Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 179


There were auspicious clouds on both sides of the Snake Road and a dark hell beneath it. From time to time, black attacks swept up through the clouds.

Muyang’s body flashed with white light, swishing, quickly passing over the top of the Snake Road. Generally speaking, the Snake Road had strong bonds, and it was difficult for the flesh to leave the ground.

However, Muyang’s strength had exceeded 4000. As a gust of wind flashed past, the surrounding clouds were affected by the whirlwind he had rolled up and parted to the sides, forming an empty pathway.

The Snake Road twisted and spiraled forward, and running through it was extremely draining.

After about three thousand kilometers at full speed, Muyang stopped to catch his breath, then continued on.

“At this rate, it will take seven days to reach Kai’s Planet.” Muyang thought pleasantly as he drove on.

Suddenly a black attack rolled in from beneath the Snake Road. Muyang’s body flashed and dodged it, a cold sweat breaking out in his heart, “There truly isn’t a moment to be careless.”

“However, at this level, as long as people aren’t stupidly standing still and waiting for that black mist to attack them, the attack of Hell isn’t terrifying.”

The real danger was when the body was exhausted when the muscles were sore, and the reaction speed would be slow. However, with advanced knowledge, it wasn’t that scary.

With white flames flickering all over his body, Muyang maintained a steady speed without overexerting himself and without letting the effects of the Snake Road’s exercise disappear completely.

Most of the day passed, and Muyang was still running on top of the Snake Road, unable to see the end.

After three consecutive days of running, he had run through half of the Snake Road.

At this time, he found that the surrounding space began to change slightly. Although the scene around him still remained the same, the Other-World atmosphere gradually disappeared, replaced by an additional sacred and ethereal atmosphere. The entire space was also climbing to a higher dimension.

“The attacks from Hell below have also decreased. It seems that I have already passed the most difficult period.”

There were four Snake Road in the Galaxy, leading to the Kai’s Planet in East, South, West, and North.

The Other-World, where Muyang set out, was under the North Kai jurisdiction, and the Snake Road led to the North Kai’s Planet.

“Now, I can accelerate at full speed.”

With fewer threats from Hell, Muyang smiled indifferently. The white light on his body suddenly blossomed intensely, and his speed suddenly tripled.

With a swoosh, the slender Snake Road settled on several stomping points. A series of arcing lines connected, speeding towards the higher dimension.

The scenery around the Snake Road was an unchanging golden color. As Muyang continued to speed up, the golden color gradually decreased, and space became more empty.

Due to the significant increase in speed, finally, on the fifth day, the tail at the end of the Snake Road faintly appeared in sight.

“It’s here!”

Muyang’s face was happy as he took a step to stand on the Snake Road tail.

There was already another dimension below. It was an empty and misty space. There weren’t many auspicious clouds around, just a lonely little planet, floating there.

Muyang observed the tiny North Kai’s Planet in front of him – the North Kai’s Planet was no more than fifty meters in diameter.

It was covered with tender green fine grass. Besides the fine grass, there were several large trees and a house beside the trees.

The most noticeable thing was the stone pathway that surrounded the planet, which was only about one meter wide. The environment was so primitive that it was deplorable.

It was said that the North Kai’s Planet was once gigantic. However, because it accidentally offended the God of Destruction, Beerus, it was blown up into a “small marble” by Beerus.

Now, the size was still a combination of the remnants of that year.

The North Kai was bitter about it. Living in such a small area all year round was quite boring—no wonder it had developed a hobby of telling snide jokes well.

With a slight step forward, the body fell freely, landing on the ground of the North Kai’s Planet.

A gravity ten times of the Earth was transferred to the body. Muyang twisted his neck, not feeling anything at all.

This gravity wasn’t even comparable to the gravity environment he usually trained in!

Muyang had his hands in his pockets and was leisurely wandering around on top of the Kai’s Planet, which was so small that he could see half of the planet at a glance.

Not far away, a Great Ape was looking at him curiously. It then tilted its head and shouted, “Uh-oh, Uh-oh.”

It was a pet raised by North Kai, Bubbles!

“Hello, Bubbles!” Muyang greeted with a smile.

However, Bubbles was only a monkey. It was ignorant that it would only keep roaring and gesticulating towards Muyang.

Ignoring Bubbles, who continued to roar, Muyang got into the North Kai’s humble cabin and saw North Kai sleeping on top of his crate.

North Kai was short in stature but chubby looking. He had two long antennae on his head, styled to look like a cockroach.

“Lord Kai, Lord Kai!” Muyang stood in front of the crate and called out.

However, before Muyang could wake up North Kai, the monkey Bubbles ran in, leaped onto North Kai, and stepped right on his face.


There was a scream, and North Kai rolled off the crate.

“Bubbles, you naughty boy. The next time you do that, you’ll be sent to the Lower Realms. Hey, there’s another one. Who are you? What god of the planet are you?” North Kai climbed up, and when he saw Muyang, he asked strangely.

Muyang said, “My name is Muyang. I come from a planet called Earth in the southern part of the North Area?”

“Earth? That’s a very remote planet.” North Kai thought. The antennae on his head were automatically reacting to the planet’s situation, “So you’re a savior. Not bad, it looks good.”

“Tell me, what brings you to my place?”

“Lord Kai, when I was in the Lower Realm, I heard that you are a knowledgeable master of martial arts. I want to get your guidance so that I can protect my home planet better.” Muyang praised North Kai vigorously.

He made his purpose of learning martial arts very noble.

“Kid, you do have some insight. Although it’s a bit of a flirtation, it’s not bad to say overall.” North Kai nodded his head very receptively, taking off his glasses and wiping them, “That Earth hasn’t produced talent like you for 10,000 years. No, 100,000 years.”

“However, my martial arts… is not something that can be taught to just anyone. You need to pass my test!”

North Kai had been alone on Kai’s Planet for a long time, and it was hard to get someone to come and flatter him so much. He smiled and opened his eyes. He was in no hurry to get rid of the person.

“Lord Kai, please speak.” Muyang’s eyebrows were raised, and he was already prepared.

“My request is simple. As long as you can tell jokes that make me laugh, I will permit you to stay on top of my Kai’s planet and practice.”

“This is very simple. Lord Kai, please have a look.” Muyang had prepared for the North Kai, just as he had “bribed” Master Roshi to take the Dragon Balls from him. He had prepared everything for North Kai.

As he said, he handed over a brand new book to North Kai, which contained all the most original jokes.

North Kai had lived alone in Kai’s Planet for an unknown number of years; how could he withstand such a ceremony.

After flipping through a few pages, his body trembled violently. His breathing became rapid, and his entire face was suffocated red as if he was seeing something that made him incomparably excited.

“Hahaha, wonderful! Psst…”

North Kai laughed openly and looked at the books for a moment, putting them away carefully.

“Kid, you already prepared. Not bad; only those who are prepared can be one step ahead. This realization is good, and I am delighted with your gift.”

With that said, North Kai looked toward Muyang, “The North Area has produced talent like you; it would be a shame not to teach you something. My place is not very big, so find a place to stay. After I finish studying the wonders in this book, I will start instructing you in martial arts.”

“Thank you, Lord Kai.”

Muyang was also satisfied. After leaving North Kai’s hut, he casually hoisted a hammock between two large trees.

In his opinion, it would probably take a few days for North Kai to study that sneering book.

In the meantime, he could first explore the training at North Kai’s Planet.

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