Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 150


After getting the method to eliminate the hidden danger of the Elixir of Immortality from Shenron, Muyang was in a good mood.

As long as he knew the method and then refined the Elixir of Immortality, Mexia, and even the other elders would be able to extend their lifespans.

Although a mortal could only take one Elixir of Immortality in their lifetime, one pill would represent 400 years of life.

After 400 years, they would then be able to make a wish with the Super Dragon Balls. Over the years, he believed that he should have the ability to collect Super Dragon Balls.

Just as Muyang was rejoicing, Shenron’s flooding voice rang out in the sky.

“Human, your wish has been granted, so goodbye.”

After saying that, the hovering body of Shenron reshaped into seven Dragon Balls.

It then rose into the sky and spun around a few times, swooshing and scattering towards the world.

Seeing the seven Dragon Balls scattering away and the sky turning bright again, Muyang didn’t jump up to catch the Dragon Balls as Son Goku did.

Because it was completely unnecessary.

For the next year, the Dragon Balls would be in a rocky state, and even if they were collected in his hands, they wouldn’t be of any use.

“Senior brother…” After Shenron disappeared, Mexia lightly called out and threw her whole body over.

It turned out that the purpose of senior brother collecting the Dragon Balls was to extend her life span.

After knowing it, Mexia was so moved that she buried her head in Muyang’s arm, feeling warm in her heart and looking at Muyang’s eyes filled with tenderness for him.

Muyang stroked Mexia’s head, enjoying the feeling of this floating fragrance in his arms. For a moment, he felt that it was too wonderful.

“Alright, the wish has been granted, let’s figure out how to find the Paradise Herb and Yellow Spring Water.”

There were already some traces of the Paradise Herb’s whereabouts. According to Korin, this plant grew in the Forest of Terror.

As for where the Forest of Terror was located, he thought that Korin knew. The problem was the Yellow Spring Water.

From the name, that thing should be from the Other-World, and it might not be easy to get your hands on it.

However, it didn’t matter; these new things would be an experience for him as well.

After telling Mexia his thoughts, she playfully blinked her eyes and said in a clear voice, “It’s easy. If you want the Yellow Spring Water, just speak to Annin directly, her Furnace of Eight Division is full of Yellow Spring Water.”

“Eh?” Muyang was confused.

It was only later in Mexia’s explanation that he learned the boiling water in the Furnace of Eight Division of the Mount Five Elements, which was often used by Annin to cook ramen noodles, was the Yellow Spring’s water.

Annin had lived for tens of thousands of years because she often consumed the Yellow Spring Water.

Reasonably, the Paradise Herb and the Yellow Spring Water also had the effect of prolonging life if taken directly.

However, the effect wasn’t as obvious as the Elixir of Immortality. It needed to be taken over a long period.

The Elixir of Immortality was equivalent to concentrating their essence.

After all the fuss, it turned out that Annin had so much Yellow Spring Water there, and it was used by her to cook ramen noodles.

Muyang suddenly had a crowing feeling in his heart. He picked up Mexia, gave her a big kiss on her pink lips, and then flew with her towards the Mount Five Elements.


The bright sunlight shines through the leaf petals of the Chonglin Forest, leaving little round spots of light.

The Mount Five Elements was located in the extreme west and was the entrance to the Other-World.

At this time, on top of the huge Furnace of Eight Divisions, the hazy vapor rose to form white smoke.

Son Gohan was sitting and floating in the smoke. The hot vapor condensed on his body and turned back into liquid Yellow Spring Water.

“Gohan, that’s right. Bathing in the Yellow Spring Water regularly will do wonders for your health.”

Wearing a red divine robe and shawl, the gigantic sized Annin sat on top of a rock on the side, holding her chin and watching Son Gohan practice. Next to it, there was a huge empty ceramic bowl.

“Puff, puff!”

Son Gohan meditated with his eyes closed, simulating the state of battle in his consciousness.

After returning from participating in the World Martial Arts Tournament, Son Gohan was determined to work hard to train.

Of course, his best friend, Annin, was very supportive of him. So, she taught Son Gohan how to train in the way she knew how.

At that moment, powerful ki impacted the Mount Five Elements. Son Gohan and Annin reacted, sensing the identity of the person who came to the mountain from the ki.

Son Gohan landed from the air and said, “Muyang and Mexia are here.”

“It’s their ki!” Annin was simple-minded and also very hospitable. She welcomed Muyang and Mexia’s visit and shrunk to normal human size. She then ran to the entrance of the Mount Five Elements to greet them.

“Mexia, Muyang, you’re here!” Annin’s friendly voice rang out.

“Yeah, over here.”

Muyang and Mexia landed beside Annin. Muyang smiled at her and greeted her.

Then his gaze fell on Sun Gohan’s body, and his keen perception made him realize that Sun Gohan’s ki had risen significantly.

“Gohan, you’ve become much stronger after two months of not seeing you.”

Sun Gohan smiled, “It’s no good if I don’t get stronger. If I don’t work hard to practice, the gap between you and me will get bigger.”

“What are you doing in Mount Five Elements this time? Are you sending invitations?”

The wedding he knew of was just a few days away. This time when they came, could it be that they were officially informing him of the wedding?

Muyang said, “Inviting you to the wedding is one thing, but on the other hand, I’m here to find Annin.”

“Huh? Are you looking for me?” Annin tilted her head, two long pheasant tail feathers rising up from the crown of her head.

Mexia came up then and said, “We need to get some of the Yellow Springs Water from your Furnace of Eight Divisions…”

“If you want that, you can get it yourself. I don’t have much here, just a lot of Yellow Spring Water.” Annin said indifferently.

There was a passage in her Furnace of Eight Divisions connected to the Yellow Spring in the Other-World, so there was plenty Yellow Spring Water in it.

“I need the one that you usually use to cook ramen,” Mexia emphasized.

The usual Yellow Spring Water wasn’t of high quality, and it was the water from the Yellow Spring, which had been refined by the Furnace of Eight Divisions to be the essence.

“Sure!” Annin was quite generous. She thudded over and scooped up a large pot of hot boiling water from the Furnace of Eight Divisions, then handed it to Mexia.

Mexia looked towards Muyang. Muyang lightly smiled, took the large jug of Yellow Spring Water in Annin’s hand, and then carefully received it into the container he had prepared.

It was done, the main auxiliary ingredient for refining the Elixir of Immortality was in hand.

Muyang was in a good mood and looked to the side at Son Gohan, “Gohan, come with me to the Great Azure Mountain. My wedding with Mexia is in the next few days.”

“Okay.” Son Gohan nodded cheerfully.

“I want to go to the wedding too!” The was a slightly envied voice. Annin pitifully flashed her ebony eyes. She had been living in Mount Five Elements for tens of thousands of years, and she had never gone down there because of her duties.

Muyang looked at Annin, “Why don’t you come along too? The Furnace of Eight Divisions should be fine for a few days.”

Annin hesitated, but still shook her head, “No. Once the Furnace of Eight Divisions stops burning, there will be a big problem.”

Earth was indeed a magical place, as there was a direct passage to connect with the Other-World.

The smoke rising from the Furnace of Eight Divisions was both a guarantee for the dead’s souls to safely enter the Other-World and a restriction to eliminate the Other-World life from entering the earth. There would never be such an existence on top of any other planet.

Since Annin was unwilling to leave the Mount Five Elements, Muyang had no choice but to take Son Gohan alone.

“Annin, wait for me here. I’ll be back soon after attending Muyang’s wedding.” As he left, Son Gohan said seriously to Annin.

“Mm.” Annin smiled at him and nodded lightly.

Muyang’s eyebrows raised slightly at sight. He stroked his chin and looked at Son Gohan and Annin. These two seemed to be in a good place!

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