Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 158


On the other side, Orin Temple, Maple Leaf School, Thousand Crane School, the Superpower Academy, and some of the ancient schools had also sensed the demons and acted one by one in unison.

It was a catastrophe that affected the entire planet, and no one could stay out of it anymore.


West City.

A new day had just dawned. The hardworking people crawled up early to prepare for a new day.

Public officials wore stiff clothes and carried shoulder bags to get ready for work, while vendors pulled in vegetables for sale early in the morning.

However, on such an ordinary morning, a bloody crack suddenly opened in the sky without warning.

Pedestrians stopped in their tracks and stared up at the unruly crack. They were dumbfounded, not knowing what was going on.

Some travelers and TV reporters with camera equipment saw the scene and reacted, pointing their lenses at the sky.

What was going on here? Numerous people had doubts in their hearts.

But soon, it was all answered.

A shadow was projected in the astonished gazes of the witnesses. Then a throne of white bones slowly fell from the crack, surrounded by a black silhouette.

Garlic squinted his eyes and stretched his old skin looking down at the familiar sight below and breathing in the fresh air.

“Hahaha, what a nostalgic feeling. This is Earth! Almost two hundred and sixty years later, I’m finally back.”

Garlic spread his arms wide and laughed as wildly as he could, “Mr. Hawke, it’s been a long time coming! Thank you”

Hawke was wearing a black hood, so Garlic couldn’t see the expression on his face, “Lord Garlic is exaggerating. If it weren’t for the lack of demon sources in the Earth Demon Realm, we could have come here two years earlier.”

“It’s okay; it’s only two years.”

Garlic waved his hand. He didn’t seem to be angry at having waited for two years.

As he looked at the ignorant mortals below, the corners of Garlic’s mouth turned up, and his face then turned fierce.

He said indifferently, “Kill to your heart’s content. I will make the world below turn into purgatory!”

“As you command!” Niefer responded respectfully. With a wave of his hand, the armies behind him dispersed, fanning their wings and rushing downward.

For a moment, the shadows of the shade cast down, and the rolling demonic ki continued to swirl.

“Hahaha, I can’t wait any longer.”

“Humans, fresh flesh, and blood.”

Numerous shouting voices, whether it was the demons of the Greater Demon Realm or the demons of the Earth Demon Realm, they all went crazy at the moment and continuously began to cause carnage below.

So many witnesses below hadn’t reacted at this time. One by one, they stared at each other, a sense of unease quietly generated in their hearts.

It wasn’t until the killing began that they woke up.

One after another, they were busy running as fast as they could, and in an instant, this bustling city became a mess, with shouts and cries ringing out.

Looking at the purgatory-like brutal scene below, Garlic grimaced. However, his heart was filled with the pleasure of revenge, ‘Hahaha, see. Noah, you must regret your decision. Ma Junior, this is the consequence of you banishing me to the Demon Realm back then!’

Beside Garlic, the Dark Wizard Hawke and the Karov Five Brothers looked at it with indifference. 

Earth was a Low-Level Planet that could not attract their attention in the slightest.


Deep in the Primitive Mountain Range, Muyang, Mexia, and Son Gohan had arrived above the Demon Gate.

The surroundings were already filled with flames, and below, there was a crooked spatial crack.

At this time, there were ugly demons continually coming out of it. 

These demons carried long spears and wore uniform clothing, resembling an army.

Moreover, what provoked people’s attention was their power level that wasn’t low.

The lowest one was nearly a hundred power level, and the high ones were a lot more than three hundred and four hundred.

Muyang’s face was gloomy. His eyes glittered with cold light, “Kill them. Leave none of them behind. Don’t let them out.” 

The outside of the Primitive Mountain Range was the Great Azure Mountain. If these demons continued to pour out, the first to suffer would be the Kami School’s friends and relatives.

So without any hesitation, Muyang directly jumped into the middle of those demons and fought with them.

When Mexia and Son Gohan saw it, they both joined in the fight as well.


The glow and loud sound of the ki waves were intertwined, continuously harvesting the demons’ lives that had invaded earth. 

The three of them fought with all their might. The power level they showed was much higher than the actual energy…

Son Gohan was in charge of dealing with those 300-400 power level demons. As for Mexia, she was a bit more powerful.

With her superpower, even 500-600 power level demons could not do anything to her.

Puffs puffs puffs…

A wave of ki rippled out, and everything along the way was blown apart.

Soon the surrounding area was littered with corpses, creating out a blank area.

Muyang was close to the limit of 1000 power levels, but the actual power he exerted was a huge amount higher than 1000 power levels.

Those demons whose power level did not exceed 1000 were simply no match for him. It was like slicing a watermelon, smashing one by one. 

However, there were too many demons, and the three of them alone couldn’t clean them up.

“No, these demons simply can’t be killed!”

Son Gohan gasped for air, exhausted. The three of them had already killed six or seven hundred demons, but the gate was still flooded with demons.

When Mexia saw it, her trench coat swinging, and countless unseen green energy forming a giant wall, blocking the opening of the Demon Gate.

However, it could only block the gate for a moment; it was by no means a permanent solution. 

“My superpower can only temporarily block this gate; it won’t last long.”

Those demons came out like a tidal wave.

Apart from the demons coming out of the Greater Demon Realm, the Earth Demon Realm demons also came out in droves after seeing the gate to earth.

That was why the number of demons led by Garlic that entered the earth was exceeded the number of 10,000.

With his brows locked up, there was nothing that Muyang could do about it.

At this moment, a flying carpet flew from the sky, and Mr. Popo’s figure appeared in front of Muyang.

After seeing Mr. Popo, Muyang’s appearance relaxed a little. The high man came.

In the past, the demon gates were all closed by Mr. Popo, so he might have a way, “Popo, you’ve finally come. What do you think should be done about the current situation?”

Mr. Popo swept a glance at those demons and shook his head, “There’s nothing I can do about this, Popo.”

“Muyang, Kami told me to ask you to get equipment that can detect the Dragon Balls. Give it to me because it seems that these demon gates can only be closed by the Dragon Balls.”

Mr. Popo’s words reminded Muyang. He reacted in a hurry and handed over the Dragon Ball radar to Mr. Popo.

“Popo, take the radar. It’s better to close these gates as soon as possible.”

“Yeah, Popo is going to find the Dragon Ball!”

Mr. Popo hummed. Without any unnecessary nonsense, he took the Dragon Balls Radar and quickly disappeared.

Seeing that Mr. Popo was already gone, Muyang sighed before regaining his spirit.

The demons coming out of this gate in front of them weren’t that strong; with Mexia’s superpower, they could block it for a while.

However, Muyang was worried about the other six places on earth. The ki that had surpassed his scent had landed on earth about the West City location. 

“Gohan, you go to the Lookout immediately. There is a Hyperbolic Time Chamber there. The time flow was a day outside equal to a year inside. You quickly go inside and train. No matter what, you should get as strong as you can!”

After thinking a bit, Muyang said seriously to Son Gohan.

What was most lacking above earth right now was top masters.

Both he and Mexia had already been in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. Although he had only been in there for a short while before coming out, he also saw that the Hyperbolic Time Chamber didn’t help him much in breaking through his limits.

Mexia had been in there for a full two years and unable to enter again. So now, only Son Gohan, who still had a chance to go in.

Son Gohan listened and reacted. He looked at Muyang and nodded seriously, “I know. I’m going to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber now.”

After saying that, Son Gohan hailed to the sky and flew towards the Lookout.

After Son Gohan left, Muyang also handed over a bag of Senzu Beans to Mexia’s arm.

He stuffed another one in her mouth, allowing her to recover her depleted energy.

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