Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 139


With a ball of ki waves condensed in his hands, Son Gohan shouted with a serious face, “Junior brother of Muyang, my attack is not that easy to take, you have to do what you can.”

Although he had lowered his ki power to a shallow level, Son Gohan was still worried that his ki wave would hurt his opponent.

Yiya snorted and slowly raised his finger as well. “I don’t need you to remind me. I know what to do!”

Son Gohan sniffed and barred his mouth, reminding himself that he’d already warned Yiya, and he wouldn’t care if something went wrong.

So with a low sigh, the ki wave in Son Gohan’s hand-launched forward with a great deal of force, and the azure color irritated everyone’s eyes.


With a loud splash, a wave of shining bright ki whistled out, stirring the air and creating a huge whirlwind.

At this time, Yiya had finished saving his strength and pointed his finger in the direction of the whirling Kamehameha.


The straight beam of light shot out, also azure in color. It was much slimmer than Kamehameha.

The two ki waves met halfway, suddenly creating a foggy mass of ki at the point of impact, scattering shockwaves around ninety degrees. Afterward, there was a rumble, and an intense whirlwind blew everyone around.

The referee in charge of deciding the winner of the match was closest to the ki center.

At this point, he could only hug the pillars around the ring to stabilize himself. “What’s going on here? Why are their hands glowing?”

There was a buzz below, and the players who were unaware stared, thinking they had light bulbs in their hands.

“That’s a ki wave!” The martial arts participants were silent for a moment and couldn’t help but give a reminder even when they had never seen a ki wave before.

“That person just now used Master Roshi’s best technique, Kamehameha!” A somewhat knowledgeable contestant said excitedly. He didn’t expect that he would see the legendary trick in the qualifiers.

Did the one that went up against the Kamehameha was the Heavenly Sky Beam? Right now, he truly felt that even if he didn’t come out of the qualifiers round, just seeing these two great moves would already be worth the trip.

“Kamehameha? What’s that? Who’s this Master Roshi you’re talking about?”

“Master Roshi…..”

People outside of the martial arts community rarely knew about the secret matters. They didn’t even know Kamehameha or Master Roshi.

Gradually, the ki mist dissipated and only then did the two upright figures gradually emerge.

Son Gohan was still smiling without a problem, while across from him, Yiya, who was wearing a white martial arts uniform, was already panting. His cheeks were slipping with beads of sweat.

“I lost,” Yiya said breathlessly, tired.

“You’ve been great.”

Yiya shook his head, “But it’s still a far cry from you, so it seems I’ll have to work harder in the future.”

Because he had mastered the Kami School’s training technique, Yiya didn’t feel demoralized by a momentary defeat.

His training time was short, and he believed that he could become even more vital if he were given a few more years.

Sin Gohan calmly looked at Yiya and nodded thoughtfully.

“This match is won by contestant Son Gohan.”

The referee’s face was pale, and his voice was trembling.


“Such a pity for Yiya. Son Gohan is too strong.” After the match ended, Aso and Lida came up to console him.

Yiya was in a good mood even though he lost the match. He smiled and shook his head, “It’s my training that’s not enough, but it’s a pleasant thing to be able to fight with such a great player.”

“You guys should also work hard, so you don’t get eliminated.”

“That’s true.”

Aso and Lida saw that Yiya wasn’t frustrated by losing the match. So, they both put their heads down and laughed at the fun.


The latter matches continued one at a time because there were so many participants. By the time the qualifiers round were over, the sky was dark.

In the dark, the results of the qualifiers came out. Muyang, Son Gohan, Mellie, Aso, and Lida all made it into the top sixteen.

Ten of the other eleven advancing contestants were also from the martial arts school.

The participants from other communities were almost completely wiped out.

In response to this result, players from all different backgrounds were silent. All the criticisms and accusations against the martial arts community disappeared, and the martial arts practitioners could defend their dignity in front of the world.


The next day, the sun shone brightly, and the sky was clear.

The azure sky was spotless without a single cloud. The blue sky was clear and flawless.

The official tournament of the World Martial Arts Tournament would take place on the open-air martial stage. So early in the morning, after saying goodbye to Isaac and the others, Muyang prepared to take his two advancing junior brothers, Aso and Lida, to the back hall of the World Martial Arts Tournament to wait.

“Don’t be stressed. It’s already very good for us, the Kami School, to have three people advance to the top sixteen.” Before separating, Isaac instructed, his heart was relatively calm.

Because of Muyang’s existence, basically, the championship position had been locked.

As for the other two disciples, regardless of their results, it was considered an exercise.

Isaac didn’t have harsh requirements. It was just that Isaac couldn’t see Mexia’s figure anywhere, so his heart was slightly unhappy.

This daughter of his hadn’t shown up so far; it was so shameful.

Knowing everything, Alice glanced at the dark-haired woman in a light blue robe, and then pulled Isaac towards the audience.

Isaac arrived at the venue with a few elders and a group of disciples, including April.

They took up a good spot in the center. From here, they could see the competition more clearly.

In the backyard of the tournament hall, a burly man in monk’s robes walked over.

“Muyang, long time no see.”

Muyang looked back and saw that it was Wuting of the Orin Temple. Several years without seeing him, Wuting’s ki had become stronger and stronger.

“Wuting, congratulations, you have also entered the top sixteen!”

Wuting smiled, “Not only me, Liz of Thousand Cranes School, Arlo of Maple Leaf School, Kane of Barle, Barney of Cross Fist, Booker of Multi-Form School, and Gillo of Pulai Village, also advanced. “

“That’s quite a few acquaintances I’ve met.” Muyang smiled. Upon closer inspection, the top sixteen contestants were all familiar faces!

After five years of not seeing each other, everyone’s strength had risen by a considerable amount.

“These two are my junior brothers, Aso and Lida. This is Wuting from the Orin Temple.” Muyang introduced them. Aso and Lida nodded towards Wuting and the others properly.

Muyang also pointed to Son Gohan and introduced him, “This is Son Gohan, a disciple of Master Roshi.”

Wuting immediately straightened his face and politely said, “So he is a disciple of Master Roshi. I’m neglecting you.”

Son Gohan waved his hand, “It’s fine; it’s fine.”

Muyang laughed, “Let’s compete on the ring later.”

Because most of the players who participated in the top sixteen were familiar with each other, the next few people got together and chatted.

When Muyang glanced at Mellie, standing in the corner without saying a word, Muyang directly walked over as he knew her identity.

“Why don’t you go and talk to them?”

Mellie blinked down her eyes and said coldly, “Do I know you?”

Muyang was startled and nodded, “It’s true that we’re not familiar with each other, but I think we’ll be acquainted in the future.”

“Hmph, don’t accost a pretty woman for nothing!” With a cold snort, Mellie was covered in cold ki and turned away in an unhappy mood.

Junior Brother Aso leaned in and looked at Mellie’s back, “Senior brother, what’s wrong with that woman? She can’t even say a word; she’s also too cold. Wasn’t she quite polite when we met her before?”

Muyang looked at him, “That’s you guys; she’d never want me to accost her.”


“You don’t need to know that.” Muyang directly sent Aso away.

Any other woman would feel uncomfortable seeing her fiancé hitting on other women even when that woman was disguised as herself.

It wasn’t very sensible to be green with your affairs!

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