Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 162


“Hahaha, there are actually several little ants hidden in here.”

After discovering April and the others, the Three-Eyed Demon laughed, then the vermilion eyes flashed with tyrannical cold light.

As the Demon raised its hands, several ki rays swept down dominantly.

Tuk Tuk!

In the face of the attacking ki rays, April’s heart chilled. She hugged the little girl in her arms to dodge towards one side.

The children who hid together had no time to react and perished under the claws of the Demon in screams.

“Huh, she actually dodged it.” The Three-Eyed Demon looked at April in amazement, seemingly not expecting this little girl to be so agile.

April gulped, and her body trembled.

“Senior Sister April, everyone…” the little girl in her arms mumbled quietly. Her eyes were wide and somewhat confused.

“Don’t look!” April shielded the little girl’s eyes from the bloody scene.

“Death is imminent.”

The Three-Eyed Demon stretched out his long purple tongue, with sticky saliva dripping off the tip of it. He looked at April with three cold eyes before moving towards her.


A ki ray penetrated and passed right through the Three-Eyed Demon’s skull.

“Good thing I caught it.” A pristine voice rang out. April opened her eyes to see an upright figure appear in her line of sight.

“Senior brother!” April cried out in surprise. Her eyes were misting up, and the fear from before finally turning into tears flowing down.

At this time, Mexia’s slender and heroic figure also appeared. She came to April’s heel, “Little April, it’s not just senior brother who has come.”

“Senior Sister Mexia.” April wiped her tears and called out in a small voice.

Mexia nodded and looked to the little girl in April’s arms, “Is she your classmate?”

April said, “She’s the youngest in my class. Her name is Panchy.”

Mexia froze for a moment, “Panchy, that’s a good name.”

April opened her mouth. She seemed to realize that this wasn’t the focus of attention right now.

At that moment, Muyang interrupted Mexia and April’s conversation; he said, “Stop chatting. Let’s leave quickly; there are a large number of demons gathered in West City. It’s not safe here.”

“It’s not good. Some demons have already spotted us.”

Mexia sniffed and sensed slightly. Indeed, she found very powerful ki approaching them, making her face change as she felt the crisis.

“Senior brother, we’ll take them one each and leave quickly.” After saying that, Mexia picked up the little girl from April’s arms, while Muyang also nodded his head and directly grabbed April by the waist.

Because it was urgent, they couldn’t care less about hiding their strength. They took the two children with them and flew up into the sky towards a place far away from West City.

However, after flying for quite some time, they found that the cloud of ki behind them did not shake far away but rather grew closer.

Muyang looked gloomy and said, “That Demon behind is chasing us. It looks like we can’t shake it off. Mexia, you take April and the girl first; I’ll stay and stop the Demon.”

“Senior brother, you have to be careful.”

Mexia’s face changed and moved towards April. Clear ki wrapped around April to pick her up and then flew towards a hillock in the distance.

Muyang, on the other hand, stopped in place and took out a few Senzu Beans from the Acceleration Space and stuffed them into his mouth. He then dropped to the ground and waited for that Demon to arrive.

Actually, he could also open the Acceleration Space to take Mexia and the others to hide in there temporarily, but the time he could spend in the Acceleration, Space was limited.

The demons were centered in West City, so it would be even harder to escape from them after a while.

Soon, a big green hunk appeared in sight, and after close observation, Muyang suddenly felt creeped out. The strength of the Demon in front of him was far beyond his imagination.

This ugly Demon was one of the five Karov brothers who followed Garlic, the fifth-ranked brother.

It had at least 1500 power levels!

The strength was similar to Raditz when he came to earth.

In his heart, Muyang secretly guessed the strength of his opponent and was carefully on guard.

This was the most powerful enemy he had ever faced. At this time, he knew he could not hold back, so his firm face revealed a sense of determination. 

Muyang immediately shouted, and his body exploded with fierce energy very close to 1000 power levels wrapped around his body.

Old Five saw the power that Muyang exerted and looked at the person in front of him with a slight surprise.

“I didn’t expect there would be a master like you on top of the small earth. Is this still a Low-Level Planet? But it’s good; your strength is just worthy of my hand.”

Muyang sneered and directly chose to attack. There was a 50% difference in strength between the two, and this gap could be narrowed if he Power Up, so it wasn’t like Muyang didn’t have a bit of confidence when facing Karov Old Five.

In a flash of lightning, Muyang rushed to the side of Karov Old Fifth, brought up his fist, and swung out. The Old Fifth smirked and returned the attack faster than Muyang.

With a thud, Muyang’s body shook, a sore feeling came from his arm, and his whole body had flown out.

However, he bit his teeth, ignoring the damage to his body. He then jumped into position and continued to attack.


“The reaction speed is quite fast, but still not a match for me!” Old Five was shocked by the opponent’s ferocious appearance. His eyes exploded with a fierce light. The erect killing intent whistling out, he then stepped forward and instantly appeared in front of Muyang’s body.


An iron fist fell, like the sound of metal clashing whistling.

Muyang’s face turned red, emitting a whiff of hot air, a spurt of blood, and a stirring within his body.

Wiping away the bloodstains on the side of his mouth, Muyang watched with serious eyes.

His eyes flickered with fighting intent. He felt his blood boiling from the battle just now as if he had a hint of pushing through his limits.

It seemed that no matter whether it was earthlings or Saiyans, as long as they were devoted to the battle, their full intent would become different. It was said that fighting was the best breakthrough.

Perhaps he had been unable to break through the second limit and what was missing was the momentum to move forward.

With this in mind, Muyang no longer thought about it. His eyes all focused on the opponent in front of him.

Suddenly, Muyang began to Power Up, his energy rising by a large amount, and finally had the power to be equal to his opponent for the time being.





Several slightly weaker moves were thrown out in succession. In the end, a Solar Flare was added, and while it was causing interference to the opponent, Muyang’s main purpose was to buy time to start saving his ki. However, these moves really couldn’t cause much trouble for the opponent.

 Before Muyang’s ki was even stored up, Old Fifth whistled and attacked.




A series of attacks took place in a short time. Muyang’s face changed suddenly, and many bones on his body were deformed.

The interruption of his ki saving move could only be dealt with wearily. Muyang had no choice but to bite through a Senzu Bean he had in his mouth. After regaining his strength, he continued to tangle with Old Fifth.

Of course, the reason why he was able to tangle with Old Fifth for so long was not that Muyang’s power level had reached a point similar to his opponent’s, but because of the technique.

The years of practice had made Muyang’s skills against his opponent outstanding.

However, just at this moment–

The air trembled, forming an inverted cone-shaped wave. Space seemed to shatter as Old Fifth’s attack landed in front of Muyang’s body.


A squeaky voice and a green glow lingered around Old Fifth. Mexia’s figure suddenly appeared on the battlefield.

As the opponent who was imprisoned was too strong, Mexia’s face brushed white as she performed her movesꟷher mental energy extremely draining.

“Mexia, why you come back?”

“Senior brother, hurry up and attack!” Mexia said with difficulty.

Muyang sniffed, knowing that this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. 

However, at this time, it was entirely too late to choose to condense the Destructo Disc or Heavenly God Beam. If he decided to condense it, perhaps Mexia couldn’t hang on until then.

Immediately, Muyang took out a small bottle from his pocket.

Then he raised his hands and aimed them at the demons in front of him.

When Mexia saw Muyang’s action, she happened to have reached the limit of her superpower’s confinement on Karov Old Fifth, so she mindfully released the imprisonment of her superpower.

At this moment, Muyang shouted.


A cloud of green ki whistled out. Karov Old Fifth, who had just been freed from his confinement, ran head-on into Muyang’s Evil Containment Wave.

It was green twisting power with a compulsory sealing ability, especially for demons, which had an inherent advantage.

Old Fifth was horrified, his body actually spinning and moving uncontrollably.

“What’s going on?” Old Five’s face began to twist in horror.

He spun with the ki of the Evil Containment Wave.


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