Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 135


The next day, the sky was hazy. Outside of a continuous drizzle, a thread of rain connected, silk-like crystal clear.

On the third floor of the Gravity Spaceship. After a night of negative distance contact, Mexia crouched on the soft bed “unlovable.” Her face was a little white.

There was no trace of her body, and her white skin seemed to be exposed in the air. The whole room was filled with an ambiguous breath.

In the meantime, Mexia was tiredly curled up into a ball. Her body moved randomly, and a curved eyebrow was knitted up.

Last night, Muyang had fulfilled his promise and made it impossible for Mexia to get out of bed.

“Senior brother, I’m thirsty. I want to eat Senzu Beans!”

Muyang sat on one side and slapped her ass, “No, I just gave you one. Also, your attitude is too arrogant.”

Every time she ate the Senzu Beans, she started to ripple. Now she was sickly begging for forgiveness. This woman’s skin was really thick. She needed to be disciplined.

Mexia said, “Don’t. Please give me the Senzu Beans. I don’t have the strength; I’m going to die.” 

Muyang rolled his eyes, “I see you’re still very energetic. Do you want to do it again?” 

Mexia shivered for a while. Her face was pale and sheepish, “I dare not. Senior brother, spare me this time. I will definitely listen to you in the future.” 

“Hmph!” Muyang glanced at Mexia, looking at her pitiful appearance. His heart softened, and put a Senzu Bean into her small mouth.

With a crack, she ate the Senzu Bean. Immediately Mexia was in a full state of resurrection but no longer dared to provoke Muyang.

Last night, she was truly terrifying.

Upon looking at a mess of sheets, Mexia’s pretty face blushed. She turned over and twisted to lie on Muyang’s body.

Her upper body pressed tightly on Muyang’s chest, fair and smooth skin. With a hint of coolness, the restless little hands were playfully paddling in Muyang’s body.

“Nah, senior brother, how many Senzu Beans do you still have there? Please give me some!” Mexia was petulant.

“Why? Do you want to get ready early? You’ll be dead trying to get it.” Mexia was up to something; he could tell by the look in her eyes. 

“No way, I need to keep a little for myself. I will use it in case of danger. Will you give it to me or not?”

“No one wants a woman with a bad mouth.” Although he said so with his mouth, Muyang still separated a small bag of Senzu Beans and put it in Mexia’s arms.

Sure enough, after getting the Senzu Beans, Mexia smiled. Hehehe, her expression immediately becoming rippled again.

“Senior brother, come again if you can!” Mexia said, very deadly. 

Idiot, Muyang, covered his head. He felt that Mexia could be stupid sometimes.

It wasn’t like you had any portable space on you. When you were stripped naked, the Senzu Beans would be gone! However, Muyang didn’t say this out loud.

The so-called self-made sins can’t be lived. Mexia, who was usually cold and exceptionally open in bed, made him have an unexplainable feeling.

Don’t look at Mexia’s usually cold and holy appearance. Her heart was filthy deep down. 

The reason for this was because of when she just became an adult, he unlocked the positions in the room and brought her into the “dirty girl” path.

In addition to the fact that he can’t indulge her anymore, he must give her a profound lesson. Let her remember it.

He turned over and pressed Mexia underneath him. At this time, Mexia seemed to realize that she had made a severe mistake. 


This lasted for a total of four days. After four days, the sheets had changed so much, making Mexia felt her legs weak at the sight of the bed. 

“Senior brother, I need to go back to the Superpower Academy.” Mexia changed into another black dress with a white plush draped over it.

At first glance, she looked like a goddess who was as serene and elegant and graceful as a pavilion. 

Muyang asked, “Haven’t you already graduated from the Superpower Academy?”

Mexia said, “I did graduate, but I still have a lot of stuff I haven’t gotten back, so I’m going over there this time to pick it up.”

“I’ll come with you.”

Mexia wryly shook her head and refused, “No, I’ll go by myself. Senior brother, you can go to the venue in Malan City and wait for me.” 

Muyang nodded, not worried about Mexia’s safety.

Mexia was definitely a genius. Even when the ki on her body seemed to be only 150, her ability was so strong that basically, no one on earth would be able to hide from her.

Then again, even if she put her ability away and didn’t use it, Mexia’s 150 power level wouldn’t be anyone’s match.

“Go early and come back early. I’ll be waiting for you at the World Martial Arts Tournament!”

“Alright!” With a soft chant, Mexia’s body shone with a cluster of glowing green light before flying off into the sky, heading towards the Superpower Academy at the mainland Southern Part.

Muyang also cleaned up his room after Mexia was far away. He then entered the Gravity Space on the second level and raised the gravity to 7 times earth gravity.

In the few months that he had gotten his Gravity Spaceship, Muyang had overcome many difficulties and could practice in 7 times gravity.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

In a more challenging environment than the outside world, Muyang practiced his single board’s punching techniques.

He then raised his level to dodge nimbly in the training room. 

Swooping, crossing, dodging, Muyang’s level had been swift. With the rapid movement of his body, his forehead gradually permeated with shimmering sweat. 

The feeling of waving sweat like rain made him hearty. Every trace of ki growth in his body made him even more intoxicated.


After finishing his training, Muyang turned off the gravity machine. The entire training room immediately returned to a normal state. After opening the hatch, Muyang walked out with a wet towel…


Two days later, a city on the Eastern Capital edge there was a city called Malan City.

All of the ferry and train tickets to Malan City were sold out during this time, as the World Martial Arts Tournament hosted by Central City was held in this city.

The entire city had been preparing for this event for a month. The sharp-eyed merchants had already taken up their stalls and used their best hawking skills to attract tourists’ attention.

This was the twelfth of the five annual World Martial Arts Tournament. The first time the right to hold it had been transferred to the government.

Early on, the registration point for the World Martial Arts Tournament was already swarming with people.

Martial arts practitioners from all over the world converged here.

Because of the government side’s publicity, some wilderness practitioners who practiced alone also knew about the tournament and rushed over in droves.

In addition to that, there were also those from the fighting and wrestling worlds.

Even some laymen, relying on their strength, wanted to fight for the first place that day.

Compared to previous editions, this year’s World Martial Arts Tournament could be described as a mixed bag of fish and dragons with unclear levels.

Isaac and his disciples waited under the shade of a tree near the World Martial Arts Tournament’s registration point.

The registration deadline lasted until the sunset, and it was now more than halfway through the afternoon.

“Yiya, Aso, Lida, you three represent our Kami School in the competition, I wish you good luck.”

After a lot of competition before the match, Yiya, Aso, and Lida were finally the first three to arrive at the match venue. So they would be the ones to represent the Kami School. 

At this time, the twenty-three people of the Kami School, including the six elders, were all present. The only two missing were Muyang and Mexia.

“Don’t worry, teacher. We will definitely not going to let you down.”

The three disciples were fighting with high spirits. Their faces full of confidence, and they couldn’t wait to start the competition immediately.

“We also want to participate in the competition!” Ness was secretly annoyed that she was losing at her best extent.

“Teacher, senior brother, and Senior Sister Mexia haven’t come yet.” April stood on her tiptoes and didn’t see Muyang’s figure. She felt so lost.

Alice smiled and touched April’s head and said, “Don’t worry, they’ll definitely make it in time.”

Isaac looked at the time, “Let’s not wait. Sith, you take them to the hotel first, and I’ll take Yiya and the others to register first.”

Sith nodded at the words. He led the group towards the hotel, while Isaac led the three disciples in line at the registration desk.

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