Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 156


In March, the weather was getting warmer, but there was still a chill in the air.

At the beginning of spring, the flowers and grasses on the green hills were sprouting buds, looking green and delicate.

There was a flat piece of land with a three-story building on the quiet side of the mountain.

The building’s side was filled with slender bamboo, and when the wind blew, the leaves rustled.

At this time, the small building owner was lying on a lounge chair, leisurely sunshine, next to a few plates of melons and fruits, along with eaten crumbs.

The courtyard was filled with clusters of flowers of all colors, as Mexia crossed one leg and admired the view.

The breeze blew in, bringing a few fragrant and serene scents.

It had been two years since Muyang and Mexia had sent April to the West City.

After accompanying April for some time, Muyang and Mexia briefly experienced the West City landscape before quickly returning to the Great Azure Mountain. 

Time passed quickly. Before she knew it, it had been two years since her wedding.

It seemed like it was yesterday when Mexia thought about it. As she looked at the bamboo in the courtyard, she picked up a piece of orange and put it in her mouth.

It had been two years since the marriage, and it looked like there had been a lot of changes in the two years ago.

The body was more of mature temperament, and the manners were also a lot more restrained and elegant, not as jumpy as before.

Maybe it was the marriage, the change in identity position, which made her mature all of a sudden.

Of course, the changes in Muyang were also evident. He was no longer alone when he started a family. He had to consider his family and his wife more often. He shouldered the responsibility of being a husband in terms of life. 

In terms of practice, he worked gradually according to the plan he had set and trained with Mexia in the past two years.

During this period, he tried several times to break the second limit, but unfortunately, he failed without exception.

After five failures, Muyang realized that this “ceiling” was not that easy to break through, and he was still a little bit behind.

It annoyed him that he was so close to the last layer, but he couldn’t get through it!

For this reason, he had entered the Spiritual Time House to accumulate time, but it wasn’t a success.

He thought that the Acceleration Space flow rate, coupled with the Hyperbolic Time Chamber’s time acceleration, would give him double time.

However, reality didn’t let him have his wish. The two didn’t overlap. When he entered the Acceleration Space inside the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, it was as if he jumped out of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber all at once.

The time flow rate once again became four times the reality flow rate, which didn’t produce an overlapping effect. 

Helplessly, Muyang had no choice but to hastily end the training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and look for another breakthrough way.

After that, he thought of Kai and Son Goku in the original story. Son Goku completed his Power Up leap with Kai’s help.

If he went to Kai now, would he also have something to gain?

However, meeting Kai would require approval from King Yemma. Muyang had asked the Old Kami to help him with his application, but he hadn’t received a reply yet.

On the other hand, Mexia’s training path was not as “rough” as Muyang’s. She spent two years in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber and caught up with her strength.

Her power level reached 310, and her superpower ability was getting stronger, even though her power level had stagnated.

If the calculation was based on superpower, Mexia was also a rare master.

However, Muyang wasn’t the one to complain. Since he couldn’t get a boost in ki, he relaxed and put his ki into spiritual training.

He took his time in order to use his limited ki to explode with more destructive power.


As Mexia lounged in the courtyard eating fruit, two figures came into her view, and Mexia rolled over and stood up.

“Son Gohan, Annin, you’re here. Would you like some fruit?” Mexia greeted warmly.

“Of course, give me some.”

A clear and beautiful female voice rang out, and a beautiful woman with long, soft hair sat down next to Mexia.

This pretty dark-haired woman was Annin of the Mount Five Elements, who, at this point, had shed her sacred outfit and was wearing simple casual clothing.

And the one following her was Son Gohan.

As for why Annin was able to leave the Mount Five Elements, it had to start a year ago.

A year ago, when the Dragon Balls had just recovered from their rocky state, Son Gohan, who had gotten the news, borrowed the Dragon Balls Radar from Muyang.

He then looked for the Dragon Balls everywhere and finally wished to Shenron to refine Annin into a doll incarnation.

At that time, Annin’s incarnation was wandering outside with Son Gohan. The real body was still guarding the Furnace of Eight Divisions at Mount Five Element.

After getting the incarnation, Annin couldn’t stay idle. She wandered around with Son Gohan.

When she got tired, she built a small building in Mount Paozu near Great Azure Mountain and lived a leisurely life like Muyang and others.

Son Gohan sat on a stool in the courtyard, and when he didn’t see Muyang, he asked, “Where is he?”

Mexia peeled the fruit and smiled, “He went to deliver the Paradise Herb to Immortal Korin.”

“You have gone to the Forest of Terror?” When Annin heard the word Paradise Herb, she frowned and stopped her hand movements.

The Paradise Herb grew in the cold Forest of Terror, which was full of demons and spirits.

Because of the unique magnetic field, ordinary people could easily lose themselves after entering.

The more frightening thing about the Forest of Terror was that it revealed the illusion of fear, and most people would be scared to death from fear.

It belonged to several bizarre places on earth, similar to the Mount Five Elements.

Mexia was full of care, “We’ve been there, so it’s not a big deal. I’ve been all the way there with my superpowers on full blast, and I haven’t seen any ghosts that scare me.”

Annin was startled, not realizing that Mexia had actually used her superpowers to force her way in.

“So did you get a lot of Paradise Herb?” Son Gohan said in surprise.

Mexia’s turquoise eyes revealed a smile, “Quite a lot indeed, and with the Yellow Spring Water from Annin, it should be able to be made into several Elixir of Immortality.”

The Elixir of Immortality made from the Paradise Herb plus Divine Water alone was full of drawbacks.

However, with the addition of the Yellow Spring Water, the defects could be neutralized.

Annin then looked at Mexia and said thoughtfully, “After you refine the Elixir of Immortality, please give me one.”

“Of course. If we didn’t have your Yellow Spring Water, we wouldn’t be able to get the Elixir of Immortality.” Mexia smiled lightly and didn’t refuse.

Because she knew that Annin didn’t need the Elixir of Immortality, she was definitely asking for it on behalf of Son Gohan.


Sun Gohan was now touching his head and giggling a bit.

“Hmmm,” Mexia, who was gossiping, suddenly cast her gaze to the sky.

“What’s wrong?” Son Gohan saw the situation and also looked to the sky.

“Is Muyang about to return? He’s pretty fast.” Mexia smiled meekly. With Muyang’s current strength, it didn’t take much time to make the trip back and forth to Korin Tower.

It wasn’t long before a small black dot appeared in the distant sky. Muyang was quickly slicing through the sky, trailing a long stream of tail behind him. 

Soon, he landed in the small courtyard.

“Hey, Gohan and Annin are both here!” Muyang dropped down and greeted them with a smile.

Recently for a little while, Son Gohan and Annin came over to visit from time to time.

Muyang had become accustomed to it. However, what he didn’t expect was that Annin, a simple goddess, had actually adapted to the living habits aspect in just one year after entering the earth.

Worthy of being a goddess with strong learning ability.

“Muyang, when will Immortal Korin approximately be able to refine the Elixir of Immortality? Annin wants one!”

Mexia took Muyang’s hand and nuzzled towards Son Gohan’s place.

Muyang said, “It will take about a year after Immortal Korin prepares the furnace to refine the Elixir of Immortality, along with bits and pieces of auxiliary materials. According to Immortal Korin, he doesn’t have enough materials there. To refine 12 of them is already the limit, and it will also deplete hundreds of years of treasure.”

In other words, after this refining, Korin wouldn’t have the materials to continue refining for at least a hundred years.

But this was normal. A single Elixir of Immortality prolonged life for 400 years.

This kind of elixir prepared for immortal guarding the tower; mortals could only take one elixir, so he didn’t need to refine it so often.

After Muyang got those Elixirs of Immortality, he was going to give one to Mexia.

One each to Mexia’s parents and his elders, counting one to Son Gohan, there would only be three left.

The Elixir of Immortality was such a good thing; it wasn’t enough to share.

Son Gohan also seemed to know that Muyang was having a bottleneck and greeted him with a few words of concern.

However, at this time…


Seven consecutive deafening sounds resounded through the world, and the entire earth trembled.

Then as if some gate had been opened, a piece of boundless darkness rose all over the earth, and an endless chill washed over everyone’s nerves.

Feeling that boundless darkness, Muyang, Mexia, Son Gohan, and Annin stood up, their faces filled with horror.

“What’s going on here? This rambling darkness, what’s going on on earth?” Muyang’s face changed wildly; then, he looked into the distant sky with horrified eyes. 

“There’s so much powerful ki!” Mexia was startled.

Affected by the darkness, Annin’s body was now all a bit unreal. She blanched and said, “It’s the ki of the demons. The earth’s gate to the Demon Realm has been opened.” 

Son Gohan sweated coldly, “There’s so much darkness. How many demons have invaded earth?”

More importantly, he felt that every ki was powerful. Even several of them made him shudder just by feeling them a little.

Son Gohan didn’t know how strong the opponent was, but he was sure that the earth was really in danger this time.

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