Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 164


Shenyang, who was far away in the Mount Five Elements, naturally didn’t know that Mr. Hawke, who was proficient in dark magic, had come along with Garlic.

It was this Mr. Hawke who had foreseen through dark magic that something might have happened to Karov Old Fifth, which made Garlic wary and ready to set out to meet his old friend personally. 

Only Garlic would never have guessed, by any means, that the location of the Lookout had already changed!

By the time Garlic had risen to lead a team to the Sacred Land of Korin and continued up through the Korin Tower, the place where the Lookout was supposed to float was empty!

“Where’s the Lookout! Where’s it?!”

After being startled by the emptiness, Garlic’s anger was overwhelming, and his pale face looked even grimmer with rage. He didn’t understand how he and his people had been stood up!

“Ma Junior, it seems that I have underestimated you…” The chilling voice came out of the mouth as Garlic calmed down. He turned towards Mr. Hawke, and when Mr. Hawke nodded, Garlic threw his hands down, “Go!”

Time passed, the sun and the moon changed. Two days passed in a flash.


The Mount Five Elements.

With the Hyperbolic Time Chamber’s door opening, Son Gohan came out from it after two years of training.

According to the scouter, Son Gohan’s power level had reached 700, second only to Muyang among the earthlings.

Two years ago. When Muyang had just returned to earth, Son Gohan had a power level of close to 300 because he had been heating the Furnace of Eight Divisions with ki waves for a long time.

At this point, after another two years of training inside the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, he finally reached 700 power levels.

“Gohan, how are you holding on mastering the Evil Containment Wave?” Seeing Son Gohan come out, the Kami walked over with his crutches.

Old Kami was holding his crutches in his right hand, and in his left hand, he was carrying several small bottles prepared. Those small bottles were several sealing talismans with complicated patterns. They were precisely the props needed to perform the Evil Containment Wave.

Son Gohan nodded his head and looked serious, “I already mastered it. If I consume the Senzu Beans beforehand, I should be able to seal several demons unexpectedly.”

The Old Kami gushed, “That’s good. Our target is those strongest demons. Once we finish them off, the remaining demons won’t be enough to worry about. Even if it takes a while, we’ll be able to destroy them gradually. “

In his perception, the strongest amongst the demons was Garlic. There was also five other powerful ki, of which Garlic was the weakest, at around 600 power level.

The thing that worried Muyang was the other five ki, each of which was not weaker than the Karov Old Fifth that he had encountered before.

It would be difficult to win a head-to-head fight with such an opponent, so they could only choose to attack them by surprise.

If Muyang could seal off three of them with Son Gohan, then the rest of the battle would only be a win.

“Kami, where is Muyang?” Son Gohan looked around and didn’t see Muyang, so he asked strangely.

“Oh, Muyang and Mexia went out to sniff out information about the demons.”

“They’re back!” The Old Kami suddenly said. As soon as the words fell, there were two rays of light, one white and one green, streaking from the sky. Muyang and Mexia appeared in front of everyone.

“Muyang, how is the situation outside now?” Son Gohan stepped up quickly.

Isaac, Sith, and the other Kami School people also surrounded them.

Muyang shook his head, “Very bad. Now that the entire earth has fallen under the control of the demons, there are increasingly fewer martial arts practitioners who could compete with the average demons.”

“Yeah, senior brother and I went to several cities that had fallen under the control of the demons. We didn’t dare to stay long and came back after killing a few demons.” Mexia said while her pretty face still had anger on it.

They had encountered quite a few demons along the way, but of course, most of them were “lesser” and were easily killed by the two of them.

What made Mexia angry was that she saw countless mutilated corpses. She couldn’t imagine what kind of atrocities the demons had inflicted on them.

“Teacher, are you guys really not going to leave earth? We still have a chance to counterattack when we go outside to train for a few years.”

Muyang looked at the few spaceships parked on the Mountain of Five Elements and turned around to persuade Isaac and the others.

Leaving earth now was the most sensible way to go. This was so-called leave the green hills without worrying about burning wood.

When they had accomplished their training, they could come back to counterattack the earth.

The chances of regaining the earth would be high. As long as the Old Kami didn’t die, they could start all over again if they had the Dragon Balls.

Isaac hesitated. He looked at Alice and a few young disciples. A struggle flashed on his face, but he finally sighed and agreed, “Well, although I’m reluctant, you’re right. With us on earth, we’ll hold you back instead.”

Upon seeing Isaac’s nod, Muyang and Mexia both smiled. It wasn’t that they were afraid of fighting the demons, but now they were really much weaker.

Sending Isaac and the others away would allow Muyang to fight wholeheartedly.

Next, Muyang sent Isaac and the others to board the spaceship and set their destination.

However, unexpected things always happened at this time. When Isaac and a few Kami School disciples boarded the spaceship and just got up to leave the Mount Five Elements, a stormy ki wave suddenly hit the outside of the Mount Five Elements.

A loud rumbling sound was heard as the ki wave hit the top of the spaceship that was taking off.

They were dumbfounded as the spaceship’s wrack fell from a cloud of black smoke in the sky.

Everyone didn’t react.

Muyang’s face suddenly turned livid, as he exclaimed in disbelief, “TEACHER!!!”

Mexia also froze there as the ki attack struck the ship. Mexia looked at it with grief and anger as she cried out in pain, “Father, mother!”

With a sudden rise of icy air, her superpowers suddenly became chaotic. Mexia rushed into the sky, a tornado rushing towards the wreckage of the spaceship.

Seeing his wife flying away, Muyang threw a fist in annoyance. He worried that Mexia would be in danger, so he hurried to follow.

After that, Son Gohan, Old Kami, and Annin, who saw the situation, knew in their hearts that the demons had found the Mount Five Elements. They stopped hiding and followed them.


Outside of the Mount Five Elements, Garlic led the black-colored demons. His gaze was cold as he looked at the area covered by the boundary.

According to Mr. Hawke’s detection, Kami’s group was hiding inside this boundary. 

“My lord, the people you’re looking for are inside.”

If it weren’t for the boss of the Karov five brothers’ attacked, the spaceship would have escaped.

“Hehe, it’s a real hiding place, Ma Junior!” Garlic’s wrinkled cheeks smirked in anticipation of meeting Kami.

At this time, an only green light flashed. A cluster of blurred figures rushed over from the Mount Five Elements. The angry state of Mexia’s superpower became very rough.

The violent whirlwind was like a tornado raging, and the slightly weaker demons hit her green energy.

They immediately ended up crushed as if they had bumped into a speeding train.

“This is rubbish!” As the demons under his command were blown apart by the opponent, Garlic cursed with an unpleasant expression. His face was turning dark as a bird of prey.

Karov Brothers’ Boss stepped forward at this point and blocked the way, “Leave this one to me!”

After saying that, his hand’s palm was spread towards Mexia, and a touch of dark ki was released.


The air was squeezed with a muffled sound, and the terrifying ki hit Mexia’s body.

Mexia only felt a roar in her ears and a severe pain all over her body as her body was catapulted out.

There was a sudden force behind him, and Muyang arrived in time to catch Mexia’s body.

“Calm down, Mexia!” Muyang’s deep voice sounded in her ears.

Mexia took a deep breath. It took a while before she stabilized and cried out in sorrow, “Senior brother, father, and the others are dead.” 


Muyang placed his hand on Mexia’s shoulder. His icy eyes were sweeping towards the demons in the sky. At this time, Son Gohan, Old Kami, and Annin all rushed over.

“Hahaha, Ma Junior, you’ve finally shown up. I wonder if my gift to you has satisfied you?” Seeing Old Kami’s pale appearance, Garlic felt unexplainably at ease in his heart.

He then ruthlessly said, “This is the consequence of not choosing me as Kami in the first place. If you want to blame Noah, go blame that old man!”

Old Kami closed his eyes in pain. His hands were trembling slightly as he held the crutch. “Garlic, why do you have to do this? The people on earth are innocent.”

Hmph!” In response to Old Kami’s question, Garlic didn’t bother to answer. Instead, he swept a glance at Muyang and Son Gohan on the side and coldly said to the Karov Brothers, “Kill them all and save that old guy for last.”

“All right!”

The Karov Brothers grinned with a hideous smirk on their ugly faces.

During the conversation between Old Kami and Garlic, Muyang, Son Gohan, and Mr. Popo simultaneously took out a small bottle and placed it on the ground.

They then looked at each other and raised their palms towards the oncoming Karov Brothers.

“Hey, what is this? a concede?” The four Karov Brothers watched with cold eyes.

“Good chance!” Muyang sneered. There was a fierce glint in his eyes as he shouted, “This is the time. Let’s do it!”

All three of them shouted in unison.




Phew, three clusters of green flashes arose from between the palms. Then, these green lights grew brighter, hovering, and sweeping towards the Karov Brothers.

As they faced with the spiral ki wave that rolled towards them, the Karov Brothers didn’t take it to heart; instead, they scowled, “Hahaha, they’re trying to deal with us with this kind of weak qi wave. Even if we stand still, you can’t hurt us in the slightest.”

At this time, Hawke, who was beside Garlic, furrowed his brow and suddenly felt a sense of unease. He then shouted, “Quickly dodge, this is not an ordinary ki wave!”


The Karov Brothers’ reaction was half a beat slower. When they reacted and tried to flee, they were horrified to find that their bodies couldn’t move.

The Karov Brothers’ Boss was horrified and tried to break free with all his might, but because of the compulsory nature of the Evil Containment Wave attack, the three Evil Containment Waves firmly locked his other brothers.

So, when the eldest broke free, the other three bodies were already sucked up by the Evil Containment Waves.


The boss cursed and tried to rescue his brother, but then Mexia was in front of him, and a mighty superpower was imposed on Karov Brothers’ Boss, making him unable to move for a moment.

“No matter what. I’m not going to let you pass.” Mexia stubbornly got in the way.

“BASTARD!” Karov Brothers’ Boss eyes glazed over.

He was full of energy to resist Mexia’s superpowers. Mexia turned white with a soft click, and a smear of blood flowed from the side of her mouth. The backlash as her superpower was broken made her dizzy. 

By this time, it was too late for Karov Brothers’ Boss to save his brother.

The Evil Containment Wave was such a trick to win through weakness, and no one could break free from the Evil Containment Wave’s forced trajectory when the difference in strength was less than a world away.

As Muyang and the others pressed their palms downward, the bodies of the three Karov Brothers began to distort and deform.

They lengthened along the spiral’s trajectory and then disappeared into the mouth of the bottle to the fullest extent. 

Muyang then put the lid on and affixed the seal. After doing all this, he was about to put the three bottles away. 


There was a swoosh, like a rain of ki rays hitting from the air. He saw that Hawk was wearing a cloak stretching out his fingers.

Tuk Tuk Tuk, countless ki rays swept the ground, blowing out a deep hole.

“This is not good!”

Muyang’s face changed dramatically when he saw it. His body flickered a few times to protect the sealed bottles on the ground.

However, he was still a step too slow. One of the rays hit one of the bottles right on the spot. 

It exploded with a thud.

Black smoke rose, and one of the Karov Brothers was released.

“Damn, I was still a step too late!” Muyang was secretly annoyed.

It was so close that he actually let the opponent escape one.

The Evil Containment Wave was all about surprise. Now, the opponent must have become wary, and it was impossible to have such a chance again.

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