As Muyang’s genial voice sounded in her ears, “Don’t resist, I’ll take you to a place.”

The two figures suddenly disappeared from the spot with a clatter, reappearing already in the middle of the Acceleration Space.

Seven ships were on display in a vast area a kilometer in radius: Namekian’s Shell Spaceship, Dominian’s Gravity Spaceship, and five silvery-white spaceships.

Originally there were six silvery-white spaceships, but a cannonball from the Frieza Force’s as they roamed the cosmos destroyed one.

“What is this place?”

Mexia was so surprised at where they were, even the six towering spaceships in front of her did not make her come back to her senses.

Muyang opened up, “This is the Acceleration Space, er… sort of a space form by my abilities. The time flow here is four times that of the outside world.”

“Senior brother also has that kind of ability?” Mexia stared, then took it for granted that her man really was the best. She was so filled with sweetness that she didn’t ask any more questions.

After staying in the Acceleration Space for a while, Muyang took Mexia on a tour of each spaceship.

Mexia quickly fell in love with these gorgeous looking spaceships, so Muyang immediately decided to give one of them to her.

As soon as the Gravity Spaceship appeared, its huge size and weight crushed the ground, immediately causing the rocks to shatter.

Although Mexia was confused about why her senior brother brought out the Gravity Spaceship, she didn’t ask too many questions. It wasn’t until

Muyang brought her into the bedroom on the third floor of the Gravity Spaceship that she felt something was wrong.

“Senior brother, what are you doing?”

“What are you talking about, punishing you, of course!”

“Punishment for what?” Mexia’s face was flushed and a little guilty.

“Stupid Mexia. Senior brother always thought you were innocent, but when did I let you be so ‘scheming’?” Muyang was heartbroken. He pushed Mexia onto the bed.

Mexia’s bodysuit was torn into strips of cloth with a hissed, quickly revealing her white and delicate skin.

“Senior brother, I’m just telling the truth, there’s no such thing as a……..”

“I don’t believe you. Ugh, disobedient children need to be punished. This is retribution!”

“Well, I’m not afraid of you, anyway. So if you want to come, then go ahead!” Mexia stubbornly raised her head, aiming at Muyang’s magnificent body. Her cheeks flushed, and her turquoise eyes seemed to ripple to the point of dripping.

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