Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 178


While the outside world was making dramatic innovations for the development of martial arts, in the Great Azure Mountain, Muyang was still living an uneventful life.

In the daytime, he sat quietly at the mountain rocks, watching the sunrise and sunset and comprehending spiritual training.

He entered the Acceleration Space at night and accompanied Mexia while using the gravity chamber in the Acceleration Space for training. 

In a few months, Muyang’s strength continued to increase. Just as he had predicted, he was able to break free from the limitations of the “low level.” Every day, Muyang could feel his strength growing stronger.

This feeling of abundance made him feel comparable to a Saiyan.




In the third month of returning to Earth from Planet Namek, Muyang’s strength had finally broken through the 4,000 power levels mark.

A strength that was actually quite appealing in the universe without messing with the overlords.

After all, even a Mid-Class Warrior of Planet Vegeta was at this level when he reached adulthood.

In these three months, there was also a happy event above the Great Azure Mountain.

Muyang’s junior sister Ness and junior brother Aso got married. The second pair of disciples in the younger generation to be united together.

So on the day of the wedding, there was another celebration at the Kami School’s top and bottom.

The strongest people in the martial arts community gathered. Even those friends of Muyang found this opportunity to come over to join in the fun.


In the Acceleration Space.

Mexia looked enviously at the pictures taken at the wedding of Ness and Aso. Her body floated in the air, with her chin in her hand, “I’m so envious. They can cuddle together, unlike me… who doesn’t even have a body.”

Muyang sat on the side, drinking tea, and glanced at her without speaking. After Mexia became a soul body, she would complain a few times every few days.

“Senior brother, if I can’t recover for decades, you won’t be able to resist finding another woman!” Mexia rested her chin and batted her eyelashes.

“You’re overthinking it.” Muyang gave her a blank look.

“But can your body stand it?” Mexia curled her lips.

Her eyes suddenly fluttering up, “Don’t you know spiritual training, senior brother? Why don’t we go into consciousness battle against each other, in which you’ll be able to run into me, and we’ll have a fight?”

With that, Mexia leaped to her feet. 

“A fight?”

Muyang nearly spewed out a mouthful of water. This was a loss for her to think of it. Consciousness training was used to simulate fighting techniques and combat patterns, but it became used for fighting in her eyes. 

Training and fighting, could they be the same?

“What’s the solution then? I’m so bored with staying here. Senior brother, do you want to try it? It’ll be fun.”

“You’re in such a state of the soul, and you can still enter consciousness training?” Muyang looked at her very suspiciously.

Mexia patted her chest, “Of course, I can. I’m already a supernatural person; my mental power is so strong. Consciousness training can train my soul power. Senior brother, maybe we can even spiritually train together in there, hehe.”

Muyang said, “You’re not afraid to shrivel up your spirit anymore!”

Mexia said, “Eh, maybe not?”

Upon reflection, it was true that Mexia was bored with this state all the time. After all, she was already a master of idleness. Letting her stay here in peace, he’s afraid that it would suffocate her to illness.

After thinking about it, Muyang said, “We can try a little bit, but you have to stop properly.” 

“Come on!!!” Mexia kept urging. She then let go of her spirit and transferred into a spirit world of an empty void with Muyang.


Having a spiritual battle, due to his concern for Mexia’s overall state, Muyang only gave her a superficial taste and did not overly ravage her.

Outside of the spiritual space, Mexia was floating in the air with an excited face. The ring on her head flickering, seemingly getting great satisfaction.

Because it was the absence of a body, the spirit was directly fused and communicated. The soothing feeling of the battle was mesmerizing to Mexia.

She flew happily in the air in an “8” shape.

“Senior brother, I feel much more pleasant. We will have to interact more often from now on.”

Muyang waved his hand, “Don’t keep thinking about such things. Absorb the magic on your soul first.”

“Hmph!” Mexia didn’t look away. Her soul flew up, floating as she was bubbling in her mouth. 

Looking at Mexia being sometimes mature and sometimes childish, Muyang shook his head. He turned into the gravity spaceship. After taking a bath in it, he then went out of the Acceleration Space.


After a few more days, the previous application to go to Kai’s Planet for training finally came to fruition.

Annin and Son Gohan arrived at Muyang’s residence. Annin said, “Muyang, your application has been approved. Now you can go to Kai’s Planet to practice.”

“Finally. I’ve waited for more than half a year.”

Muyang smiled; he had applied for more than half a year. If he didn’t have the great merit of saving the world on his body, he might not be able to pass the examination. After all, a powerful person like the Kai wouldn’t have his eyes on a small planet. 

“Go get ready; I’ll take you to the King Yemma later.” Annin ran a hand through her black hair.

“I don’t need to prepare; we’ll go now.”

Annin nodded, “Mm, you can go straight to the Mount Five Elements to find my original body. I’ll be waiting for you there.”

Muyang nodded and headed to the martial arts building to talk to Isaac about the training. He then flew towards Mount Five Elements.

“It’s great to be able to go to Kai’s Planet to practice. Muyang is already so strong. If he gets Kai’s guidance, he will definitely become even more powerful. The gap between us will get bigger.” Son Gohan said with some envy as he watched Muyang fade out of sight.

He had also applied to go to the North Kai to practice but was still waiting in line. He didn’t know when he would be permitted to go there by King Yemma.

“Gohan, you’ll have a chance later. I’ll talk to King Yemma again to get an accommodation.”

“Thank you, Annin.”


At the Mount Five Elements, Muyang quickly joined up with Annin’s original body. She then opened the passage to the Other-World.

There was another auspicious golden cloud in front of him. The pink sky was covered in golden light, with white gas souls arrayed along the way.

Under the guidance of Annin, Muyang was prioritized to enter King Yemma’s office palace.


King Yemma stamped a red seal on a document and handed it to the kid beside him, “This is the document that allows the Snake Road to be opened. Take it and send him to the Snake Road.”

After handing the document to the kid beside him, King Yemma looked at Muyang.

He warned, “The Snake Road is a million kilometers long. The bottom is directly connected to Hell. You will be attacked by the Hell at any time while passing through it. If you are not careful, you will fall into Hell. It is very dangerous for ordinary people, so you need to be careful.”

“… It’s been years since anyone has challenged the Snake Road. I’m the only one who has seen Kai through the Snake Road in the past a hundred million years. I hope you can succeed.”

For King Yemma’s well-meaning admonition, Muyang took it to heart and nodded, “Don’t worry, King Yemma. Since I dared to challenge, I’m fully prepared.”

“Mm.” It was the truth. King Yemma nodded his head and had the kid send Muyang to the Snake Road.

“Lord, please!” The kid in a work uniform politely addressed Muyang as lord. Muyang’s tertiary dimensional pressure brought a lot of pressure on him.

“Please.” Muyang followed the staff out of King Yemma’s palace and got into an old car.

It was a bumpy ride to the Snake Road, so Annin didn’t follow along. She stayed in King Yemma’s palace and seemed pleading with King Yemma for Son Gohan’s sake.

The car drifted away, finally stopping in front of a huge snakehead.

“My lord, we’re here. That’s the Snake Road. Just keep running forward along the snake body, and you’ll see Lord Kai!” The staff pointed at the huge snakehead with its bloody mouth wide open in front of it and said, “There’s still a lot of work to be done at King Yemma, so I’ll be heading back!”

Muyang smiled and nodded at him. He then visualized him leaving, focusing instead on the Green Snake Road. 

This Snake Road was a million kilometers long. The only passage to the North Kai’s Planet.

This length may not seem long, but it could circle the earth twenty to thirty times. Not to mention the unpredictable risks up there, running on it was no small amount of practice.

“Let’s begin!”

In his heart, he said silently. Muyang toes a little, and his body crossed the giant mouth of the Snake Road. He hissed as a downward gravity was applied to his body.

With twelve times the gravity, Muyang furrowed and laughed indifferently.

Not bad for a challenge. It turned out that there was extra gravity above this Snake Road. Depending on the strength of the challenger, the gravity was different for each person.

However, came to think of it, if it was only a million kilometers long, how could it be called a challenge!

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