Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 177


At the Great Azure Mountain foot, an orderly array of armored vehicles waited at the Kami School Martial Arts Dojo entrance.

In a large vehicle at the very center, the Central City King sat on a chair. He asked the deputy beside him uneasily, “Do you think Mr. Muyang will agree to meet us?”

The deputy replied, “Your Majesty, rest assured, our purpose this time is to promote the martial arts career of the entire earth. Mr. Muyang is the greatest practitioner in the martial arts community; he would absolutely happy to see martial arts development. We just need to wait at ease.”

Although the deputy said so, the King’s heart was still a bit apprehensive. Even if he was the King of the Central City, he was facing a god. There was no guarantee that Muyang would be willing to meet him.

“All along, we have only focused on technological development and neglected the existence of martial arts. If not for this crisis, we wouldn’t have seen the powerful strength of martial arts practitioners. Taking advantage of this rebuilding work, I intend to make some adjustments to the pattern of all cities and train several potential martial arts practitioners.”

This decision was the result of a long discussion between the King and his officials. The decision-makers in the Central City didn’t sit idle as this demons invasion matter came to an end.

The officials went through all the martial arts community data of the past few hundred years and got results that made their jaws drop.

It turned out that the martial arts community had so many deeds that had been hidden by history.

The Demon Realm, alien race, Superpower Academy, Martial Arts School, and Korin Tower!

Take the most recent event from the present; the same demons invasion happened on earth over two hundred and sixty years ago.

When the Great Demon King Piccolo led an army that plunged the entire planet into despair, it was the martial arts practitioners who saved the world in the end.

By learning more about a hidden event, the Central City’s top officials became deeply aware of the great strength of the martial arts community.

In the face of a powerful enemy, the weak would only be slaughtered, abused, and enslaved.

So, to avoid the same thing happening in the future, strengthening the earthlings had become a matter of urgency.

While the aftermath of this incident was still reverberating around the world, the King planned to strike while the iron was hot and revive the world’s martial arts culture.

Therefore, the Great Azure Mountain became the King’s first choice, as it was the place where the legendary “God of Martial Arts,” from Kami School, lived.

However, no matter how good the plan was, it was still wishful thinking. Whether or not the God of Martial Arts would support them was still an open question.

As the officials of the Central City waited nervously, a young girl with red hair walked over.

Ness came with a light step. The town’s inhabitants who were gathered around to watch the excitement couldn’t help but make a path.

Ness came to the front of the vehicle, where the King was resting, “Your Majesty. Teacher sent me to pick you up from the mountain. Senior brother is waiting for you in a three-floor house at the foot of the mountain.”

After learning that Muyang had agreed to meet him, the King was thrilled and said politely with a sigh of relief, “Please, Miss Ness, lead the way.”

The King had carefully studied all the information of the Kami School, so he knew that the red-haired woman in front of him was the entry-level disciple of the Kami School, the younger sister of the God of Martial Arts, Muyang.

“Please follow me.” Ness smiled and led the way.

Next, the King and his companions walked up the mountain road. A small building, not luxurious but stunning, appeared in sight.

Both sides of the building were covered with bamboo and pines. Knowing that this was where the God of Martial Arts resided, everyone immediately held a reverent attitude.

Just like that, the simple little building immediately became sacred.

A strong wind from above blew in the face.


No one knew what the King and Muyang talked about in the small building, except that the King was extremely polite when he left, and Muyang personally escorted them to the door.

A few days after this meeting, the world’s media focused on the rebuilt city. This time, the rebuilt city set up wide squares and free martial arts pavilions in every direction.

The government paid to invite martial arts masters who were proficient in martial arts to give lessons and teach some basic martial arts knowledge.

Of course, it was unrealistic for everyone to become a martial arts master. Because of their qualifications, there were only a few who could eventually become martial arts masters.

Everyone understood this.

After visiting the Great Azure Mountain, the King also visited the ancient schools of Orin Temple, Maple Leaf School, Thousand Cranes School, and other Ancient Schools…

It was unknown what agreement had been reached with them, but after that, all the major martial arts schools opened dojos outside.

They also promised that they would send their disciples to serve as regular instructors at the officially established martial arts dojos.

It seemed that this King had indeed made the development of martial arts a top priority.

At this time, the media also began to bombard. Not only rolling out the devastation and viciousness caused by the demons invasion, they even compiled the past events from hundreds of years ago and published them together.

With the release of videos and photos, people worldwide seemed to have relapsed back into that tragic scene more than two months ago.

While the atmosphere was almost brewing, the media released information and individual videos of the previous World Martial Arts Tournament.

A set of combinations that stimulated everyone and inspired their curiosity and pursuit of the martial arts.

“How exactly does a martial arts practitioner train?”

“What is so magical about the mysterious Korin Tower?”

“Korin Tower and the Lookout, the glories of the ancient earthlings!”

“Where did the demons come from, and what happened in the several collisions with the earth?”

“Unified integration and the publication of DVDs of rare images of past World Martial Arts Tournament.”

“The opening of a martial arts school, and the policy of motivating martial arts practitioners.”

Implementing one policy would require sustained efforts for decades, but martial arts promotion was a necessity.

Starting from the atmosphere and developing the martial spirit of the earthlings, coupled with all the incentives for martial arts practitioners, it could be imagined that martial arts practitioners would be a very flavorful profession in the future.

This was the process of sublimation.

The result of this was that there was an endless stream of challengers to Korin Tower. Once again appearing as glorious as a few hundred years ago.

Although the vast majority of them could only climb up to a hundred meters, the cameras recorded the entire process.

“Mom, I’m going to become a martial arts master.”

“That’s so cool!”

“There really are Gods in this world. If you climb up the Korin Tower, you can still receive guidance from the Immortal Korin.”

After watching the news broadcast, everyone had a realization that martial arts, science, and technology would definitely become the dual carriages of the future.

They also realized that from today onwards, the development of earth would enter a brand new era.

It had become an inevitable trend for all people to learn and respect martial arts.

Even if the chances of producing strong individuals were meager, the number would be considered as long as the base was large.

With such generous treatment, it was inevitable that many indiscriminate generations would be produced.

Therefore, martial arts practitioners needed to be assessed, which required a perfect set of standards.

The Power Level test was more suitable.


On an island overseas, Dr. Omori and his wife are doing scientific research.

One day, a dark shadow was suddenly cast over the calm sea.

Immediately afterward, a loud rumbling sound and a gale swept away. A black-painted helicopter churned up the waves and landed on the island.

An officer jumped down and came in front of Dr. and Mrs. Omori, “Hello Dr. Omori, I am a sergeant from the Central City’s Research Department. There is a research mission entrusted to you and your wife; please make sure you report to the capital with me!”

“What do you want us to study?” Dr. Omori asked strangely.

The officer said seriously, “The Human Power Level Measurement Index!”

As soon as Dr. Omori listened, he knew that it must be related to the Central City’s recent promotion of the martial practitioners, which had been repeatedly broadcast in the news media and had been heard out of his cocoon.

He had also experienced the previous period’s horrific events, so he also understood the reason for the Central City’s move.

“You lead the way; we will cooperate with you as a couple.”

“Very good.” The officer smiled, “In addition to you, Central City has invited the world’s most prominent scientists, and they will fully cooperate with you.”

Dr. Omori, in front of him, was no ordinary scientist. He wasn’t as knowledgeable as Dr. Gero and Dr. Brief in the original story, but he was also the most genius scientist.

Dr. Omori had spent decades researching time machines because of his wife’s death. Although he hadn’t succeeded in turning back time in the end, he had invented the machine that made the entire galaxy stop for a second.

In the end, this information was also used as a reference for Bulma’s invention of the time machine.

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