Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 166


“Trying to leave… impossible! Hawke, Karov Brothers, kill this human no matter what.” Garlic’s eyes filled with blood and his gut was about to burst.

He didn’t expect that there were so many talented people on earth after several hundred years of not coming to earth.

However, unfortunately… these people who wanted to stand in Lord Garlic’s way were doomed to die!

“Human, how dare you hurt Lord Garlic in front of me!” Hawke’s face was gloomy, and his body was filled with a solemn aura.

Actually, a small Garlic certainly couldn’t command him, but Garlic had a desirable son, and that powerful Lord Garlic Jr was an existence that Hawke had to look up to.

At the same time, the remaining two of the five Karov Brothers flew over.

The Karov Brothers and Hawke had surrounded Muyang, and the situation was not looking good.

As he looked at the three people who kept approaching, the coldness of their ki made Muyang’s scalp numb. This was an unprecedented crisis he had encountered.

At this moment, Muyang’s heart continued to sink.


“Peng Peng!”


Hawke’s three men attacked Muyang fiercely.

Each of the three of them had a power level above Muyang. Together, Muyang had no chance of winning!


A body sliced through the air, appearing next to Muyang’s body. The two punches struck each other, and Muyang flew out backward continuously.

Suddenly, an emerald green energy rose, stopping Muyang from flying backward. Then, a soft touch came from the side of his back.


At that moment, Mexia bit her lower lip and whispered. Her green light was blossoming, and her dark green hair was flowing, “Superpower Block!”

“Senior brother, use the Evil Containment Wave!” With steam rising from her body, Mexia gritted her teeth and managed to squeeze out a few words.

She was imprisoned three people who were far more robust than her at once, which more than enough of a burden for Mexia.

“Understood!” Looking at the almost “boiling ” state of Mexia, Muyang was in awe. He quickly prepared the small bottle for the Evil Containment Wave.

However, Evil Containment Wave wasn’t an instant technique, so it couldn’t be released as quickly as Kamehameha or the Thunder Shock Surprise by weakening its power.

Once the Evil Containment Wave diminished its power, it also lost its sealing significance, so it needed some time to prepare. 

 “Damn, are you trying to use that trick again!”

When they saw Muyang raise his palms once again, both palms vaguely emitting light green waves of light, cold sweat broke out on the faces of both Hawke and Karov Brothers.

This strange move, which could defy the huge difference between the wielder and the sealed one, was already mandatory.

The three of them struggled as hard as possible, but Mexia was desperately controlling her superpower this time. She was even going so far as to use the underdeveloped “Superpower Block” to make their bodies immobilize.

“Bastard, bastard!” The Karov Brothers cursed furiously.

“Pfft, pfft ……” Mexia’s spirit was continuously traumatized, and her body became shaky, but she remained stubborn.

“Release the confinement immediately!”

Hawke had a cold face. His fingers were constantly pinching, and countless black and purple incantations spread along with space before failing into Mexia’s body.

Mexia’s body went cold. Her face turned white again, and a terrifying crack appeared on his snow-like white skin.

“Senior brother, it’s so cold, I… can’t hold on much longer.” Mexia shivered as black and purple ki ran amok in her body and quickly invaded her soul. It seemed to devour Mexia’s soul.

“Mexia!” Seeing the bizarre scene happening on Mexia, Muyang’s eyes were red, and his heart ached.

Hawke fiercely opened his eyes. His eyes were cold as he commanded to Mexia, “Let go of the superpower.”

“Hmph!” Mexia endured the excruciating pain in her soul and grunted stubbornly.

Suddenly, Mexia’s eyes turned dark. Her body shattered like crystals with a glittering flash, and his emerald green superpowers stained a black and purple color as if she had lost control.

Hawke smiled, thinking that he had managed to control Mexia. However, his face became rigid in the next moment as he realized that the restraint on his body had not been lifted.

“How can this be… It’s obvious that my magic power has penetrated deep into her soul!” Hawke was incredulous. He lifted his head just in time to meet Mexia’s dark eyes, with a hint of green light still flickering.

It dawned on Hawke that as he was about to continue strengthening his magic, the Evil Containment Wave on Muyang’s side had already been prepared.


Muyang roared, taking the brunt of the Evil Containment Wave and aiming it at Hawke.

Staring blankly at the Evil Containment Wave that kept spiraling in, Hawke stiffened. He was horrified to find that his body was unable to move.

“Damn it, this sealing technique. Why can’t I break free from it!!!”

Hawke struggled and screamed miserably.

Hawke’s body gradually twisted up and hovered into the vial used for the seal with a hiss. At that moment, the Karov Brothers, who had been sealed by the Evil Containment Wave before, took the opportunity to flee far away.

When they flew out a few hundred meters, they looked back at Muyang with a fearful face.

Putting away the bottle that sealed Hawke, Muyang didn’t have time to observe more. He flashed to Mexia’s side and embraced her in his arms.

“Mexia, wake up!”

“Senior brother, my head hurts!” The green light and black and purple light on Mexia’s body tangled together.

Her body was chattering incessantly, and finally, stardust-like flashes of light permeated her entire body.

After a dull flash of light, Mexia’s whole body turned into powder and disappeared from Muyang’s arm, leaving no trace behind.


Muyang stared dumbly at the starlight as Mexia disappeared. He let out a heart-rending shout, and his body was suddenly exploding in a cold cyclone.

On the side of the Mount Five Elements, Annin watched with a complicated expression, “Mexia is dead!”

The Old Kami closed his eyes in pain. Too many lives had been sacrificed in this disaster caused by the demons.

“I want you, all of you, to die!”

With a voice as cold as ice, Muyang’s grim face was expressionless. He looked at Garlic and the other demons with hatred in his eyes.

“I’ll kill you!”

Muyang shouted, full of hostility. His hair was flying, roots crystal clear, and entwined with lingering ki.

Garlic gulped, seemingly frightened by the piercing gaze that pierced his soul.

“Karov Brothers, hurry up and kill that human. Once he’s dead, no one on earth will be able to stop us.”

“Is it okay, Boss?” Karov Old Third was a little hesitant.

The Boss said, “Listen to Lord Garlic. As long as we are careful against that weird sealing technique, this human isn’t scary!”

“Alright, Boss.” The Old Third was ruthless and spat. The two brothers looked at each other furiously, and their bodies flew over in a sudden dive. The distance of hundreds of meters was a mere blink of an eye for them.

There was only a flash of silver light as the Old Third’s attacks reached Muyang. Muyang looked on indifferently, completely ignoring the opponent’s attacks.

With a snap, Karov Brothers drew his arm across his body. The air shook violently, and the three separated at the same time.

“BIG SHOCK!!!” The Old Third yelled.

Two dark ki waves rammed in, and Muyang’s throat sweetened, spitting out a mouthful of blood.

“Boss, that human is holding on hard!” The Old Third laughed, his eyes rekindling hostility.

Karov’s Boss looked on steadily, nodding gently, immediately joining his brother in preparing a powerful attack, wanting to finish off Muyang once and for all.

At this time, Muyang gritted his teeth hard and flew over the Karov Brothers. He gathered his palms together and gradually condensed a brilliant white light.

“Hahaha, dying to struggle!”

“Blast him to pieces with a single blow!”

The two brothers laughed and worked together to unleash the strongest ball of ki.

However, they completely missed the hint of a sneer that curled up on Muyang’s indifferent cheeks.

As he bit through a Senzu Bean in his mouth, Muyang’s eyes widened.




When the ki wave condensed to this point, Muyang suddenly stopped talking. A radiant white light flashed between his palms, and he slowly closed his eyes…

At this time, the Karov Brothers’ ki had also been fully prepared. A silent but terrifying ki wave with a magnificent power suddenly presented itself.


The two brothers joined forces. Majestic and voluminous ki rose to meet the Muyang strike in the sky.

However, the unexpected confrontation did not happen.

Just when the shockwave was a few meters away from Muyang–

Muyang opened his eyes and turned his body sideways as an icy voice rang out, “Acceleration Space!”

Then, suddenly, the entire space tumbled. Muyang, along with the shockwave, disappeared without a trace.

The breeze was crisp and whistling. The entire world was suddenly tranquil.

Garlic and Karov Brothers looked startled, “Where is that human?”

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