Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 145


From this familiar action and expression, Muyang was too familiar with it. So, he couldn’t help but shook his head gently.

At this moment, there was no sound around. After Mexia and Muyang stood on top of the brand new ring, the audiences all held their breath. A large venue had quieted down. 

Muyang casually stood there. His body was awe-inspiring, elegant, and graceful in its magnificence.

There wasn’t any movement, but a faint whirlwind swirled around his body, blowing away the dust on the ground. 

In his opposite, a black hair waist-length Mexia was emitting a different kind of ki.

Not to mention, as she transformed into “Mellie,” Mexia also had a different style. With a graceful figure, and a round of clear, spring-like eyes like stars… 

Swiftly, they confirmed their eyes and suddenly moved. The crackling sound came out towards the surroundings.

“Come on, senior brother!” In the audience, April stood on her tiptoes and shouted.

Isaac looked worried and said to Sith beside him, “Muyang’s strength is powerful, but that Mellie is not weak either. I’m afraid this battle will be tough.” 

After hearing that, Sith nodded and said with a little thought, “However, although her ki is strong, it’s still a far cry from Muyang. The only thing to watch out for is her unpredictable ability.”

He believed that Muyang was capable of facing any opponent. It was just that Mellie gave him a rather strange feeling. 

At this time, Clarissa said, “Did you guys feel that the ability used by Mellie just now is very similar to Mexia’s superpower? Her main power should be a superpower.” 

Clarissa’s words woke up the dreamer, and Isaac was startled. He was suddenly reacting to the green glow that did give him a familiar feeling as he looked closely at Mellie with both eyes.

“Indeed, it’s very similar to Mexia.” Isaac wondered. If it weren’t for the fact that his daughter’s hair was dark green, and Mellie on stage had black hair, he would have thought that Mellie was Mexia.

“Mellie, Mexia…”

Yula stared at Mellie on stage thoughtfully, “Mexia has spent several years in the Superpower Academy, that place has many rare and weird abilities. Changing her appearance shouldn’t be a difficult task, right?”

Mexia’s mother, Alice, suddenly smiled at this time, “You all don’t have to make a wild guess, Muyang told me that Mellie is Mexia, who is in disguise. They seem to have some agreement.”

“Mellie is Mexia?” Isaac’s eyes popped open, and he looked incredulously at his wife.


After receiving confirmation from Alice, Isaac calmed down and then laughed.

“It’s actually Mexia.”

“As you said, it looks more and more similar.”

Clarissa, Yula, Beyaros, and other elders stared blankly, with a feeling of crowing.

It turned out that all their worries were unnecessary. As they thought that the two in the ring were both disciples of the Kami School, they looked more and more excited.

“That girl, Mexia, what the hell is she doing?”

Looking at the two on the stage, Isaac slightly shook his head. His previous dissatisfaction with Mexia for not making it to the World Martial Arts Tournament had dissipated.

The two on top of the martial ring were his disciple and his daughter. What else could he be dissatisfied with! 

“Madam, is that beautiful lady Senior Sister Mexia?” April asked with a tilt of her head.


Alice ruffled April’s hair and nodded gently.


In the backyard of the Competition Martial Hall, Son Gohan, who had recovered his stamina, stood at the martial platform’s passage entrance.

His face still a little pale as he looked at Muyang and Mexia, who kept fighting fiercely.

“That guy Muyang, he hasn’t used his true strength up to this point. How powerful is he?” Son Gohan looked at the match with some discouragement.

When they first met four years ago, the gap between them wasn’t huge until two years ago when the gap gradually widened.

Now, he was actually far from being a match for Muyang. Both of them were practicing in the Korin Tower and the Lookout, why couldn’t he catch up with Muyang!

“I can’t languish any longer. I need to go back, talk to Annin, and see what she can do to improve my strength.”

Muyang’s strength stimulated Son Gohan, so he secretly made a decision. He couldn’t indulge in tender loveliness anymore; he had to step up his strength.

Annin had guarded the Furnace of Eight Divisions for tens of thousands of years. Although she wasn’t powerful herself, she knew many secrets.

So perhaps there was some way for him to raise his strength quickly. 

“Son Gohan, do you see who wins and who loses in the end between the two of them?”

In the Competition Martial Hall, the defeated players such as Wuting and Gillo were also standing on one side of the passage.

They looked horrified as they watched the battle between Muyang and Mexia.

With their strength, they actually couldn’t even see the movements of the two sides’ strikes clearly.

“It’s hard to tell; I can’t see…” At first, he wanted to say that Muyang would win. However, when he thought about Mellie’s weird superpowers, Son Gohan shook his head, “It’s hard to say, but Muyang’s chances of winning are a little bigger. “

Son Gohan had some contact with Mexia in the Mount Five Elements. It was clear that Mexia’s martial arts strength wasn’t powerful, and her greatest strength was her superpowers.

As for Muyang, although he didn’t have superpowers, Muyang always gave him a mysterious and unpredictable feeling.

“Muyang’s strength is indeed terrifyingly strong.”

Everyone nodded their heads; this was almost a consensus.

“Whose disciple is that Mellie? To be able to fight with Muyang, it’s inevitably too strong.” Arlo of the Maple Leaf School lamented.

Liz of Thousand Cranes School agreed, “Hey, I don’t know how they train, but They are ridiculously strong!”

To say that Son Gohan was the most powerful among several people was reasonable as he was the disciple of the god of martial arts, Master Roshi.

However, who the hell was that Mellie? Her strength was higher than Son Gohan.

“……” Son Gohan watched quietly, not speaking again.

While Wuting and the others were shocked, the green light wrapped around Muyang’s body like a tornado in the ring. Mexia’s confinement caused Muyang’s speed to drop by a large amount.

But with a “boing” sound, Muyang broke the confinement of Mexia’s superpower and breathed calmly, as if all the previous movements were merely a warm-up.

“For you and me, this small ring limits our play. You can’t display your superpower if you rely on your current play alone. You can’t be my opponent.”

“You’re right!” Mexia suddenly curled her lips. A bright smile flashing, “You’ve already recognized my identity anyway, so it doesn’t matter if I win or lose today. There’s time for us to have a good ‘contest’ on other things…” 

“…However, it’s not easy to get me to admit defeat.” After saying that, Mexia’s entire body glowed brightly… she laid a protective shield over her body, and her terrifying superpowers unfolded once again.

Once again, Muyang was imprisoned!

The corners of her eyes flickered. With that rippling look, Muyang was all too familiar with it. Every time Mexia showed such an expression, Muyang knew that she had started to drift again.

‘What a owe to clean up.’ He cursed in his heart.

Muyang knew it was time to teach her a little lesson again.

However, in full view of the public, Muyang wanted to preserve Mexia’s pride. So he raised his body’s ki a little, showing enough strength to crush Mexia.

Suddenly, Muyang’s strikes’ speed began to increase, and by this time, Mexia’s superpowers were starting to fail to respond.

Dang Dang Dang …… Dang Dang!


The air shook violently. The green light shattered at once. A small ice crystal slid down like stardust, and Mexia’s expression was startled as if she couldn’t believe that her superpower was failing. 

At this moment–

A handsome face suddenly appeared in her vision.

“What a speed…”

“Mexia, have a good night’s sleep,” Muyang whispered in a voice that only Mexia could hear in her ear.

“What?” Mexia froze.

Then there was a pain in her neck. Mexia didn’t know what was happening. Her consciousness began to spin, and her whole body went limp.

Muyang grabbed Mexia’s delicate body and appeared beside the host, “You can announce the result.”

It happened so suddenly that the hosts were stunned and didn’t see what was going on. The player named Mellie was lying in the arms of player Muyang. However, the hosts were still very well educated and quickly reacted.


“Player Mellie fainted and fell for ten seconds… Mellie lost her qualification. I now announce that the winner of the 12th WorldMartial Arts Tournament is Player Muyang.”

“Congratulations to Player Muyang for winning the World Martial Arts Tournament for the second time!”

As soon as the host’s voice fell, deafening cheers immediately erupted in the venue.

“Muyang, Muyang!”

Both participants and audiences who had come to Malan City to watch the tournament were all in a frenzy, cheering to their heart’s content.

“Brother Isaac, Muyang has won again.”

People from the Kami School was beaming with joy.

“The runner-up is Senior Sister Mexia. Even when people don’t know that she’s also a disciple of our Kami School.” April was smiling as well.

This session of the tournament was considered to have come to a successful end.

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