Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 185


Planet Yardart was a mysterious planet in the North Area. It didn’t show mountains or waters, and only a few people knew its existence in the universe.

However, there was no doubt that Planet Yardrat was a powerful planet. The planet of strength.

The Yardratian living on it were a peace-loving race. They were hospitable and hated fighting. However, they had created countless magical mysteries that fascinate people.

To outsiders, as long as they didn’t show hostility, the Yardratian wouldn’t particularly target them.

This might be because the secret technique gave them enough confidence.

In the original story, Son Goku got into the Planet Yardrat on the eve of the Planet Namek’s destruction by catching a ride on the Ginyu Force’s spaceship. He then lived in Planet Yardrat for a year without any problems.

Muyang had been coveting this ability of “Instant Transmission” for a long time. The primary goal of this visit to Planet Yardrat was for it.

Of course, it would be best if he could learn other secret techniques.

The spirit emitted, Muyang calmed down to feel the scent above the Planet Yardrat.

At that moment, a cluster of powerful ki in the southwest attracted his attention. If calculated according to the universal power level of the universe, it was about 9000 power level.

Furthermore, around that powerful ki, hundreds of different weak and robust ki scattered around it.

“Awesome, the strength of the Yardratian can’t be underestimated.” When he opened his eyes, Muyang’s face showed surprise.

The demonstrated power level alone was close to ten thousand. If the secret technique was included, the Yardratian was a mighty race in the universe. Perhaps only a few other planets could compare to this heritage.

“Let’s check out that place first and show as much goodwill as possible.” Thinking this in his heart, Muyang cast the Dancing Sky Art and flew towards the southwest.

Upon leaving the dry riverbed, the air began to turn moist, blowing on the face with a cold, silky feeling.

Muyang’s speed was breakneck. Soon, he arrived at the place where the Yardratian had gathered.

It was a patch of rolling hills covered with shrubs. The houses of the Yardratian were built on top of the slightly rising hills, with a strange shape, full of Inca culture. It was somewhat like the Mayan architectural style of Muyang’s former life.

“Guest from afar, may I ask what is so special about you coming to Planet Yardrat?”

A melodious voice suddenly sounded in his ears. It sounded old and heavy. In a flash, a pink-skinned Yardratian appeared beside him.

“When did you get here?” Muyang’s heart was shocked, and a slight chill arose behind him.

It was completely unknown how the Yardratian was approaching.

To approach him unnoticed and without him being aware of it, the Yardratian’s ability was bizarre! Fortunately, the Yardratian was not malicious. Otherwise, Muyang wouldn’t even have time to react if they carried out a sneak attack.

The mysterious Yardratian really couldn’t be underestimated!

If someone were to say the two most impenetrable races in the galaxy were the Yardratian and the Metamoran.

These two races had high power levels, not to mention that they were also proficient in all kinds of magical secret techniques and martial arts.

When someone encountered such opponents, even if that person’s power levels were far higher than them, that person would still capsize in the gutter if he or she were not careful.

At this point, Muyang labeled the Yardratian in his heart as not to be provoked.

Immediately, he politely said, “I am Muyang. I have heard that magical secret techniques exist above the Planet Yardrat. I have come all the way here to learn the secret technique!”

“Oh, you want to learn the secret technique.” The Yardratian smiled. He then narrowed his eyes and urged, “Your heartbeat and temper tell me you’re not lying. We, Yardratians, are a peace-loving race, and since you don’t mean any harm, please follow me.”

That Yardratian simply looked at Muyang as if he had judged Muyang’s goodness and invited Muyang into their tribe.

Muyang was startled, then reacted immediately. He was not surprised and recoiled at the Yardratian’s ability.

They could insight everything about the other through details; this ability was too terrifying.

Seeing that the Yardratian had gone far away, Muyang was busy following up.

Now, he finally had time to take a good look at the other man, who looked to be very old.

His pink forehead was covered with a round of wrinkles, large, protruding bags under his eyes, and two pointed ears.

He was wearing the costume that the Son Goku had worn when he returned from the Planet Yardrat.

It seemed that he was a very important man in Yardratian’s community.

Muyang just wanted to sense the strength of the Yardratian with his ki but was horrified to discover that the Yardratian’s had no ki response at all.

“No need to probe. I’ve converged all the ki on my body… No, I should say that all my ki has disappeared.” The Yardratian walking in front smiled back.

Muyang scratched his head, awkwardly, “I’m sorry; I was reckless.”

The Yardratian smiled, “It doesn’t matter. Most races in the universe will only rely on scouter. There are not many that can use ki sensing like you, which means that your home planet race is also a race that is truly quiet and possesses extraordinary intelligence.”

With a special glance at Muyang, he said and continued, “For such a race, we are willing to exchange.”

Muyang was somewhat embarrassed by the Yardratian’s words. Of course, earthlings were certainly an intelligent race, but to say that the reason for developing ki detection was because earthlings were inherently weak, which caused them to have to study every trace of ki thoroughly.

This was not the case with the Yardratian, who had an extremely high power level but had also quietly worked out a way to make their ki disappear.

“Does your ki disappears because of the use of a secret technique?” Muyang asked tentatively.

The Yardratian didn’t hide anything and very generously said, “Yes, this is our Yardratian secret technique – Ki Concealment! It will not reveal a trace of ki.”


That was the same as the High-Level God.

The true High-Level God, such as the Supreme Kai, God of Destruction, and the Angel, had no ki on them.

Against them, the ki sensing that was taught became utterly ineffective.

When confronted with such an enemy, he was really blind. All past combat experience was useless. It was like the average aliens losing their scouter.

Even worse than that, after all, the aliens relied on the scouter, but it wasn’t like they didn’t react to ki intensity at all.

“The secret technique of the Planet Yardrat is truly magical.” Muyang held his breath for a long time, really not knowing what words to use to describe it.

If Planet Yardrat had more people learning this secret technique, then his previous detection of Planet Yardrat would have been inaccurate. At the very least, a few true masters were left out.

“Haha, this was all summed up a little bit by the ancestors from the era of slash and burn, hunting pots.” The Yardratian laughed and walked ahead, “We’ve arrived!”

Coming back to consciousness, the Yardratian had brought Muyang to the front of an ancient pyramid building.

It was a square stepped pyramid with intricate and varied graphic symbols floating on every stone of the tower, seemingly reflecting the particular culture.

“Elder Darank!”

When the person guarding the pyramid’s entrance saw the Yardratian beside Muyang, his face immediately showed reverence and very politely addressed the other man.

“Sida, I want to bring this guest into the secret technique stone chamber.”

The Yardratian, named Darank, said to the guards guarding the door.

“Please come in, both of you.”

Sida made room for the two to enter.

Muyang looked at the old man beside him in amazement. It turned out that this Yardratian, who had brought him here, was actually an elder of a community.

What was even more surprising to Muyang was that this gate guard named Sida was the master whose power level he had sensed earlier was around 9000.

Even he had to be revered by Elder Darank in front of him, so it could be imagined how high this elder’s status was.

It seemed that there were even more masters on Planet Yardrat than he had imagined.

Entering through the granite stone door, Muyang followed Elder Darank into a spacious tunnel.

Muyang walked behind, from time to time, observing the patterns on both sides. Just like the stone walls outside, the walls on both sides were carved with lifelike totem symbols.

Because it was too long ago, the texture on the surface of the tunnel had become mottled.

Soon, they walked through the long tunnel and entered an open area. Inside were many stone walls with various complex patterns carved on them.

“This stone tower was built by the Planet Yardrat Ancestor with endless effort. There are many such stone walls inside. On them are floating inscribed many secret techniques of our Planet Yardrat. You can choose one of them to learn, but not more than two at most. You are not a Yardratian and cannot withstand the spiritual shock from above.”

“If you learn too many, you will instead collapse because you cannot withstand the shock!” Planet Yardrat Elder Darank gave cautions.

“You’re not afraid that I will learn it and spread your secret technique abroad?” Muyang was surprised at the Yardratian’s generosity. If it were himself, he would not have wanted to be so generous.

Elder Darank smiled and shook his head, “Even if you learn it, you can’t spread it out. The secret technique here needs a spiritual inheritance to learn it. It can’t be comprehended anywhere else but here.”

Whether or not the secret technique’s news would attract people’s prying eyes with malicious intentions after it was spread out, Elder Darank was not worried.

Not to mention that the Yardratian were uncontroversial with the world, but in terms of powerful people, they did not lack at all.

Even if Frieza himself came, they weren’t afraid.

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