Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 148


A few days later.

There was a deserted beach covered with yellow sand. Due to the constant lack of water, the entire area had become a forbidden zone for life, and at this time, the ground suddenly shook.

As if hit by a missile in the distance, it exploded into a large expanse of yellow sand.

The yellow sand flew and spread everywhere in the swirling winds. The diffuse sand and dust obscured the vision.

“Mexia, our position is a bit off. Three or four meters further to the left, the signal from the Dragon Ball is there.”

Muyang commanded Mexia against the signal displayed above the Dragon Ball Radar. There were two bright spots in the radar center, and a third not too far away.

“All right!” Mexia was also keen to do this kind of havoc. As she activated her superpower ability again, and the yellow sand was coming instantly.

However, when the yellow sands flew one meter away in front of Muyang, it was all blocked by a wall of air and could not advance at all.

It was at this time that the third Dragon Ball finally revealed its original form.

It was a Two-Star Dragon Ball.

In the original story, it ended up staying in Bulma’s warehouse. However, now it appeared in the middle of nowhere.

Muyang didn’t know how it left this deserted area, but there was no need to worry about that now. The Dragon Balls had fallen into Muyang’s hands.

“Let’s go to the next location. It’s only 300 kilometers from here.”


They flew up in the air and waited until they were at the caravan before landing.

A little bit of time passed, in the blink of an eye, it had been almost a month since Muyang and Mexia embarked on their journey to find the Dragon Balls. These days Muyang and Mexia weren’t in a hurry.

They walked around slowly, stopping to watch for a while when they reached a beautiful spot to study the wonders of the human body.

Even so, they had already gathered four Dragon Balls in their hands and were not far from seven.

They walked around and enjoyed the scenery along the way, living a tasty life.

Today, Muyang turned on the Dragon Balls Radar again. However, the place shown was a bit surprising to them.

It was the continuous mountain range, which was actually near the Great Azure Mountain location.

Muyang smiled, “This is interesting. Mexia, you found the Six-Star Dragon Ball on one side of the Great Azure Mountain, and now there’s one on the other side of the mountain.”

“Yes, two of them so close together. It is indeed rare.” Mexia was smiling like a child and remembered the time when she had picked up the Dragon Ball.

At that time, she had only thought of it as a beautiful crystal ball. Frankly speaking, if it weren’t for the Dragon Ball she had picked up, Muyang wouldn’t have been able to determine the world he was in, and he might have missed out on a lot of exciting stories.

The two of them drove the caravan into the mountain range. This mountain range was already connected to the primitive mountain range, and over a few mountains was the Great Azure Mountain.

They were in no hurry to go back now that two months hadn’t yet ended.

Continuing to drive the caravan, as the winding mountain road gradually became narrower, the caravan could no longer move forward.

Muyang then put the caravan into the Acceleration Space and rode the motorcycle, letting Mexia hold his waist.

Muyang increased the speed, and the motorcycle let out a long, fluffy roar. The noisy sound was incredibly loud in the silent mountain forest, scaring off the beasts that ambushed the forest at once.

The mountain road was winding and overgrown with weeds. After passing through a rugged and steep mountain road, a flat mountainous area appeared in front of them.

The environment was serene and tranquil. On the mountains’ peaks were all kinds of strange pines and rocks; the scenery was breathtaking.

“Senior brother, the Dragon Ball is near here.”

Suddenly her starry eyes brightened, and a soft smile crept onto her cheeks as she picked up a glass bead from a ditch and carefully counted the stars on it; there were four stars.

The Four-Stars Dragon Ball was actually here?

Muyang was slightly stunned. In the original story, the Four-Stars Dragon Ball was found in the ditch by Son Goku’s grandfather, Son Gohan.

Could it be that this was the Mount Paozu?

When he thought of this, Muyang couldn’t help but look around. The quiet scene around him was indeed somewhat similar to how Mount Paozu was described in the original story.

So this was probably Paozu Mountain. It was no wonder that Son Goku’s childhood place had so many beasts for him to enjoy.

“The Four-Stars Dragon Ball has also been obtained. Next, only two Dragon Balls are left: one Three-Stars Dragon Ball, which is with Master Roshi, and there is one left…”

Muyang pondered carefully and decided to go and find the remaining one first before going to the East Sea to ask Master Roshi for the last one.

Master Roshi’s Dragon Ball was picked up over a hundred years ago at the beginning of the original story, so Muyang was incomparably sure of the last one’s location.


Time passed, and in the blink of an eye, another ten days passed. Muyang had collected six Dragon Balls as he had wished.

The sixth one they had found in a bird’s nest.

As Mexia spread out her parcels, six warm orange-red Dragon Balls were placed together, shining brightly with a golden light.

Now all that was left was the Dragon Ball around Master Roshi’s neck.

Now, Muyang and Mexia were no longer concerned about it. They flew up in the air towards the location of Kame House.

Kame House was not very far away from Mount Paozu. With the two’s speed, they arrived in the sky above Kame House a few moments later.

In the original story, Bulma had only gotten the Dragon Balls from Master Roshi by seducing him. Of course, Muyang wouldn’t do that; he had a better way.

A whirlwind swept past, as Muyang landed outside the Kame House with his arms around Mexia.

At this time, Master Roshi was doing workout exercises in front of the TV, completely unaware that there was a visitor outside.

Muyang knocked on the door. After a while, Master Roshi came over to open the door.

“Master Roshi!” Muyang greeted with a smile.

“Hey, you’re that little brother from the Heavenly Sky School…” Master Roshi had a good memory and recognized Muyang with a glance. In fact, with the commotion that Muyang had made at the World Martial Arts Tournament, it would be hard not to recognize him even if he didn’t want to.

As his eyes turned to Mexia’s body, who was cradled in Muyang’s arms, Master Roshi’s eyes straightened.

“This beauty is so beautiful…” After murmured Master Roshi was coughing dryly, “Ahem, may I ask what the two of you are doing over here?”

Muyang pointed at the Three-Star Dragon Ball around the Master Roshi’s neck, “Master Roshi, we came here this time because of this pearl around your neck.”

“Ah, I found it on the beach more than fifty years ago, if you want it…” When Master Roshi recounted the Dragon Ball’s origin, his eyes began to turn nasty as he spoke.

“Hmph!” Mexia snorted, looking a little unhappy. Before coming here, she had already heard about the virtues of Master Roshi from Muyang. The God of Martial Arts was a lustful and dirty old man.

The snort fell on Master Roshi’s ears. However, shockingly Mexia’s spiritual power rammed against Master Roshi nerves, causing him to turn pale.

“What a terror; this spiritual power!” Master Roshi reacted and looked deeper into Mxia’s eyes. At this time, there was still a bit of lust in his eyes.

Seeing that the situation was a bit awkward, Muyang laughed and adjusted the atmosphere. “Hahaha, Master Roshi, I won’t take your glass beads for nothing. I’ll make a deal with you.”

Master Roshi was confused, “Make what kind of deal?”

Muyang leaned over and took out a few unspeakable discs from the package and handed them over to Master Roshi. He looked serious as he said, “Master Roshi, this is valuable knowledge related to how the human race will continue. Please make sure you keep it.”

When Master Roshi looked at it, he sucked in a breath of cold air. His face changed and immediately became severe as well, “Junior Brother Muyang, don’t worry. Although I’m old, it’s about the continuation of humankind. I’ll definitely guard it well; I’ll leave this glass ball to you.”

After saying that, Master Roshi greatly and righteously handed over the Dragon Ball around his neck, and then held the disc given to him by Muyang like a baby.

“Great choice!” Muyang raised his thumb and looked at Master Roshi with ‘admiration’.

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