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Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 136


“Yiya, from Kami School!”

“Aso, from Kami School!”

“Lida, also from Kami School!”

At the registration booth, Yiya, Aso, and Lida lined up to check in with the staff.

“Are they all disciples of Kami School?” The staff looked at them with some surprise, then fill out the form carefully. The staff handed it to them for confirmation before giving them three number tags.

“Take them; these are your entry numbers.”

The three of them put the numbers away and were about to leave, but they turned around and bumped with a figure.

With a bang, a sudden bounce of ki knocked back at them. Lida, who wasn’t prepared for it, was swept up by the ki and stumbled backward a few steps.

“Sorry!” A young girl bowed in apology with a sweet voice.

“It’s okay.” Lida looked up, and his face flashed in shock. The other girl was a tanned young woman, dressed in a light blue robe.

She was beautiful and tall. By now, she had finished apologizing and had gone to the registration booth to register.

“Mellie!” Filled in her name on the list.

“Lady, here’s your number plate.”

After confirming the registration information, the staff handed over the number.

“Thank you!” With a clear thank you, the black girl, Mellie, turned around, and her graceful figure disappeared into the middle of the crowd.

“Lida, what are you looking at?” Yiya saw Lida lagging behind and came over just in time to see him staring at the girl’s back from earlier.

Lida didn’t say a word, and after a moment, he seriously said, “That girl from earlier, she’s strong!”

Although he was a bit negligent just now, it wasn’t easy to knock him away like that. It could be imagined that the other person wasn’t an idle person either.

“No way. We’ve just arrived, and you’ve met a master?”

“I don’t think Lida’s judgment was wrong. That girl just now gave me a very dangerous feeling.” At this time, Aso also spoke up.

Yiya was a bit surprised, “It seems that this competition is a crouching tiger and hidden dragon. We all have to be careful so that we don’t disgrace the school.”

“You guys have to be careful of what?”

At this moment, a calm voice was heard, followed by the sight of Muyang walking towards them in a casual outfit.

His majestic presence causing the people on either side to make a path unconsciously.

“Senior Brother Muyang.” Yiya and the other shouted enthusiastically when they saw Muyang walking towards them.

Muyang looked at them and nodded. He then wrote his name on the registration, “Muyang, Kami School!”

“Muyang. Isn’t this the winner of the last World Martial Arts Tournament? He’s actually so young.” The staff looked towards Muyang a few times in surprise and carefully collected his information among the folders.

“We were just talking about a girl we ran over after she bumped with Lida.” Yiya walked up to Muyang’s side and described the scene just now.

Muyang nodded, “Is that the girl who just walked away?”

“Yes, does Senior Brother Muyang saw it too?”

“No, I only saw her back. It seemed familiar. What’s her name, by the way?” Muyang had seen the black girl’s back from afar and somehow had a sense of familiarity.

“She seems to be called… Mellie!”

“Mellie…” Muyang mouthed the name, while a smile appeared on his face.

“Senior brother, do you know the girl from earlier?” Aso sensed the smile on Muyang’s face and opened his mouth to ask.

Muyang said, “Probably I have a good idea of who she is. If she really is the person I think, you should be careful when you run into her. She is nine times out of ten… No, you guys are definitely not her match. If you run into her in the match, it’s your bad luck. “

Yiya and the others all sucked in a breath of cold air at the news.

Who was that girl who could make their senior brother make such a judgment? It wasn’t that they were arrogant.

But after practicing the Kami School Martial Art, even if they looked at the entire martial world, only a few people were their match among the younger generation. So, how could they be inferior to the girl from earlier?

Yiya was incredulous, “She’s not that strong, is she?”

Muyang waved his hand, and squarely said, “She’s stronger than you think.”

If he guessed correctly, that so-called “Mellie” should be Mexia. There was no mistaking with his eyes.

That back figure, there was a good chance that it was her… As for why her appearance was different, it should be because she had used a Shapeshifting Technique.

The Transformation Kindergarten was a basic class under the Superpower Academy, so shapeshifting isn’t a magical secret technique in the Superpower Academy.

Interesting. What was Mexia planning to do?

Did she want to scare him?

Well, since Mexia wanted to play like this, then he would make it happen for her.

Suddenly, the corners of Muyang’s mouth curled up slightly. With a smile on his face, he recalled the image he had seen through the tank of the future at the top of Korin Tower. The image of himself fighting a waist-length woman at the bustling convention.

Today would be the day he’d remember.

Next, he generously encouraged the three junior brothers: Yiya, Aso, and Lida, and then walked with them to the hotel.

There, Muyang met his elders and his fellow disciples; he then joined them for dinner.

“Muyang, didn’t Mexia come with you?” Perhaps worried that he was having trouble with his daughter, Alice spoke to him alone.

“No,” Muyang replied and then told his teacher’s wife what happened in the afternoon, “I’m pretty sure that the black girl that Lida and the others saw is Mexia. That girl lied to me about going to Superpower Academy to get something; she must have been thinking of surprising me at the World Martial Arts Tournament.”

Alice crowed. She was a little speechless at her own daughter’s expense. “This girl. She’s becoming more and more nonsense.”

“Hehe, since Mexia wants to fool around, then I’ll have fun with her. I think it’s fun too.” Muyang fell in line with Mexia’s intentions.

With his strength, participating in the World Martial Arts Tournament was purely to play around.

Also, since his fiancée was so childish, it would be good to play along with her.

Alice smiled and looked at Muyang, “Do whatever you guys want!”

Anyway, it was a game between the unmarried couple. So, she, as a mother, would not spoil their fun.

It was not harmful to increase the relationship between the couple in this game-like form.


The next day, it was already dawn.

The 12th World Martial Arts Tournament in Malan City officially began. Since it was the first time the government held it, this tournament was unusually grand.

People from all martial arts schools and world fighters, wrestlers, boxers, and sumo wrestlers participated.

This also led to the largest number of participants ever. In this year’s event, it reached a staggering 768.

The previous selection rounds alone took a long time.

When Muyang and the others entered the competition martial hall, they realized that the participants had already filled the venue.

The martial arts practitioners worldwide had a strange expression; there were werewolves, giants, and even fierce beasts.

At this time, the format of the tournament has been very similar to the future tournament.

The spacious martial arts dojo had been set up with sixteen stage rings. Because there were so many people, the black crowd made the entire venue became extremely crowded.

“This has the appearance of the World Martial Arts Tournament that I am somewhat familiar with!” Muyang grinned with no pressure at all.

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