Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 14


Chapter 14 – The Expectations of The Elders

In July, the sky was blue, the clouds were bright, and the Great Azure Mountain was green and glorious.

In the Heavenly Sky School martial arts building, Isaac and several elders of Heavenly Sky School enjoyed a leisurely cup of tea.

Sith and Karl were also there, as they had returned from the Primitive Mountains. The trip into the mountains had taken a total of ten days. After climbing over dozens of mountains, they had brought back enough medicinal bathing materials, and they wouldn’t have to worry about medicine for quite some time.

With the ingredients stored away, a few of them sat around. They listened to Sith and Karl talk about the trip into the mountains, and a chuckle rang out from time to time.

The tea set was placed in the center, with Alice’s proficiency in tea brewing, the small spoonful of freshly fried green tea steeped in the clear spring water. After a while, the camellia dispersed, emitting a fragrance of tea from the heat.

“If my calculation is right, Mexia should have almost arrived at the Superpower Academy.”

Receiving a cup of tea from his wife, Isaac began to miss his lovely daughter.

Alice looked at the calendar on the wall, “It’s about time. I don’t know how she’s doing and whether she’s in the advanced class or not.”

“Mexia is very smart; I’m sure she can do it!” Beyaros, a handsome blond man, smiled and said

“I hope so.” Alice smiled faintly.

The Superpower Academy was divided into the junior class, intermediate class, and advanced class. There were different training rules for superpowers users with different potentials. If you could enter the advanced class, you’d be starting one level above the others, not to mention graduating with a different certificate. It was also an opportunity for the superhuman themselves, which extremely beneficial to the development of their power.

As a mother, Alice wanted her daughter to enter the advanced class, but she wouldn’t force it. After all, with the Heavenly Sky School at her back, even if her daughter was just an ordinary woman like her, she would never suffer in the future.

“Both of you don’t have to worry, Clarissa should be sending a reply soon.” Seeing Isaac and Alice worried look, Sith said with a smile before taking a sip of his tea.

He could understand how Isaac and Alice felt. After all, how could a parent not be concerned when their child was away? But with Clarissa tagging, there was nothing to worry about.

The elders’ conversation shifted away from Mexia and gradually turned to a couple of the school disciples, commenting on their strengths and weaknesses one by one.

In the Heavenly Sky School, all disciples were theoretically the headmaster’s disciples. Still, in practice, each elder would specifically teach one or two disciples. Although these disciples didn’t bear the name of their teachers or other disciples, they were teachers and disciples, so they knew their disciples very well.

It is a long-standing principle to communicate on the condition of the disciples at regular intervals, so the more accurate program of further training can be developed through these communications.

When it came to talking about Muyang, there was an outburst of emotion.

Ten minutes ago, Muyang had just come and asked them a few questions about the problems he had encountered during his training.

“Muyang’s improvement is so great, I thought it would be some years before he could ask those questions, I didn’t expect him to ask them now.”

Karl looked at the others and spoke in a depressive tone.

Yula nodded, “By the looks of it, he should have already grasped the secret of Heavenly Sky Beam. Maybe soon, our Heavenly Sky School will spawn one of the youngest disciples ever to master Heavenly Sky Beam.”

After saying that, Yula looked at Isaac and smiled, “Congratulations, Brother Isaac…”

Isaac was quite impressed, his disciple was promising, and he felt twice as proud. To be honest, in the past few days, his disciple seemed like a new person, progressing day by day, unaware of the fact that he had already left the other disciples far behind.

That was indeed an excellent example as a senior disciple! Also incredibly beneficial for the school.

Isaac nodded with a faint smile and didn’t hold back his compliments. “According to Muyang’s current progress, three years from now, he might have a chance of participating in the 11th World Martial Arts Tournament. At his age, he can make it into the quarterfinals…”

“If we can make it into the quarterfinals, we can make our Heavenly Sky School proud.”

Beyaros cut up the conversation; he looked very excited.

The World Martial Arts Tournament is a competition held every five years as a joint project of the various martial arts schools in the world.

At this time, the World Martial Arts Tournament was not yet officially hosted by the Earth’s government as it was in the original story. Instead, famous martial arts schools hosted it on a rotating basis.

In the past years, Heavenly Sky School had not participated in the World Martial Arts Tournament very often. First, because Heavenly Sky School didn’t have a lot of disciples, so it was impossible to screen out the players who meet the requirement. Although there was no maximum age limit set for the World Martial Arts Tournament, it was often the newcomers of each school who were participating. The future of the schools lay with the young generation. The older generation of the schools was too embarrassed to compete on the same stage as the younger generation.

Secondly, at the end of the day, it was actually a matter of strength. Even if there happened to be suitable disciples who could participate, most of Heavenly Sky School’s results weren’t very good, and it had been a few years since they had made it to the quarterfinals.

In fact, as Beyaros said, making it to the quarterfinals was somehow already considered a prestigious achievement for the school.

Isaac had an extremely high value on Muyang as a disciple. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have taught him the Ki Based Technique earlier. However, Isaac was equally aware that there were different people outside of the world, and the sky is the limit.

Knowing that it was the number one martial arts tournament in the world, which would bring together the most outstanding martial art practitioners from all over the world. Even if Isaac himself were to participate, he might not be able to achieve the best results.

For Muyang to participate in the World Martial Arts Tournament at his age, it would be extremely difficult to get into the quarterfinals.

Of course, Muyang didn’t know what was going on in Isaac’s mind, because at this time he was practicing alone in the martial arts training ground in the back of the mountain.

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