Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 147


The water bones were tender, the jade mountain rumbled, and the spring breeze was lifted in the affair of the lovebird.

It was another night that was hard to describe.


The next day, Son Gohan and the others left one after another. After inviting them to his wedding, Muyang watched them go. 

Shortly afterward, Isaac, Alice, and the others were also going to return to the Great Azure Mountain with their disciples.

“Muyang, take advantage of these two months for you and Mexia to go outside and have a good stroll. Just leave the wedding to Alice and me; you two should get along after so many years of not seeing each other.” For his disciple and daughter, who are about to get married, Isaac only hoped that they could increase their relationship in the coming time. 

Muyang wrapped one hand around Mexia’s slender waist and said seriously, “Don’t worry, teacher, I will take good care of Mexia.”

“Why do I need your care…” Mexia spoke softly, appearing embarrassed in front of her elders.

“Hahahaha…” Isaac laughed in a happy mood. With a big wave of his hand, he led the twenty or thirty people of the Kami School towards the Great Azure Mountain. Next, he will plan for his daughter’s marriage. So, he would have a busy time ahead.

“Senior brother, goodbye!”

The junior brothers and sisters said their goodbyes.

April also waved, “Goodbye, Senior brother, Senior sister!”

Alice looked at them and said profoundly, “Muyang, don’t be too hard on Mexia.”

Mexia’s face immediately turned shy at the words. She was now recalling what she had said to her mother and realized she seemed to be digging a hole for herself. 

It wasn’t until everyone had walked away from them that Mexia hugged Muyang’s arm and asked, “Senior brother, where are we going next?”

She didn’t know whether they would stay on earth or go to some outer planet for fun as they had two months to go. 

But then Muyang flipped one hand, and a Dragon Balls Radar appeared in his hand, “The next time, we’ll go find the Dragon Balls.” 

“Dragon Balls?!”

Mexia looked surprised. She then remembered what Muyang had told her about the Dragon Balls, and her whole body got excited all of a sudden.

“Senior brother, let’s go find the Dragon Balls now. I haven’t got to see Shenron yet!”

Muyang laughed and patted Mexia’s shoulder, “Don’t worry, we have two months. With the Dragon Balls Radar instructions, this matter of collecting the Dragon Balls will be simple enough. The search for the Dragon Balls will be treated as a pre-wedding trip.” 

“Uh-huh.” Mexia nodded. She was especially good when she was well-behaved and not at all subtle when it came to messing up.

“Before that, I’ll go prepare a caravan, and you, Mexia, will go purchase some supplies.”

Since the Dragon Balls search was treated as a journey, the living aspect couldn’t be shortchanged. There wouldn’t be the romantic atmosphere of a pre-wedding trip if there were sleeping in the wind.

Mexia puffed out her chest, “Leave all this to me!”


Next, the two people split up. Muyang had no concern about money at all. He entered the trading ground of Malan City.

He soon found a more luxuriously decorated caravan with a two-story layout. It had a cab and kitchen room on the bottom, a lounge and bedroom on top, and even a bathroom, just like Oolong had in the original story. 

Unfortunately, with the size of the caravan, and the current state of the infrastructure, many remote places weren’t accessible.

So, Muyang prepared another motorcycle, the kind with two seats in front and back.


On the same day, Muyang drove the caravan to the meeting place.

After waited for a while, Mexia hadn’t come yet. It took about another hour of waiting before Mexia arrived. He saw her with her hands behind her back, her windbreaker flowing with great aplomb. Above her, a suitcase was suspended in the air, along with various fruits and snacks. 

“Mexia, you’re too slow.” Muyang glared at her with discontent.

“Girls are slow at buying things,” Mexia said rightfully, but her face was a little embarrassed.

Muyang asked, “What did you buy?”

“Food, clothes, and lots of stuff. The rest of the trip will be interesting.” Mexia’s lips moved, “By the way, senior brother, do you have a TV in that car? The one that can show broadcast!”

“What for?”

Mexia cooed and laughed, whispering in Muyang’s ear, “I passed by a store and bought a lot of study materials and study props in there that we can use at night.”

Muyang looked Mexia up and down and gulped. He pulled her ear hard, “Is this how you went in?”

“How is that possible? I used the Shapeshifting Technique.” Mexia immediately denied. She was such an innocent person, how would she self deface her image?

Of course, she went in after transforming. At this time, she said seductively in Muyang’s ear, “Hehe, senior brother, my transformation technique is compelling; I’ll let you see it at night.” 

Muyang looked seriously at Mexia and suddenly felt that Mexia had learned the beneficial transformation technique.

Muyang then righteously said, “Next time, you can’t be so dirty.”

“Got it~.”


That night, Mexia opened the study materials enthusiastically. She then watched it together with Muyang.

It seemed that she had learned a lot… It turned out that her previous self was still too simple.

She then took some notes, but Mexia found that she still could not learn the essence in the next practical exercises. 

She could only lament that her own comprehension was not enough.

On the other hand, Mu Yang had enjoyed a different taste. The proficient transformer Mexia was like a hundred changing elves, constantly changing various images…


The sun peeked out of the hillock, and the dawn light shone on the land, reflecting a gorgeous and beautiful scene.

On the broad avenue, a caravan moved slowly along.

On the side of the cab, Mexia played with the Dragon Ball Radar in her hand, “Tick tock!” An orange-red dot of light showed on the screen that a signal source was not far from the center.

“Senior brother, there’s a signal from the Dragon Ball. It’s near here.

Muyang stepped on the brakes and parked the caravan on the side of the road.

They were on the side of the trail where the road wound gracefully down the mountain.

On the other side, there were low plants covered with branches like shrubs. 

“Let’s look around.” Muyang got out of the car, followed by Mexia.

By this time, Mexia had changed out of the tight jumpsuit she always wore. Meanwhile, Muyang was wearing a casual hooded outfit.

Tick tock!

The signal from the Dragon Ball Radar was getting stronger. The Six-Star Dragon Ball in Mexia’s hand also flashed from time to time, emitting a buzzing whisper. Muyang saw this and knew that they were very close to another Dragon Ball.

“Let me.”

Mexia jumped forward enthusiastically and opened her hands wide, immediately filling the air with a bright glow.


Under the superpower’s effect, the low plants in front of them were uprooted and flew into the air.

Then as Mexia increased her power, all the shrubs turned into debris. At this time, a crystal clear glass ball was revealed.

Muyang saw this. He then jumped forward and held that glass ball in his hand.

One, two, three, four, five. There were five stars in the glass ball. 

This was a Five-Star Dragon Ball.

Putting the Dragon Ball into Mexia’s bag, the Six-Star Dragon Ball and the Five-Star Dragon Ball met together and immediately shone with golden light.

“Hehe, senior brother, it was so easy to find a Dragon Ball. Now, we already have two in our hands. If we work harder, we can soon collect seven.” Mexia urged. Her fair face filled with a smile; collecting Dragon Balls was so much fun for her.

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