Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 176


“Teacher, actually ……”

Muyang was about to say that actually, Mexia was in a good state now. However, before he could finish his sentence, Isaac sighed and walked to Maxia’s grave; his eyes were red as he lit the incense candle.

His wife, Alice, took out her handkerchief and wept secretly.

His junior brothers and sisters all gathered around him. One by one, comforting him not to be sad.

“Senior brother, although Senior sister Maxia has passed away, you have to be strong!”


“Senior brother, don’t be sad…” April didn’t know how to comfort people and simply hugged over.

It was a bit awkward. Everyone else was sad, but he, the husband, didn’t have a sad expression at all.

There was no greater sorrow than to die! Muyang and Mexia’s affection for each other was evident to everyone.

“….you guys!” Muyang looked at everyone’s face of “understanding and regretted” expression.

He shook his head and interrupted their comfort, “All of you don’t have to worry. I’m fine, teacher, you see… It’s that she-“

Upon saying that, Muyang brought Mexia out from the Acceleration Space. With an emerald green light that brought a little haze color, Mexia’s pretty figure appeared in front of everyone with an aperture.

Everyone was stunned when they saw Mexia.


“Senior sister!”

“Senior sister….”

Various names were called out.

“What’s going on? Mexia is actually still alive.”

A few elders and fellow disciples looked surprised and tried to come around. However, they noticed the aperture above Mexia’s head.

“Muyang, what’s going on here?” Isaac and Alice were shocked.

“Yeah, why is Mexia here with that ring of light on her head…”

Muyang explained, “This is Mexia’s soul. The aperture above her head represents the identity of the deceased. However, Mexia is in a bit of a unique situation and is now following me….”

After explaining the Other-World and World of the Living rules once again, Muyang didn’t explain the Acceleration Space in detail.

He was only saying that Mexia would stay with him until she was reincarnated in the future.

“….In the future, as long as we make a wish with the Dragon Balls, we can let Mexia retain her memories to reincarnate,” Muyang said out his plan.

“It’s good to be reincarnated. It’s better than becoming a demon!” Isaac didn’t care about Mexia’s reincarnated identity.

As long as she could retain her consciousness, whoever she’d turn into, she would always be his daughter.

Alice’s eyes were red as she looked at Mexia, “Thanks to Muyang, Mexia has a hope to live.”

“Mother!” Mexia floated up to Alice’s heels.

“Well, it’s good that Mexia’s okay. We’re celebrating today.” Isaac ripped his throat out, yelling.

“Yeah, let’s celebrate it.”

The elders, such as Sith and Karl, we’re also excited. The haze that had been haunting everyone for over a month suddenly vanished with Mexia’s appearance.

That night, everyone in the Kami School was drunk. Even April, who was usually dripping with alcohol, drank to the point where she was lying at the table and whirling. It was Muyang who sent her back to her room.

Mexia quickly returned to the Acceleration Space after she had exposed herself during the day.

After all, her soul state could only stay in the sun for 24 hours, which was a very limited time.


The next morning.

A few spots of sunlight fell through the leaves in dappled round highlights, and the forest birds chirped.

The bright green leaves cascaded, and the wind rustled.

“Teacher, I’m taking you to a place.”

After everyone had dispersed, Muyang was left alone with Isaac and his wife. There was also April, who saw that Isaac and the others didn’t leave.

Her head was slightly dizzy from sobering up; that was why she stayed. Muyang took a glance at her but didn’t care.

“Where are you taking us?” Isaac wondered the reason why Muyang took them and asked curiously.

Muyang smiled and said, “A place where you can see Mexia often.”

With that being said, Muyang smiled mysteriously. He then opened the Acceleration Space, and a mysterious power projected down and covered their body.

With a “chaa” sound, several people shifted into the Acceleration Space.

The vast Acceleration Space was filled with refreshing ki. When Isaac and the others came back to their senses, they found themselves in a strange place.

The foggy ki entered their nostrils, suddenly feeling refreshed all over …

“What is this place, senior brother?” April blinked her eyes, and her head snapped into focus.

“This is my Acceleration Space. Mexia lives here, so if you guys want to see her in the future, I can bring you in.”

Muyang wasn’t afraid of anyone knowing about his Acceleration Space now because he already had enough of it.

Also, the people he brought in, besides his teacher and mother-in-law, was the junior sister he recognized. All of them were considered his family.

“Mexia, come and meet everyone!”

After calling out to Mexia and wondering where she’d run off to hang out, it took a moment before she belatedly flew in as a stream of light.

“Father, Mother, April!”

Mexia saw a familiar face and greeted everyone with a smile.

“Mexia…” Alice called out softly; her voice choked up.


After four hours in the Acceleration Space, only half an hour had passed in reality.

Isaac and the others were all smiling when they returned to the hut. They were more at ease when they could see their daughter often in the future.

“Senior brother, will I be able to go in and see Senior Sister Mexia more often from now on?” April blinked her eyes and showed two little tiger teeth.

She was clearly trying to study the structure of the Acceleration Space.

Nodding on his fair forehead, Muyang smiled, “Of course.”

After looking at April’s clothes on her body again, Muyang frowned slightly. He hadn’t noticed it before, but now he realized that April had been living in West City for a while and had actually gotten involved in the non-mainstream: a messy brown hair curled up with a few dull hairs, the clothes on her body were red on the left and blue on the right. She even had a good pair of shoes, and the left and right ones were different styles.

It was very uncomfortable for an obsessive-compulsive disorder person to look at.

“Is this how you usually dress, April?” Muyang’s eyebrows were slightly raised.

“Yeah, what’s wrong? Isn’t it pretty?” April spun around, feeling fashionable.

“Uh, no, just a little out of place.” Muyang shook his head.

Maybe it was because the girls had grown up and had different tastes. April was thirteen and already had her value judgment.

Just like how Mexia liked to wear a tight black jumpsuit with a coat over it, it could never be said that she had terrible taste.

Throwing the problem of April’s dressing to the back of his mind, the following days, Muyang temporarily stayed on top of the Great Azure Mountain.

For the rest of his training, Muyang already had his plans. He asked Annin to push the application to the Other-World for a training trip to Kai’s Planet.

The thought was that he had the credit for saving the earth, and the application would be approved soon.

He decided to take the next step to Kai’s Planet to train.


One morning, three days later.

“What? The King of the Central City is visiting the Great Azure Mountain?”

Suddenly receiving such news, Muyang was surprised, and then his expression became flat.

With strength reaching his intensity level, it was no longer necessary to be bound by the worldly framework.

“Yes, this time the King came here because he wanted to discuss the promotion of martial arts. He also wanted to ask you if you would like to receive them.” Isaac leisurely sipped his tea, and his appearance was also very calm.

One moment at a time, now that Muyang’s identity on earth was the high “God of Martial Arts,” equal to Kami, even the King of the Central City had to be careful when facing Muyang.

“It seems that they’re aware of the power of the martial arts community,” Muyang said indifferently.

Muyang was not too impressed because he had been crowned the “God of Martial Arts” in a flash.

In fact, he could probably understand the old Kami’s intentions, but in all fairness, he was not opposed to it.

On the contrary, with this layer of status, the weight of his words became different.

“That’s for sure. After experiencing the demons invasion, it’s time for them to see where they stand. If the earth doesn’t make an effort to strengthen its power, it won’t be as fortunate as this time when disaster strikes again.”

Speaking of which, Isaac was somewhat impressed, “This is also a time to change the climate of earth’s martial arts community.”

Muyang nodded. Since ancient times, the earth’s martial arts had been going into decline.

At the beginning of the original story, a few people knew about the Turtle School and Kamehameha.

However, after the arrival of Cell Games, people’s knowledge of the martial arts had developed to such an ignorant level.

Powerful ki waves were denounced as blinders, jumping clowns could be seen as saviors, and the powerful ones were ignored and lived a simple, even hard life.

It was like Son Goku’s family, who lived a tough life, which was a sad thing to see.

Muyang thought that he wasn’t as indifferent to fame and fortune as Son Goku and Krillin, which was why he was a layman.

If someone dared to jump out and take his credit at this time, he would definitely press the other person hard to the ground and rub it well, teaching that person that the strong’s dignity should not be offended.

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