Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 141


“Next up is the first round of the top eight contests. The fourth match now begins!”

As the host announced the match’s start, both Mellie and the man named Furse got ready.


As the gong sound sounded, with a swoosh, both of the two people on the ring actually lost sight of each other at once.

There were constant shouts of surprise, “Hey, what’s going on? Both Mellie and Furse have disappeared?”

The host wiped his eyes to make sure the arena was indeed empty of people. However, the crackling sounds of fighting and the ever-crumbling floor in his ears told the truth that the two were engaged in an exciting battle.

This was surprising. In the previous matches, although there were situations where people couldn’t see the exact process, it was the first time that the two players disappeared together in a fistfight.

The host’s mind was quick. He had done his homework beforehand, so he went to ask someone who knew about it since he wasn’t sure about the situation.

He took the microphone and went to Muyang and the others who were waiting for their match.

He was directly grabbing onto the previous champion, “Mr. Muyang, may I ask what exactly happened above the ring?”

In response to the host’s question, Muyang generously said, “Both Mellie and Furse are fighting at a high level. People can’t see them because both sides have increased their speed to the point where it’s hard to see with the naked eye. Look over there and there ……”

Muyang pointed at the shattered floor above the ring With Muyang’s eyesight, he also accurately predicted the next point of engagement.

Sure enough, as he looked in the direction of Muyang’s finger, about 0.5 seconds later, the ground did appear to shatter, and countless tiny stones ejected out.

It was as if Muyang was the mastermind behind all of this. The stone crumbling was performed according to his script.

The audience had never seen such an incredible battle before, and for a moment, they were incredulous.

Was it really something that a martial arts practitioner could do, this speed that was unforeseeable to the naked eye?


The host had a fierce glow in his eyes. As he followed Muyang’s introduction, he did see a hint of what was going on.

Just that alone made him feel that he had no regrets in this life.

Just as the audience in the venue all let out a burst of wonder, Muyang also looked at the silhouette of the person in the ring that kept moving quickly and secretly said, “Mexia’s disguise is really thorough enough. In order to not expose her identity, she didn’t even use his superpower. However, Mexia’s leg kicks are so good. She’s worthy of being my fiancée.”

After observing, Muyang put a proud expression on his face.

On the other side, Isaac and a few elders observed the match. Their expressions were also solemn.

“Awesome, which school is that person called Furse. If we didn’t have a breakthrough recently, we might not be worthy of being his opponent.” Muyang’s uncle, Karl, exclaimed.

Everyone nodded their heads, having the feeling that they almost missed the times.

However, now that they had the Kami School inheritance, their horizons had been broadened.

Clarissa frowned and stared at Mellie in the field, “That girl called Mellie, she feels a bit familiar to me.”

“So you feel the same way. Do you see that her pattern… resembles our Heavenly Sky School’s Technique?”

“Eh, when you put it that way, it’s really kind of like that.”

“Whose disciple is she anyway?”

Several elders of the Kami School were talking about it. Only Alice, who knew Mellie’s identity from Muyang, smiled bitterly and shook her head.

She couldn’t understand any martial arts moves, but she knew that the girl showing off her skills above was her daughter, Mexia.

“This match is coming to an end.”

Isaac watched intently. He knew the end was set as the girl on the other side put up her final attack.


As the whistle sounded, Mellie punched and knocked her opponent, Furse, out of the ring with a giant force between her palms. She then claimed the fourth match.


The later battles were in full swing.

Each one made the audience watch as if they were intoxicated. For the first time, they were able to appreciate the charm of martial arts practitioner battles.

It turned out that there was still such a group of people with superior strength hidden among human society.

After witnessing these bouts, the fighters and boxers who were previously clamoring for dissent became silent at this time. They silently hid to the side, not daring to make a name for themselves.

As for the ones that left the arena earlier due to anger, think of them as a joke.

Next up: The fifth match was Lida vs. Arlo; the sixth match, Son Gohan vs. Kane; seventh match, Muyang vs. Wuting; and the eighth match, Gillo vs. Enmundi.

Without further ado, these matches ended with victories for Arlo, Son Gohan, Muyang, and Gillo.

Although Wuting had trained hard for five years and had even climbed the Korin Tower to receive Korin’s guidance, he was doomed when he met Muyang.

So far, all of the top eight contestants were chosen. They were Aso, Barney, Liz, Mellie, Arlo, Son Gohan, Muyang, and Gillo.

They would then proceed to confirm the top four in the quarterfinals based on the previous draws.

The top four were Aso, Mellie, Son Gohan, and Muyang.

By now, twelve official matches had been played. According to arrangements, as the sun hung overhead, it was time for the noon break with the semi-finals and finals to follow to be played in the afternoon.


At noon, Aso, Son Gohan, Muyang, and the others got together for lunch.

“Aso, to get to one of the top four, I believe the teachers are already satisfied with your performance. Just do your best in the next match; there’s no need to put too much pressure on yourself.” During the meal, Muyang was giving Aso thought.

Aso looked at Muyang, “Senior brother, are you thinking that I’m going to lose the next match?”

Muyang said, “Definitely, you’re going to lose.”

Son Gohan said, “It’s a certain loss!”

Aso’s eyes rolled back, a little bitter. Did the two of them have to be so honest like that! However, achieving the top four results of the World Martial Arts Tournament, he was satisfied.

“Gohan, I think you’ve seen who that Mellie is, haven’t you?”

Son Gohan nodded and smiled, “You said before that your fiancée is hidden among these people. There aren’t many female contestants, so where is there to guess.”

Aso, however, was very puzzled by the conversation between Muyang and Son Gohan.

Senior Brother Muyang’s fiancée, shouldn’t that be Senior Sister Mexia? Could it be that…

“That Mellie, is that Mexia?” Aso got out and asked.

Muyang nodded, “It’s indeed, Mexia.”

“But how are the looks completely different…” Aso still couldn’t believe it. Senior Sister Mexia’s hair was dark green, and she had turquoise eyes, while that Mellie, her hair was black.

Muyang shook his head and explained, “There is a kindergarten under the Supernatural Academy that teaches a skill called Shapeshifting Technique, which can change a person’s appearance to any appearance.”

Shapeshifting Technique couldn’t grow the wielder’s strength, but it could change its appearance to the extent of faking it.

Aso was speechless at the news.

“Why does Senior Sister Mexia doing this?”

“Who knows, maybe it’s her hobby!”

That was the game for the strong ones.

Aso opened and closed his mouth, somewhat discouraged, “If it’s Senior Sister Mexia, I’m sure I’ll lose.” Not to mention Mexia’s superpowers, he might not be a match for Mexia’s martial arts strength alone.

Hey, he was the weakest among the top four. He would lose to whoever he met.

 If it wasn’t him, then who would be eliminated!

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