Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 174


After all, that had happened today, and the attempt to develop the potential for Muyang, although it was unsuccessful, it was still a very significant drain on the Grand Elder’s physical strength. So the Grand Elder quickly went to sleep.

After the Grand Elder had rested, the young Namekian, Nail, sent Muyang out of the Grand Elder’s residence.

At the door, Nail said grimly, “Earthling, I still have to guard the Grand Elder, so I won’t escort you anymore.”

Muyang replied with a faint smile, “Nail, we’ll meet again if it’s meant to be. I hope that your strength will rise greatly by then!”

“Well, I’d hate to see you again!” Nail snorted coldly and turned around to close the door.

Muyang smiled and leaped into the air after looking at the surrounding scenery, leaving the rugged stone forest where the Grand Elder was.

However, Muyang didn’t immediately leave Planet Namek; instead, he stopped near a beautiful lake.

Previously on the way to Planet Namek, because he had to travel with the spaceship, Muyang hadn’t had time to enter the Acceleration Space.

Now that everything was set, Muyang could examine his Acceleration Space properly.

After breaking through the second limit, the speed of time flow and space size in the Acceleration Space had changed drastically. However, Muyang felt that he should still have overlooked many things.

Space was covered in a mist as Muyang’s figure suddenly entered the Acceleration Space.

At this time, he found that his control over this space was becoming more and more apparent. 

It seemed like… with a single move of his mind, this space was at his disposal.

The time accelerate twice!

The time accelerate four times!

The time accelerate eight times!

As Muyang’s mind rotated, the speed of time in the acceleration space began to change. First, it was accelerated to twice, then to four times.

Different areas could be divided separately for acceleration. The speed of time in the Acceleration Space was no longer fixed but could be changed according to his heart. 

Maybe this “Acceleration Space” can be renamed as ” Acceleration World.”

Muyang stroked his chin and thought. If this continued, the Acceleration Space wouldn’t evolve into a real-world or universe in the end, right? 

Speaking of the real world…

Muyang suddenly thought of a problem. In the past, the Acceleration Space was unable to store living things when he wasn’t there; he wondered if it was still like that now that space had expanded… 

When he thought of this, Muyang’s heart was a little itchy.

Well, this required a bit of experimentation.

The creatures on top of Planet Namek were very scarce. When Muyang went out of the Acceleration Space, his eyes glanced around, and suddenly he saw a dark green frog not far away. 

There were two antennae on its forehead. It was the kind of frog possessed by Captain Ginyu.

A smile appeared on Muyang’s cheeks. He took the frog to experiment on the Acceleration Space.

An invisible spiritual force spread out, ingesting the frog into the Acceleration Space. Muyang waited for a while before he went in.

In the vast space of 100,000 meters within 100,000 meters radius, the ground below had been so mountainous that it could not be seen at a glance.

As expected, when Muyang entered, he found the frog was still alive and jumping around, surviving well.

Muyang’s eyes gazed at it and tried to shout to the frog, “Die!”.

As soon as the words came out, the entire Acceleration Space surged up. An invisible pressure was applied to the little frog.

The bar was clicked, the frog twitched its limbs a few times, and it actually died.


Muyang looked on in astonishment; even he was shocked. 

In the following days, Muyang was continually testing in the Acceleration Space. In the end, he concluded that the evolved Acceleration Space was a small world.

He was already the master of this world. Everything in it was within his rules, and he could call upon his power at will. 

As his control over the Acceleration Space became more versatile, the death of living things that entered the Acceleration Space could also be controlled.

Once he left the Acceleration Space, these living things would automatically fall into a state of time freeze.

The time freeze wouldn’t be lifted until he re-entered the Acceleration Space. The entire process wouldn’t affect the physiological functions of living things.

“I wonder if the soul can stay inside the Acceleration Space?” Muyang was excited by this idea.

If souls could also exist in the Acceleration Space, then Mexia would not have to stay in the harsh environment of Hell. 

As soon as this idea came up, Muyang felt the urge to try it out.

“Let’s hurry back to earth and then find a soul in Hell to test it out!” Pressing against the emotions stirring in his heart, Muyang made his decision.

For those dead souls in Hell, Muyang would have no sympathy.

It was time to leave Planet Namek.


The majestic gravity spaceship appeared on the flat grass. Muyang logged into the spaceship, then entered the coordinates of earth.

In a fierce whirlwind, the gravity spaceship rose into the sky and entered the endless interstellar space.

The spaceship quickly traveled through the starry sky. Soon, it moved away from the 27 main galaxies in the Vega, where Planet Namek was located.


One month later, the earth was close at hand.

After returning to earth, Muyang didn’t go anywhere but straight into the Mount Five Elements.

At this time, Annin had been returned to peace in the Mount Five Elements. The broken mountain range had also been restored to its original state under Annin’s divine power, and the dense mountain forest was lush and vibrant again.

Seeing Muyang’s huge gravity spaceship landing, Annin and Son Gohan flew over.

“Muyang, you’re back. Thanks to you, the dead people have been resurrected.” Son Gohan’s face was crowded with smiles. He was delighted. 

Nodding towards him, Muyang looked towards Annin and said, “Annin, please take me to the Other-World again.”

With a smile on her pretty face, Annin blinked, “I can do that.”


The Other-World, Hell.

The hot vapor steamed all the souls. In this harsh environment, the whole sky was dark red.

Under the leadership of Annin, Muyang came to Mexia again. At this time, Fortuneteller Baba was sitting on the crystal ball and chatting with Mexia.

Upon seeing Muyang and Annin coming, Fortuneteller Baba breathed a sigh of relief. She explained to Muyang and took her entourage back to the World of the Living. 

After more than two months of not opening her business, Fortuneteller Baba had already lost a lot of money.

“Senior brother, I don’t like it here, take me away!”

The soul state of Mexia was chirping and still had green and black-purple light on her body.

However, the demonic ki on her body would no longer affect Mexia’s consciousness.

Muyang could not help but breathe a sigh of relief when he saw that Mexia looked like she was alive and well.

Mexia was still the same Mexia, but missing a physical body because her soul mutation wasn’t complete!

“Mexia, I’m glad you’re okay.” There was a hint of a smile in Muyang’s eyes.

At this time, Annin knowingly walked away, giving time for the couple.

“Senior brother, I’ve heard from Fortuneteller Baba that you were the one who managed to revive me with great effort.” Mexia was overwhelmed with emotion as she pearled.

“Idiot, you’re my wife. Isn’t it natural that I took the effort to do something about it?” Muyang feigned a reproachful look and wanted to touch Mexia.

Unfortunately, Mexia’s state was just a soul, and his hand went right through Mexia’s body.

With a ghostly sigh, Muyang carefully looked around. He then took advantage of the ghostly messenger’s lack of attention to ingest a dozen souls suffering in Hell into the Acceleration Space.

“What are you doing, senior brother?” Seeing Muyang’s strange movements, Mexia asked curiously.


A look was floated over to Mexia, and she closed her small mouth in a heartbeat. The matter of Muyang casually ingesting the soul of the Other-World could not be known to outsiders.

Finally, through experimentation, Muyang was convinced that souls could also survive in Acceleration Space and would not be harmed by the rules of Acceleration Space.

There was still a specific nourishing effect on souls due to the strong ki of life that permeated the space.

“Hahaha, Mexia, I think I can take you out of Hell now.”

The results of the experiment made Muyang laugh openly. Perhaps in the Acceleration Space, Mexia’s soul state could recover faster.

“Really?” Mexia looked surprised.

“Of course. I won’t lie to you. However, you can’t live without me in the future.”

“Hehehe, senior brother, I was already set to follow you.”

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