Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 138



The referee’s whistle sounded.

“Contestant number 312 Mellie wins and advances to the next round.”

After saying that, using a watercolor pencil to sketch on the match list, Mellie won and advanced to the next round.

Mellie’s win drew whispers from the crowd in her district. Those amateurs all couldn’t believe that a slender young girl could defeat the World Fighting Competition’s third-place winner.

“Oman actually lost. Is that woman called Mellie that strong?”

“…… Maybe Oman isn’t in the form today.”

“It’s possible. After all, he was the third-place winner of the World Fighting Competition; there’s no reason why he couldn’t beat a woman.”

“But I’ve heard that the martial arts world is not simple ……”

The people beside them were whispering. Some of them might have realized that they and others had underestimated the martial arts community’s strength.

However, they didn’t rashly say what they thought as they kept those thoughts to themselves under the crowd’s tongue.

“Hmph!” Mellie turned her head and snorted. She ignored these ordinary people who hadn’t even stepped into the martial arts threshold.

When she jumped out of the ring, she happened to meet Muyang’s smiling eyes. Mellie immediately looked away and swept her eyes to the other side.

Muyang smiled and shook his head, even more, sure of Mellie’s identity.

At this time, the ring number 8 had several matches going on, and it was finally Muyang’s turn to take the stage.

He was seen tapping his toes on the ground, his entire body sprinkled and floated on top of the ring. The whole movement was full of unrestrained and writing.

“Contestant No. 337 Muyang, from Kami School, is the winner of the last World Martial Arts Tournament.”

After Muyang entered the stage, the referee beside him focused on introducing his identity. 

As the referee introduced Muyang, a shout of surprise rang out from under the ring.

The crowd was amazed that Muyang had actually won the World Martial Arts Tournament once at such a young age.

This made the hearts of the players aspiring for the championship throne feel heavy.

“Player Muyang, your opponent is number 458, Palon contestant from Boxing Circle.”

Up on stage were powerful looking men with a bare head and a body full of gnarled and explosive muscles.

Especially when posing in a boxing stance, the muscles on his arms arched into a cluster of small hills.

“Ho, a young martial arts practitioner, I’ll show you what a boxer can do.”

The boxer named Palon clashed his fists with a dull boom. His cross flesh-strewn face filled with unstoppable confidence, clearly confident in his strength. 

Another Oman-style figure!

Muyang smiled lightly and sighed. That Oman had at least toned down his attitude after the lesson, he got from Ness, but the boxer in front of him was very revealing and arrogant. 

“Let’s start the match!” Muyang didn’t bother to talk to him and directly signaled the referee to start the match.

The referee was startled for a moment, but this honor still had to be given. He then nodded gently and blew his whistle to announce the start of the match, “The 11th match of ring number 8, the match will now begin.” 

“Kid, whether you were the winner of the last tournament or not, running into me, Palon, is your bad luck!” The boxer named Palon moved his wrist in a bullish manner and then prepared to win the match. 

But at that moment, Muyang’s figure flashed, and Palon felt a blur as he lost Muyang in his line of sight.

“Hey, where’s the man?” Palon looked to his left and right, but he never found Muyang’s figure.

“Wow, that’s amazing. He defeated the boxer Palon with just one blow!”

“My eyes can’t see it at all.”

“It’s over, lined up with such a strong person; we have no hope at all.”

The tournament continued. After one match, the number of remaining contestants grew smaller.

Some good people did some tallying and discovered to their dismay that most of those who had advanced were martial arts practitioners from all the major schools.

The seeded favorable fighters from the Fighting Circle, Boxing Circle, Wrestling Circle had been eliminated, except for a few.

After witnessing the strength of those martial arts practitioners with their own eyes, those who had doubted the last World Martial Arts Tournament quality suddenly realized that they were still a long way away from the level of a true martial arts practitioner.

“This is the real martial arts practitioner!”

“They are too strong. A single blow defeated Oman of Fighting Circle, Palon of Boxing Circle, all of them. You see those players above the ring; I can’t even see their moves.” 

“I truly can’t see it at all.”

“I don’t know if it’s too late for me to switch to martial arts now.”

After seeing the strength of martial arts practitioners, many of the participants from other professions could not help but entertain the idea of learning martial arts.

However, they were quickly told that learning martial arts required talent. Those without talent would not even be able to get started.

‘Forget it; let’s just do our jobs. As long as we didn’t get involved with martial arts practitioners, we were considered big in our field.’

The fighter Oman, on the other hand, was ashamed of himself down below. He was ashamed of his arrogance earlier in the day.

When the idea of turning to the martial arts actually came to him, compared to fighting, the martial arts seemed more promising. Even if he couldn’t do it, he wanted his child to practice martial arts.


Meanwhile, over in ring number 4.


“So many shadows. I have no idea which ones are real.”

There were bursts of exclamations below the ring. On the ring, Son Gohan and Yiya were entangled in each other.

Countless residual shadows spread throughout the ring. There were images residue caused by excessive speed and the fixed shadow fist caused by the Afterimage Technique.

It isn’t easy to distinguish between people. Anyone outside the martial arts community had never seen such an exciting battle, so they couldn’t help but stare in disbelief. 

It was clear that Son Gohan did not show his full strength, and thus the battle with Yiya looked evenly matched. It was this kind of indistinguishable battle.

However, from time to time, it drew constant shouts of surprise from the crowd below.

Muyang’s line of sight went over to ring number 4 and was able to see clearly the battle between Son Gohan and Yiya.

“Son Gohan has already shown mercy. However, this is just right to let Yiya know further about the strength of the higher level martial artists.” Muyang’s eyes were very vicious. He could immediately see what was happening above the ring. 

With Son Gohan’s current power levels of over three hundred, it would only take one move to defeat Yiya, who had less than a hundred power levels.

The reason he was entangled in the fight for so long: firstly, for the sake of Muyang’s face; secondly, he wanted to experience the wonders of the Kami School from Yiya’s body so that he could seize the upper hand in his battle with Muyang afterward.

“I’m impressed by your strength, but unfortunately, you’re no match for me.” During the battle, Son Gohan smiled at Yiya.

Yiya sank his face, “Do your best and let me see the best of the Turtle School.”

Son Gohan’s eyes flashed with appreciation and said with a smile, “If you want to see it, then I’ll do as you wish.”

After saying that, Son Gohan presented his hands like claws and slowly gathered them together. He then placed his hands on his waist, and suddenly, a radiant azure light condensed between his hands. 

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