Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 155


Compared to Garlic’s spirited demeanor in the Greater Demon Realm, the demons’ life in the Earth Demon Realm was much more desolate at the moment.

Located at the junction of the territory between King Shula and Yaksha King, the undulating mountains were crisscrossed.

The red sun hung high in the sky, and the blazing hot sun scorched the earth, drying up the only moisture on the ground with heatwaves. As the wind blew, the dust flew.

Over the years, the barren land gradually turned into a desert. It was bald and had a dark red color, making the environment very harsh.

The Earth Demon Realm was a secondary space attached to the edge of the earth.

Although it had a gate connected with the Greater Demon Realm, the demons here had no room to survive in the Greater Demon Realm because their level was too low. Hence, they could only choose to linger in this harsh environment.

On the other hand, as long as the Greater Demon Realm wasn’t at the point of exhaustion, no demons were willing to come to the Earth Demon Realm.

At this time, in the northern part of the Earth Demon Realm, there were corpses and smoke everywhere.

Two groups of demons who belonged to different forces were engaged in a firefight for a mountain with a spring. In the Demon Realm, survival was the priority.

In order to fight for living space, large-scale battles often took place between the demons, and this time, the scale of the fight was a bit huge.

This was why the demons were so keen to invade earth. It was because the environment in the Demon Realm was too harsh.

In the distance, King Shula squinted his eyes. His brown eyes were glowing with a ghostly light, his body stirred with demonic ki, and his mouth poked out sharp fangs.

Opposite him was Yaksha King, the controller of the northern region of the Earth Demon Realm.

A penetrating gaze swept over. Yaksha King was sneering with a fierce expression on his face.

Originally, the forces of King Shula and the Yaksha King were at peace with each other and did not interfere. However, with the appearance of springs, this balance was disrupted.

Looking at the falling demons, the Pig-Headed Demon beside King Shula couldn’t wait to swing his hammer and ruthlessly said, “My Lord, let me go down and smash those guys to pieces.”

King Shula coldly said, “Hold on, the Yaksha King is not an ordinary demon. This is their territory, so don’t act rashly. When our army actually arrives, I’m going to make them suffer.”

“Right, when the army arrives, it will be their doom.”

“It’s true that they rule the northern region. However, they took over the newly emerged springs without consulting us. Do they really think they can dominate the Demon Realm? Hmmm…”

“This Demon Realm belongs to us sooner or later.”

Under King Shula’s tent, the demons shouted with high emotions, wanting to tear all the demons on the other side apart. But for now, they could only endure it.

This expedition was set off in a hurry because of the sudden news, and this was still the opponent’s sphere of influence.

The enemies were both strong and weak, so they needed to restrain themselves until the army arrived.

King Shula understood this correctly. So even if he saw the opponent already digging in trenches and enjoying the precious spring water on the side of their camp. He had not rushed to order the general attack.

At this time, there was an explosion of yellow dust and dirt raised from afar. It seemed that a thousand horses were advancing towards this side.

“Haha, is it our army that has arrived?” The Pig-Headed Demon laughed when they saw it.

Sure enough, as the distance grew closer, a black silhouette could be vaguely seen at the end of the line of sight.

King Shula screwed up his face and looked on, his purple eyes flashing with a hint of confusion.

His men shouldn’t have been able to get there that fast!


It was not one of their men! King Shula suddenly became alarmed; then, his face instantly turned gloomy.


When he turned to look at Yaksha King, he was surprised to see that the other camp was also in a commotion. Yaksha King’s face was clearly confused as well.

It wasn’t one of them either!

Is it King Galuro’s men? Did they get the message, too, and get involved? This was not a good thing.

As those unknown people and horses gradually approached, for some reason, King Shula’s heart suddenly felt a bit chilled.

He instinctively felt a hint of horror, as if something life-threatening was coming.

Then, suddenly, King Shula thought of something and trembled. His eyes were suddenly shrinking to a small dot as he said in horror, “No, this is an army coming out of the Greater Demon Realm!”

No matter how great the legion of the Earth Demon Realm was, it would never be able to bring him such a sense of oppression!

The only explanation ꟷthis was an army coming out of the Greater Demon Realm! 

Only an army coming out of the Greater Demon Realm could give him such a shock.

What puzzled King Shula was why these armies from the Greater Demon Realm were here.

Thump thump…

The demon armies were arrayed, coming one piece at a time. Each demon race either carried a spear on their shoulders or a giant ax in their hands.

Some were walking on the ground, and some flew, making the sky and ground shake with grandeur.

Soon, the sky, ground, and sight were all filled with unfamiliar demons.

There were as few as ten thousand of them. Every single one of them, even the weakest, was not below King Shula’s strength.

Compared to them, the Earth Demon Realm’s so-called legions were nothing more than dirt and dogs.

Thousands of demons were assembled. The rolling demonic flames were like a giant wall pushing flatly down. 

In this terrifying demonic ki, King Shula felt that he didn’t even have the strength to stand.

“Terrifying, how did the legions of the Greater Demon Realm appear in the Earth Demon Realm?” King Shula looked creeped out.

The Earth Demon Realm was just a forgotten piece of land, with no value worth fighting over for the Greater Demons Realm’s demons.

Even the earth connected to it, it was only a Low-Level Planet, with no value at all except for water, flora, and fauna.

“Are you the leaders of this area?”

An old voice was heard, and Garlic flew in, surrounded by many demons.

King Shula exclaimed in dismay, “Lord Garlic!”

He immediately sweated profusely. His forehead was oozing rainwater and cold sweat as he busily bowed down at Carrick.

Lord Garlic… Wasn’t he a Demon King of the Greater Demon Realm?

How could he appear in the tiny Earth Demon Realm?

That was right; it must be the earth! King Shula came to his senses. Rumor had it that Lord Garlic was just like the Great Demon King Piccolo back then, who had come from the earth.

It was just that Lord Garlic was obviously a better person than the Great Demon King Piccolo.

This time, when he came with a large army, it was definitely for the earth.

“You’re able to call out my identity. It seems like you’ve already guessed my purpose. Tell me, where’s the gate to earth?”

Garlic’s gaze was cold as he looked at King Shula. As both King Shula and the Yaksha King’s men and horses were already crawling on the ground, trembling.

King Shula trembled, “Lord Garlic, the gates of the earth do exist, but they were sealed three years ago.”

At that moment, Niefer stepped forward, “Just tell me the location of those gates. The rest of the matter does not need your consideration.”

The space at the gates between the Earth Demon Realm and the earth was relatively weak and easier to open.

Even if it couldn’t be opened, it wasn’t tricky to reshape a gate.

“Yes, I will immediately bring a few lords forward.”

King Shula’s voice trembled, but he was shocked by the demonic ki on Niefer’s body.

He then looked at the several demons beside Garlic. The terrifying ki wasn’t only coming from the one in front of him but also several of them.

King Shula swallowed his saliva and lowered his head, not daring to look directly at it again.

Then, under King Shula’s guidance, Garlic found the locations of seven gates that connected the earth.

Without exception, these gates were all closed by a magical force.

Garlic looked to the Dark Wizard next to him, Hawke, and politely said, “Mr. Hawke, I need to bother you next.”

“There’s no need to be polite, my lord. The construction of the spatial gate is just a small matter. Watch me.” Hawke waved his hand and said with a slight frown of disgust, “This poor countryside environment is really harsh. There is a serious lack of demonic ki in the air; I’m afraid it will take some time.”

Garlic said, “Time is not a problem, Mr. Hawke. Just take care of it.”

Hawke nodded, satisfied with Garlic’s compliment, “There are seven weak spots in total here. I’ll proceed to construct seven gates then. It might take a long time, so Lord Garlic should have his army stationed first.”

“Well!” Garlic was patient now and waved his hand, and the entire army set up camp in the Earth Demon Realm.

King Shula and the nearby Yaksha King saw the situation and smiled bitterly. They could only serve as best as they could.

The ten thousand demons stationed here could drain them dry just by consuming them.

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