Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 173


“You, who collects the Dragon Balls, speak your wish!” In the darkness of the night, the slender Shenron revived once again.

He was hovering its body and lowering its head to say in a flooded voice.

Looking at the sky, Mr. Popo said, “Shenron, can you resurrect all those who have died because of the demons?”

After hearing the words, Shenron was silent for a moment. The antennae waved and said, “Is this what you wish for? This wish is easy.”

After saying that, Shenron stared at it with blood-red light shining in its eyes.

In an instant, all the humans whose bodies had been previously restored by Porunga were resurrected. All over the world, the people lying on the ground all opened their eyes.

“Ah, why am I in a car? Why is my car crushed.” This is a man who awoke on top of an overpass.

“….I seem to have died, how come I’m back to life?”

“Demon, what a monster!”

“It’s a miracle. It must have been the Gods that saved us.”

People all over the world opened their eyes. Their memories were still stuck at the moment before their death.

At first, they were confused for a while before gradually began to recall what had happened before.

One by one, they were frightened, and at the same time, they were busy kneeling on the ground to pray to the Gods to bring peace.


The capital of Central City.

Upon looking at the city that had fallen into ruins, the King and his officials looked at each other. They didn’t know what had happened.

“Your Majesty, everything that happened before, it can’t be true, right?” An official asked with an unbelievable look.

“Yeah, we were obviously killed by those demons, but why are we alive now?”

“This can’t be a dream, can it?”

“No, look. It’s the bodies of those demons; it’s all happening for real.” An official suddenly pointed in a direction in fear.

Following the finger’s direction, the King and the others saw the Demon Race’s corpse had been run through the chest by a ki wave. Also, in various other directions, the soldiers found many more demons figures. Some with their heads cut off, some with their stomachs pierced. All of them died in a miserable state.

“Is it really the power of the gods?” The King stared blankly at the corpses of the demons, suddenly thinking of the reason Central City was founded.

It was a secret known only to the Kings of the previous generations. It was not taken seriously before, but now that he thought about it, there were indeed supernatural powers in this world.

“People of the Earth, I am Kami of the Lookout….”

Just at this time, an old voice suddenly sounded in the sky. Kami was using the Lookout to spread the sound to all parts of the world.

“There is no need to doubt; this is all true. You have already died once. A month ago, the Demon Realm’s demons entered the Earth through the Demon Gate, plunging the entire Earth into despair. However, with the efforts of the ‘God of Martial Arts,’ Muyang, and his wife, they eventually succeeded in expelling the demons. With their help, you resurrected!”

The Old Kami spoke about the Demon Race invasion in an old voice and directly crowned Muyang as the “God of Martial Arts.”

In the Old Kami’s eyes, Muyang, who was no less than him in dimensional level, was fully qualified to be called the God of Martial Arts.

“….Earthlings, although this disaster has passed because of the God of Martial Arts’ efforts, the crisis is far from over. There are many strong people outside of Earth and even in the Demon Realm. In their eyes, the earthlings cannot be called strong at all. You cannot pray for the help of the gods every time you reach a crisis; Earth still needs to rely on yourselves…”

“So humans… hurry up and get stronger!”

“Earth’s martial arts originated in the Sacred Land of Korin, where there is Korin Tower that leads to the heavens. Any martial arts practitioner who climbs to the top with their bare hands can receive instruction from Immortal Korin. Those who excel can even be recommended to practice in the Lookout.”

At the same time, the sky projected the appearance of the Korin Tower and the Lookout.

Everyone looked on dumbfoundedly, and their mouths were wide open in surprise.

The legends about Korin Tower had been circulating among the folk and the martial arts community. However, this was the first time it was officially in front of everyone.

“This era is different. The Earth needs strong people; the martial arts community needs to continue their training. To overcome the next challenge, you continue to work hard!”

At this point, the voice of Kami gradually became misty, eventually disappearing completely into nothingness. However, these words’ impact was drastic. Only at this moment did the earthlings understand how small they really were in the universe. The direction of their efforts changed as their vision broadened.

“Your Majesty, in that scene just now, it turns out that there are Gods in this world.”

“The Lookout’s Kami, God of Martial Arts…” The King muttered the two names.

When he thought of the martial arts practitioners’ powerful strength, the King’s eyes became brighter.

The technology on Earth had developed well over the years and changed every aspect of people’s lives from every angle.

Central City had recognized the power of technology precisely, so it had made special policies to support it.

However, it wasn’t just technology that had prospects for development; the power that had been neglected in the tide of technology had to be uncovered as well.

“Everyone, I think the next step is to focus on the development of the martial arts, in addition to the rebuilding of human society!” The King hammered it out.

As Kami said, times were different. They couldn’t wait until the next disaster struck and still be helpless.

As the magnificent work of rebuilding unfolded.

The age of the martial arts is about to begin.


Not to mention the dramatic transformation that was taking place above the Earth. At this time, Muyang had already returned to the hut where the Grand Elder lived.

At this time, in front of the Grand Elder’s huge seat. The Grand Elder put his huge palm over Muyang’s head, ready to give him the potential to develop.

However, after a while, as a white light came on, the Grand Elder gave a soft “Huh.”

“This is strange. You obviously have a very strong potential in your body. Still, it seems as if you don’t have any potential upon closer inspection.”

The Grand Elder closed his eyes and continued to launch his ability, but the result was still the same. Muyang’s power didn’t change at all.

This made the Grand Elder amazed. This was the first time his ability had failed.

In the meantime, Muyang blinked his eyes and saw that the Grand Elder could not draw out his potential.

He then speculating to himself, ‘Could it be because of the Acceleration Space? Was all of his potential transfer into the Acceleration Space?’

The origin of the Acceleration Space was very mysterious. It could manifest all the bottlenecks, limits, and other conceptual things, which was super unorthodox. After all, these were manifested, and Muyang’s potential was actually characterized by the Acceleration Space’s size and the height of the clouds in the sky.

The Great Elder could trigger the potential abilities within humans, but for Muyang, it seemed that the potential and everything else no longer existed explicitly.

After a while more, the Great Elder was convinced that he really couldn’t trigger Muyang’s potential.

He sighed and said, “I’m sorry, this is the first time I’ve encountered something like this. I feel that there is a very mysterious power in your body, a power that I’ve only seen the moment I created the Dragon Balls. My ability is limited, and it seems that I can’t bring your potential out.”

“Great Elder, you don’t need to be concerned. I should be grateful to you!” Muyang said evenly.


The Great Elder coughed lightly, already very tired, and spoke in a weak voice, “I have a feeling that you are not an ordinary person. Planet Namek will still encounter crises in the future; I hope that you will be able to lend a helping hand at that time in the future.”

“Great Elder, don’t worry. If Planet Namek is in any crisis in the future, I will definitely do my best to help!” Muyang nodded his head to make a promise.

The biggest crisis in the future of Planet Namek should be from Frieza. This event was still more than fifty years away from now, and Muyang believed that he should be able to handle it by then.

However, after experiencing the earth incident, Muyang didn’t dare to jump to conclusions about what would happen in the future.

After receiving such an assurance, a smile appeared on the Grand Elder’s face, “Thank you very much. You’re too kind.”

Muyang smiled lightly. His trip to Planet Namek was considered to be complete by this point.

However, it was slightly regrettable that the Grand Elder wasn’t able to draw out his body’s potential.

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