Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 186


“Next, you will be here to enlighten the secret techniques. Remember to choose two at most, or your soul won’t be able to bear it.” Elder Darank admonished again.

His attitude was very friendly, so friendly that it was flattering to Muyang.

“I understand. Thank you for Elder’s warning.”

Muyang looked around at a towering stone wall and asked, “Elder Darank, do you have any secret techniques to increase your soul power here?”

“The training of the soul is a taboo.”

Elder Darank frowned. Generally speaking, soul strength was related to spirituality. More importantly, the secret techniques in the universe related to soul training had always been taboo to the dimensional level.

Muyang saw Elder Darank’s attitude and had to tell him about Mexia’s situation Elder Darank thought about it after hearing it and shook his head, “We have a secret technique here called ‘Divine Divided Soul Tempering,’ but it requires a powerful spirit to practice it. If your wife hadn’t died, she could have been able to practice it, but now it’s too late.”

After hearing this, Muyang was silent and didn’t speak. The secret techniques of the Planet Yardrat could only be practiced in this stone room.

All secret techniques could only be intended but not transmitted, so they wouldn’t gain any knowledge if they went out.

It simply couldn’t be taught to a second person.

As for why Cell and Majin Buu were able to learn it, Muyang could only say that their comprehension and chance were too good.

For Cell, it was because they had survived from the self-bombing and had seen the nature of Instant Transmission in a near-death situation.

Therefore, by becoming a Super Perfect Cell prompted by the Saiyans’ Genes, he learned Instant Transmission at the same time.

As for Majin Buu, despite his usual silly appearance, he was a genius who could learn anything with a glance.

Of course, this was only about Majin Buu’s talent in learning martial arts; his foolishness didn’t seem to be an act. Perhaps he was really foolish in his bones.

At this time, Elder Darank didn’t disturb him and walked out of the stone chamber with his hands behind his back.


In the empty stone room, there was soon only one person left, Muyang.

The Yardratian was really odd. They obviously had great strength and countless magical secret techniques, but he was content to live on the tiny Planet Yardrat and never showed their power outside. Such a racial character was uncommon. Muyang did not expect that there was such a clean race in the universe.

Shaking his head and not thinking about it, Muyang gathered around the glowing green patterns and watched.

A scene of wondrous inexplicable scenes immediately appeared in his mind. These scenes were the training method of the Planet Yardrat’s secret technique.

The secret technique of the Planet Yardrat was actually hidden within the texture of these patterns.

“Find the tablet that records ‘Instant Transmission’ first!”

As his eyes wandered over the stone carvings, a dazzling array of secret techniques surfaced in his mind.

Each one of them extremely magical. Muyang wanted to learn every single one of them; however, just as Elder Darank had said, his spiritual power could only allow him to learn two at most.

Muyang followed a slab of stone. He walked around the stone chamber and finally found the “Instant Transmission” training technique on a slab in the stone room corner.

“The first secret technique is determined to be ‘Instant Transmission.’ After that, I can look for any more suitable ones.”

After choosing “Instant Transmission,” Muyang looked around again.

A thousand strange secret techniques were floating under Planet Yardrat. There were simple techniques suitable for use in life and powerful secret techniques ideal for battle.

When it counted, there were as many as five hundred different kinds of secret techniques. Still, most of them were of the auxiliary type.


A peculiar pattern on a stone slab attracted his attention. Penetrating his spirit into it, it was as if he felt countless strange ripples floating on his retina.

Upon closer inspection, another strong shock wave swept over him. When the effect of this secret technique was known, the corner of Muyang’s mouth curled into a smile.

“Vacuum Inner Breath!”

It was amazing how people could survive in a vacuum.

When he knew the effect of this secret technique, Muyang knew that he didn’t need to consider it.

This was the second secret technique he chose.

The “Vacuum Inner Breath” didn’t mean that the flesh could survive in the vacuum for a long time. It relied on the body’s ki inner breath to greatly adapt to the vacuum environment. Once the ki was depleted, it would also face the danger of death.

However, for Muyang, who couldn’t move around in the vacuum of the universe, this effect couldn’t be more appropriate.

“Instant Transmission, Vacuum Inner Breath! With these two secret techniques, the universe is big enough for me to come and go as I please.” Muyang expressed his satisfaction.

The next step was learning time. The secret techniques of Planet Yardrat were challenging to practice. Even Son Goku had spent more than half a year to learn an Instant Transmission.

Muyang was going to use the next few years to learn these two secret techniques.

“But before that, let’s open up the Acceleration Space a bit.” Muyang opened a gap in the Acceleration Space passage and awakened the Mexia inside.

Such a small gap also consumed much less of his spiritual energy than opening it fully.

“Mexia, through this little gap, can you see the outside view?”

Because the Acceleration Space was filled with the divine ki that Muyang stole from North Kai’s Planet, just like a small Kai Space, Mexia wouldn’t be affected by the rules of the World of the Living, and her body wouldn’t disappear even if a little channel were opened.

“Mmhmm, I can see it.” The clear and pleasant voice sounded. Mexia saw the scene in the stone chamber through that small passage.

To harmonize the Acceleration Space with the outside scene, Muyang adjusted the Acceleration Space’s time flow rate so that it was one to one, making it perfectly synchronized.

“Senior brother, is this Planet Yardrat?”

“Yes. Now, I’m going to find you the ‘Divine Divided Soul Tempering’ secret technique. According to the elders of Planet Yardrat, this secret technique helps increase soul power.”

“Wow, then hurry up and find it for me!” Mexia’s two eyes looked out through the small passage, clearly unable to wait.

Muyang nodded and searched for her, asking, “Besides ‘Divine Divided Soul Tempering,’ what else do you want to learn? Do you want to learn the ‘Vacuum Inner Breath’ that I chose as well? It will help you after your reincarnation. “

“Yes!” Although she didn’t know what kind of secret technique ‘Vacuum Inner Breath’ was, she still agreed out of her trust in Muyang.

After choosing a secret technique for Mexia and fixing a special channel for her, Muyang could finally put his mind at ease of practice.

The first thing he learned was “Instant Transmission.”

This secret technique was very complicated; it might take him a year to comprehend. However, when he started to learn in front of the stone slab, a strong shock entered his eyes.

A severe stinging pain acted on his nerves, making his spirit depressed. He then knew that he had underestimated the mental requirements of the Planet Yardrat secret technique.

No wonder Elder Darank had repeatedly instructed him to choose only two secret techniques at most. These secret techniques really demanded too much mental strength.

“Instant Transmission is not only a secret technique; it also requires a high level of ki.”

Muyang repeatedly chewed on the information that came to him from the slate and found that the rapid movement of Planet Yardrat was a clever use of the wonderful sensing between ki.

With the help of reversing the space to achieve rapid movement, the transfer of the planet on a large scale and the grasp of ki would require extremely precise manipulation.

With poor perception, one could not find the location of the target.

If the perception ability was strong enough, but the operation ability was not good, it would be easy to have an accident.

If there were a deviation and the instantaneous transfer to the planet near the target or among the universe stars, it would be tragic.

In fact, Muyang wanted to learn the most was the “Instant Transmission” mastered by Kibito, who was next to East Supreme Kai, which didn’t require ki positioning.

However, that wasn’t something that a mortal could learn. Kibito’s Instant Transmission was a talent of the Gods, and only the Supreme Kai Apprentice and Supreme Kai could master it.

Even the God of Destruction, Beerus, couldn’t. So Muyang could only look and wonder.

Then again, Instant Transmission on the planet Yardart was difficult. At least it was less demanding on the practitioner!

The more complex something was, the more valuable it seemed!

Muyang then calmly combed through the information on the slate, understanding it a little bit according to the information transmitted on the slate…

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