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Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 137


The first thing to come next was the qualifying round. According to the tournament requirements, more than 90% of the contestants would be eliminated in this session, leaving only sixteen to advance to the open-air tournament later on.

After all, this was the first Official World Martial Arts Tournament. Although the model was transplanted from the tradition of the martial arts world.

The lack of a ruler for reference led to many participants from all different backgrounds.

As a result, there was a mixed field of participants, all of whom thought they had a chance to participate in the tournament.

However, those who held such thoughts might not even make it to the top fifty.

Therefore, it was necessary to hold a qualifying round to select the best of the best.

With the organizers putting the pre-drawn World Martial Arts Tournament schedule on the wall, the preliminary rounds will soon begin.

The contestants found their zone according to the number plates they had received during registration, corresponding to the wall’s schedule map.

“Senior Brother Muyang, I’m in the ring number 4.” Yiya found the corresponding ring based on his number.

“I’m in ring number 9.”

“I’m in the ring number 11.”

Aso and Lida said excitedly. The fact that they didn’t meet in the preliminaries showed that they were lucky.

Muyang took his number plate and smiled, “I’m in the ring number 8. We had good luck; we didn’t meet in the preliminaries. You guys have a good chance of making it to the top sixteen by playing properly!” 

When Yiya and the other three disciples heard what Muyang said, they were immediately filled with confidence and clenched their fists, looking expectant. Due to the exertion, their entire fists were slightly shaking.

“Ah, Muyang, you’ve come so fast.” A man in an orange martial arts uniform squeezed out from the crowd and came before Muyang and the others.

“Son Gohan, you also arrived quite fast!” Muyang smiled and looked at the visitor.

Son Gohan laughed, “It took quite a while to get here from the Mount Five Elements, but at least I didn’t miss the registration.” As he said, he showed off his number plate in his hand, “Hey, where’s that beautiful fiancée of yours? Why isn’t she with you?” 

Muyang smiled, “Mexia is actually here, but hiding in the crowd and refusing to show herself.”

Son Gohan was startled and reflected that this could be a game for the unmarried couple. He then shook his head, “I wonder what you’re up to.”

At this time, Muyang introduced Son Gohan to his fellow disciples, “Yiya, Aso, Lida, this is the disciple of the ‘God of Martial Arts,’ Mater Roshi, Son Gohan. He has been training in the Lookout with me for some time. “

Then he said to Son Gohan, “These three are my junior brothers. They’re also going to participate in this World Martial Arts Tournament.”

“Hello, guys.” Son Gohan greeted generously.

“Hello.” The three junior brothers also returned the greeting politely.

However, this young man in front of them, like Senior Brother Muyang, had received training in the Lookout.

They had heard their senior brother mention the matter of the Lookout training.

Those who were qualified to train there must be very remarkable martial arts practitioners.

Moreover, the other person was also a disciple of Master Roshi, so several people looked at Son Gohan with curiosity and surprise. 

“All of you don’t need to be polite. By the way, what’s your number, Gohan?” Muyang smiled and asked about Son Gohan’s contest number.

“532, ring number 4.”

“Wouldn’t that be a collision route with Yiya?” Muyang said in surprise.

The 768 contestants were divided into sixteen rings, which meant that there were 48 in each ring.

Only one person could come out in the end. The purpose of the qualifying round in the World Martial Arts Tournament was to determine the first place, which could be considered a very cruel way. 

“I’m also in ring number 4. It looks like I have bad luck!” Yiya said, shaking his head with a helpless face.

Initially, he thought that he could get out of the line by his strength. However, who knew that the goddess of fortune was so ungrateful to him that she put him in the same ring with Son Gohan, a senior disciple of Master Roshi, a strong man who had also trained in the Lookout.

He had a feeling that the hope of getting out of the line was leaving him.

“It can’t be such a coincidence, can it?!” Son Gohan said in surprise.

However, that was how the tournament was. The element of luck was essential in the process.

“There’s no need to be discouraged; it’s all about participation. Even if you run into Son Gohan, it would be a rewarding experience to be able to experience the process of fighting at a high level.” Muyang patted Yiya’s shoulder, comforting.

Yiya adjusted his attitude and cupped his fist to Son Gohan and said, “Please take care of me when the time comes.”

Son Gohan smiled and said, “Don’t worry. I won’t let you down when the time comes.”

After saying that, he looked at the black crowd and shook his head, “There are a lot of people here.”

“Yeah.” Muyang also nodded his head.

There were indeed a bit more people coming to the World Martial Arts Tournament this time.

Upon looking at their smug looks, the vast majority of them must have been a champion or high ranking people.

Of course, many people like Yiya, Aso, and Lida had the foresight to participate in the tournament from the very beginning. They never had the extravagant hope of winning the tournament. 

What Muyang and Son Gohan could do for them was to make sure that they would not leave any regrets in the tournament.

At that moment, a gong sounded with a thud. A staff member with a loudspeaker announced there, “All participants, please go to the front of your respective rings; the match will begin soon.”

“Let’s go; the match is about to begin.”

“I wish you all good luck,” Muyang said and walked towards ring number 8.

“Come on!”

Son Gohan and a few others also got serious. They nodded their heads and went to their respective ring. 

At this time, in front of ring number 8, Muyang scanned the black crowd in front of him.

Although each group only consisted of 48 people after grouping, one person occupied a large area because some of the contestants’ size is particularly huge. That was why it looked particularly crowded. 

As the referee at the edge of the ring announced the numbers of the two players of the match, Muyang saw a grey-haired werewolf and a burly man in animal skins climbing onto the tournament ring.

Soon the match began. The grey werewolf roared and snarled, clenching his fist and slamming it into the strong man.

The fierce battle drew gasps of surprise from the participants on stage.

Muyang watched calmly, shaking his head slightly.

These two people above were obviously not heirs of the traditional school. Their movements and patterns were very rough. They relied on a body of brute strength…

It seemed that with the gradual officialization and expansion of the World Martial Arts Tournament, the contestants had begun to lose their standards… What kind of quality would dare to enter the ring?

“Brute strength is more than enough, but there is no pattern. Those who don’t know would think they are two choppers.”

Muyang only glanced at the two and knew roughly the outcome of the match. In fact, for this kind of fight that had no foundation and was very similar in strength, it was the least easy to tell who won and who lost, because anything was possible!

But comparatively speaking, that werewolf had a much better chance of winning. Sure enough, soon after the match began, the grey werewolf gradually gained the upper hand with that beastly nature of his. 

“The result is already obvious. That werewolf is going to win.”

The participants in the arena were shocked and began to comment.

“Boom!” The grey werewolf jumped up and smashed the chest of the strong man with an attack. The man fell to the ground with a violent shudder.

As the referee blew his whistle, the grey werewolf roared to victory and advanced to the second round.

The match continued. There were 48 contestants in ring number 8, so the first round would require twenty-four matches.

Muyang stood in the corner with his hands clasped behind his chest. The boring match was making him look like he was about to fall asleep. 

Hey, this year’s contestants were no good!

Muyang’s eyes were boringly scanning towards everywhere and saw the situation above the next ring.

The light blue robe girl called Millie was now climbing into the ring, and her opponent was a shirtless man.

When Muyang looked at it, he couldn’t help but smile on his face. Millie’s opponent was Oman, the third-place winner of the so-called World Fighting Competition, who had provoked the Kami School Martial Arts Dojo a few days ago. 

“It’s terrible luck. This guy just lost at Ness, and now he’s fighting against Mexia.”

Muyang shook his head but wanted to see how Mexia, who disguised as “Millie,” was going to humiliate that ignorant but arrogant fighter.

“Little girl, I’ll let you make the first move.” The fighter named Oman was acting quite generous. He had learned from his pain and reflected on his previous arrogance since Ness put him down with a single punch.

However, he would never have thought that a young girl he randomly met in the World Martial Arts Tournament, who looked so slim, was actually a mighty master.

“…… Then you’re going to lose.” The opponent’s clear and cold voice came.


Oman’s eyelids fluttered as if he sensed a hint of something terrible. His heart was rising when he heard a thud, and his chest took a hit.

The violent impact brought his heart to a sudden stop, and Oman’s face began to turn blue as his brain fell backward in dizziness.

“How did this happen? This girl is so powerful too!”

“…… Is this the best martial arts tournament in the world?”

Moments before he lost consciousness, Oman’s face was filled with incredulity that he had lost again to a twenty-year-old girl.

Knocked out in just one blow, was he, the fighter’s third-place winner, made of mud or water? That was too weak!

No, it wasn’t that he was too weak, but those martial arts practitioners were too abnormal.

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