Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 172


In the black sky, golden lightning continued to strike down.

The entire planet seemed to be intimidated by a powerful field of energy.

On the way to the Grand Elder’s residence, Nail looked up at the sky in surprise, then continued to fly towards the Grand Elder’s place.

In the hundreds of years since the Grand Elder had created the Planet Namek Dragon Balls, there had been only a handful of times that Porunga had actually been summoned.

Even Nail had never seen Porunga’s appearance. However, the strong dragon ki that was hidden in the air made Nail feel an affinity.

The Namekians were a race that was favored by the Dragon God.


At this moment, thousands of meters up in the air, Porunga’s strapping figure was floating among the dark clouds.

It was staring with blood-red eyes, looking condescendingly at Muyang.

“Those who gather seven Dragon Balls, you may speak your wish. No matter what it is, the limit is three!”

The voice was grand and high pitched, and the entire sky resounded with the echoes of the rising and falling.

It should be said that it was worthy of being Porunga; the power was far more powerful than Shenron.

Upon gazing at the sky, Muyang’s lips were a little dry. After hearing Porunga say the usual lines, Muyang calmed his excitement and spoke his long-prepared wish in the language of Namekians.

“My wife, Mexia, has died because of the demons and is now suffering in hell. My first wish, please restore my wife Mexia’s soul to its original state!”

When he finished, he saw the antennae on Porunga’s forehead move.

A long while passed, and a resonant voice said, “I’m sorry, this wish cannot be granted. Your wife’s soul has mutated in combination with the demonic ki. The operation of re-separation is the authority of the Supreme Kai, and I cannot change it. Please change the wish!”

Although Porunga was created from the Super Dragon Balls’ fragments and had authority far beyond Shenron, it was only maintained at the fifth-dimensional level. For mutated souls, Porunga could destroy them, but it couldn’t create or alter them!

This is because stripping away the demonized soul and restoring it to normal is like creation.

It was like a man who could easily break a glass bottle but could not restore it to such a state that it was no longer the same bottle even if its shape was restored unless he could turn back time.

“Unattainable?” Muyang’s heart sank.

He remembered that in the original story, the creation of souls and lives belonged to the Supreme Kai’s authority, which corresponded to the devastation of the God of Destruction. 

Was it true that Mexia can only be reincarnated?

However, reincarnation presupposes that Mexia’s consciousness can eventually overcome the demons and that this inevitably transforms the soul into a demon.

“Porunga, since soul mutation is irreversible, how should I preserve Mexia’s consciousness in her current state?”

As long as Mexia’s consciousness remained unchanged, no matter how her soul became, she would still be the original Mexia, his wife.

Porunga said, “That human’s soul has mutated due to the deepening of the demonic ki. The process of fighting for control of the soul to the point that the consciousness sinks is a long fight. To preserve a person’s consciousness, you can use the power of the first wish. Strengthen a person’s consciousness is very easy.”

“Is that all?” Muyang was pleasantly surprised.


“Then, Poeunga, my first wish is to strengthen Mexia’s consciousness so that she can maintain her self and defeat the demonic ki in the upcoming time.”

Muyang understood that Porunga’s ability could be “crafted” based on the original soul. In addition to not being able to “create,” the authority in other aspects was quite large. 

“I see, the first wish can be granted!”

Porunga’s eyes suddenly lit up with a blood-colored glow, and a divine dragon’s wish went towards the Hell of the Other-World.


Simultaneously, above the Hell of the Other-World, Mexia’s soul, which was entangled continuously in green and black and purple colors, suddenly blossomed in green light.

It was clearly gaining the upper hand and merging the black and purple demonic ki little by little.

Mexia’s curled up body began to stretch and blinked.

“Yeah, why am I here? Where is senior brother…” Mexia looked around blankly.


“Well, your first wish has been granted. Now that her soul’s consciousness has awakened, the next step is just to slowly fuse the demonic ki in her soul, which will take a long time.”

“Has Mexia awakened?” Muyang’s eyes showed a hint of joy.

As long as Mexia could recover, no matter how long he waited, he would accept it.

“Yes, please say your second wish.”

“Porunga, my second wish is to restore the flesh of people who died on earth because of this demon invasion!” Muyang spoke the wish out loud.

He knew that Planet Namek’s Dragon Balls could only resurrect one person at a time.

On this point, the Earth Dragon Balls were more generous, allowing the resurrection of creatures that died unexpectedly under the same conditions.

However, the premise was that the resurrected creature had not been resurrected before, which meant it could not be resurrected twice. 

Whereas Planet Namek’s Dragon Balls can only resurrect one person at a time, but they can resurrect infinitely. One went with quantity; one went with quality.

It wasn’t until the late stage of Dragon Ball Z when the Planet Namek’s Dragon Ball was improved by the second Grand Elder and could resurrect many people. 

After Muyang made his second wish, Porunga was silent for a while before his gruff voice rang out. 

“Simple, I’ll grant your second wish!”

As soon as the words fell, the red light of blood lit up once again. The flesh of all the people who had died because of the demons on the earth had all recovered. One could imagine that the earth was now absolutely riddled with intact corpses.

“Alright, last wish. Say it now!”

“Third wish, you know the Dragon Balls on earth, please fill the Earth Dragon Balls with energy and complete the adjustment period one year early!”

The power of the Namekians Dragon Balls was absolutely abundant. Planet Namek’s “year” lasts only 130 days, equivalent to one-third of the earth’s year. 

The Planet Namek’s Dragon Balls could be used once in 130 days to grant three wishes at a time.

So a year is equivalent to nine wishes. In this regard, the Planet Namek’s Dragon Balls were worthy of being polished from the fragments of Super Dragon Balls. They were far more powerful than the Earth Dragon Balls by several times. 

“This wish is easy!”

Porunga sputtered and was never ambiguous about what could be done. As his eyes lit up with red light, strange power was transmitted to the Earth Dragon Balls.

The Earth Dragon Balls, which had recently been used and scattered worldwide, soon emitted an orange-red luster again.

“Human, all your wishes have been granted, so goodbye!” Porunga said as his body flew towards the sky.

Phew! Phew! Phew!

The seven flashes of light flew away, and the sky turned grass green again.

After all three wishes were fulfilled, Muyang was relieved, and all the burdens on his body were lifted.

He looked at the empty grasslands again; the blue waves rippled on the surface of the lake. The entire not so lush greens seemed to come alive in Muyang’s eyes.

“Right, now it’s time to contact the earth.”

Patting his head, Muyang reacted by moving a silvery-white spaceship out of the Acceleration Space, then contacting the earth side through the spaceship’s communicator. 

Because a spaceship was left on earth for communication purposes, soon, Korin’s voice was heard.

“Hey, is it Muyang? Everyone who died on earth just now, their bodies all recovered. Have you made a wish with the Dragon Balls!”

Muyang had a smile on his face and was in a good mood, “Yes, Namekian’s Dragon Balls can grant three wishes at a time. I had Porunga to restore everyone’s body, and also, the Earth Dragon Balls can be used again.” 

“Oh my, that’s great news. I’ll immediately tell Mr. Popo to collect the Dragon Balls.” Korin was overjoyed and spoke with a voice full of surprise.

After chatting with Muyang, he hurriedly told Annin and Mr. Popo about the good news. As long as the corpse was intact, Porunga could resurrect everyone at once.

Muyang hung up the call with a smile. After settling down and remembering the previous instructions of the Grand Elder, he flew towards the Grand Elder’s residence with great anticipation…



After receiving the message from Korin, Old Kami, with an apprehensive heart, instructed Mr. Popo to fetch the Dragon Balls Radar.

Pressing the switch of the radar, tick tick tick, seven bright dots of light did appear on display.

“Oh my, the Dragon Balls have recovered,” Korin said in surprise.

The sad and pale face of Old Kami finally beamed as well. He turned back to Mr. Popo on the side and said, “Go collect the Dragon Balls.”

“Okay.” Mr. Popo echoed and flew down to the realm on a flying carpet.

Mr. Popo’s movements were always fast. After only about fifteen minutes, the earth’s sky became dark.

In the middle of a desert, Mr. Popo summoned Shenron.

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