Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 143


On the fifty-meter wide martial arts ring, Muyang and Son Gohan were standing on both sides of the ring.

After experiencing a round of training in outer space, Muyang’s strength had already far surpassed that of an earthling.

His powerful strength gave him the confidence to face all emergencies with ease.

On the other hand, Son Gohan had practiced many times in the Lookout and the Mount Five Elements.

Even more so because he had been pushing the Furnace of Eight Divisions for years, his ki was also very pure.

As the two of them stood face to face, their hidden ki clashed. The atmosphere was suddenly oppressive to the extreme.

Suddenly, two strands of fierce ki erupted out like ten thousand horses galloping.

The entire venue was like a vast pot cover. The scene suddenly fell silent, and a tense and thrilling feeling of depression was created. 

The ki of 830 power level and 320 power level collided.

Although Muyang had tried his best to suppress his ki and appeared to be comparable to Son Gohan, the surging ki was still daunting.

It didn’t suddenly crush a large hole in the ring, but it was no longer something that an ordinary person could endure.

“Awesome!” Isaac, Yula, and Sith swished to their feet and looked at each other. All of them were shocked by the terrifying ki.

“The two of them have long surpassed the martial arts practitioners of all generations!” Uncle Karl’s voice was a bit raw.

It was the legendary Great Demon King Piccolo, who was so powerful in the past, and that was all!

Clarissa and Beyaros nodded gravely. The blood in their bodies flowing faster, filled with longing for this mighty power. 

Mexia observed in the background. When everyone was shocked by Muyang’s ki, her lips were slightly curled.

She couldn’t help showing a trace of pride. It was as if Muyang’s strength had brought her eternal glory.


Muyang and Son Gohan looked at each other. They saw in each other’s eyes that they were ready and nodded slightly, then they disappeared almost simultaneously.

The ground rocks began to cave in one after another. The afterimage flashed, and the crackling sounds of fierce fighting continued to come. 

The battle between Muyang and Son Gohan was even more fierce than the one between Mexia and Aso!

Only seconds into the match, the marble-paved ground, which was originally quite flat, became overwhelmed and filled with holes the size of wellheads.

“Wow!!” The audience was surprised and delighted; the intensity of this match was unheard of.

Muyang and Son Gohan disappeared as soon as they appeared. The afterimages frequently collided and overlapped.

They exchanged blows more than ten times every second, rumbling cracking and crashing sounds rang out continuously.

The ground and the air shone with dazzling light from time to time. Some silhouettes appeared alternately, in the sky and on the ground; it was astonishing. 


The gravel splashed like a bullet across the cheek. With tuk tuk tuk sound, it left deep holes in one side of the wall.


The host looked on in stunned silence. He took a deep breath; his entire body was enthusiastic, “This is the strength of the martial arts community. Not long after the match started, the ring has already been destroyed like this.”

The people of this era were not as ignorant as the next generation. Although the martial arts school was not visible, no one thought that the scene happening in front of them was obstructing.

Look at the tiny hole, look at the collapse of the potholes, and no one believed it even if they said it was a blindspot.

“Son Gohan! Son Gohan!”

“Muyang! Muyang!”

The audience’s adrenaline ramped up, and everyone was red-faced and shouting.

Even if they were risked being shot at and hit by flying stones, they were unwilling to leave the stage.

“Unbelievable, how on earth did they train and become so powerful!” Isaac looked horrified.

He thought he understood his disciple’s strength before, but now that he looked at it, he couldn’t even see how the two sides fought.

When Isaac and the others couldn’t even see, the other ordinary people were even more unable to see clearly.

This level of battle was beyond everyone’s imagination.


As the ki shook violently, the air pressure in the center rose gradually. A pressure spread out, and a gust of wind swept through the venue. 

The tournament seemed to have turned into a disaster!

“It’s too dangerous; let’s get out!”

Some of the cowards finally couldn’t bear the pressure of their hearts and wanted to run away.

“This is no longer the power of humans…”

“If you want to flee, you can flee. I have to keep watching.”

“Idiot, if you don’t leave, you’ll lose your life. It’s not worth throwing your life away just to watch a match.”

At the critical moment, all sorts of thoughts all popped up. At that moment, Mexia coldly snorted.

An emerald green energy spread out, suddenly causing the air pressure and flying stones around the ring to all stabilize.

“They were showing a serious match, and don’t worry about your lives.”

Her fiancé was competing up there, yet the audience below the ring was still clamoring to leave; she couldn’t tolerate that in her eyes. 

Mexia’s martial arts were strong, but her superpower ability was stronger. If she used it with all her might, even Muyang wouldn’t be able to break free for a while.

–Entrapping the entire venue was not a difficult task for her.

Looking at the fine stones and dust floating in the air, emitting a glowing green light, the host opened his eyes wide. What he saw today broke his decades-old worldview one after another.

“This…. is incredible. The chaos outside the ring has all disappeared; it’s the power of player Mellie.”

The host looked at the green glow in the sky and couldn’t help but be shocked by the magnificent sight.

“Son Gohan, now you can go all out.” Quickly unloading Son Gohan’s attack, Muyang laughed lightly in the clouds and floated in the air.

Son Gohan grinned and laughed, “It just so happens. Muyang, you didn’t use your full strength, then let me see how much you have become stronger!”

Hastily, Son Gohan’s body emitted a slight white light, and his ki soared. His power level was rising from 320 to 390! 

It exploded… Muyang looked surprised. With a faint smile on his face, he was not frightened.

“Muyang, take the move!”

Son Gohan whistled, all his muscles standing out.

“With pleasure.”

Muyang nodded his head and met Son Gohan’s attack.

Peng Peng! Peng Peng Peng!


Muyang and Son Gohan’s ki collided, and a huge ball of ki rose. Its brilliant light blinding everyone’s eyes; only the sound of loud rumbling could be heard.

When the audiences opened their eyes, they were horrified to discover that the ring had disappeared. 

In its place, there was a pitch-black pit about dozens of meters deep.

Because of Mexia’s superpower’s best efforts to confine it, those outbursts of ki did not spread out into the arena. Instead, what was presented was a cube pit that was fifty meters long and wide.

“The entire ring… disappeared!”

The audience was jaw-droppingly numb.

“So this is their true strength. They were actually all just warming up…” Isaac looked dumbfounded.

He was already speechless. If the previous battle had already made him breathless, then he’s stunned now.

“That’s terrifying. They can actually unleash such a powerful destructive force?”

Sweat seeped out on the foreheads of Sith and the others. They thought back to when they had talked so freely about how a few decades of Muyang training could unleash a Heavenly Sky Beam comparable to Isaac’s. They couldn’t help but feel a little ashamed at this point.

What was comparable? They could only make a well-sized pit of destructive power, nothing compared to the scene in front of them!

“Muyang, the ring is all gone. Let’s decide the winner in one move!” Son Gohan also floated in the air, gasping for breath.

“As you wish.” Muyang smiled lightly; he didn’t consume much ki.

“Well!” Son Gohan twisted his face earnestly. His palms began to close slowly. As soon as he looked at Son Gohan’s movements, Muyang knew what he was trying to unleash.

Kamehameha, the signature move of the Turtle School.

The only drawback was that it took too long to store up ki. At this time, Son Gohan’s “Kamehameha” was only inherited from Master Roshi.

Its energy was not as strong as the “Super Kamehameha” developed by Son Goku in the original story.

However, it was strong enough to fight the enemy.

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