Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 190


Time Freeze was the most unguardable move.

Unless a person was equally proficient in time ability or a strong person whose strength far exceeded the caster by many times over, they would not be able to react under the condition of Time Freeze.

It was good that Muyang had just alertly used Instant Transmission, leaving Guldo unable to find him.

At this time, a killing intent suddenly burst out from Muyang’s eyes.

Such a character was enough to threaten him; it was better to kill Guldo before it was too late!

Upon thinking of this, Muyang no longer hesitated. His body quickly flashed, and instantly countless unseen afterimages appeared in the vast palace.

Guldo had never encountered such a scene before. He had just frozen time once again, and there were actually more than two hundred dense shadows in front of his eyes. Which one of them was the real body!

By the time he finished running one by one to find the real body, his breath would no longer be able to be held back.

At this moment, tearful sweat beads appeared on Guldo’s forehead.

Without exterminating a few virtual shadows, Guldo was exhausted and panting.

Honestly, Guldo’s power level wasn’t weak, but all of his abilities were used on superpowers.

In terms of his body’s strength itself, Guldo could be said to be at the bottom of all the Ginyu Force members. Now that this happened, he was suddenly dumbfounded.

This situation was like the original story, where Vegeta used fast power to break Guldo’s superpowers.

At this point, Muyang was using the same technique, only with the effect of Instant Transmission added to it.

“Hooooo…” Guldo gasped sharply.

“It seems like you’ve almost exhausted your ki. Honestly, it’s too dangerous to keep you.” Muyang’s icy voice came out, but the figure never showed up.

“How is it possible that I couldn’t find you!” Guldo screamed.

“That’s the biggest flaw in your superpower. Go to hell!”

Muyang still hadn’t shown himself, but from the corners of the palace flew countless ki rays that shone brightly!


Guido stared in panic. His four eyeballs bursting with glittering flashes, and time was once again stilled. A single blinding ray intertwined, forming a dense net of ki rays.

That was close!

If this attack struck him, it would peel him off and leave him dry.

Guldo wiped a cold sweat and carefully crawled between the ki rays.


The Time Freeze relieved once again, and the entire palace resounded with a loud bang.

That ki stirred up and annihilated the whole palace. A huge mushroom cloud was rising in place.

Over a thousand meters away, Guldo’s short, fat body was revealed. His forehead was oozing with sweat.

“So close, it was so close. Who the hell is that guy?”

The opponent was too powerful; he’d better leave early.

However, as soon as he turned around, Guldo’s expression froze. A cold, frosty face came into his eyes.

He opened his mouth just to launch his superpower, but Muyang’s actions were even faster than his.



At the moment Guldo launched Time Freeze, Muyang raised the ki in his body. The base multiplier Kaio-ken was cast out, and his entire body dyed in a dark red glow.


The original power level of 42,000 suddenly climbed to 63,000! The nearly six-fold gap in power level caused him to break free of Guldo’s supernatural restraints. A dizzying backlash made Guldo lightheaded.

Before he could regain consciousness, Muyang took a stride, arriving close to Guldo’s heel.



A hand blade sliced through the void, and the head flew up in the air as Guldo’s mouth opened in horror.


Like the sound of a watermelon hitting the ground, Guldo’s head spun around several times in the air and landed on the floor. His four eyes still penetrating with disbelief.

“Damn, I can’t believe my powers can’t hold you,” Guldo screamed.

“You have over ten thousand power levels, but you don’t know how to use them because you rely too much on your superpowers.”

Muyang was generous enough not to dodge at this point. However, one finger pointed at Guldo, and brilliant, eye-catching ki glowed at his fingertips.

“I am not pleased….” Guldo opened his mouth.


Guldo’s head was pierced by the ki rays, boarding as if a watermelon had burst. Viscous liquid splattered all over the ground.

Silently looking at Guldo’s head that shattered into pulp and half of his body without his head, Muyang’s eyebrows locked.

He lamented that the abilities of life in the universe were really bizarre.

This Guldo, if he didn’t rely too much on his supernatural to keep up with his power, with this magical talent of his, he could definitely become a prominent figure.

However, it was too late now. In the original story, Vegeta was able to take advantage of the opportunity to kill him, let alone face him a few decades earlier.

Ah, choo… Muyang sneezed. The humid environment of this planet made him feel uncomfortable.

It was better to leave early!

As he thought of this, Muyang was disengaged. He closed his eyes and was about to plan to use Instant Transmission.

However, several powerful and cold ki came from space at this moment and was approaching Planet Demen continuously at a breakneck speed.

Muyang’s face became heavy. Judging from those four powerful ki strands, each of them had a power level no less than Muyang’s normality.

“Beep!” “Beep!” “Beep!” “Beep!”

The scouter is Muyang’s arms pulsed wildly.





The three data kept showing up. However, when the fourth power level was detected, the scouter couldn’t withstand the upper limit and burst into flames with a bang.

It should be known that the scouter in Muyang’s hands came from the Melukojo from Planet Tucamand; the detection limit was over 65,000 power levels.

If such a scouter burned up, it meant that one of those powerful beings approaching Planet Demen had a power level of over 65,000.


Was it the Ginyu Force?

Because he had just met Guldo, the first thing that flashed up in Muyang’s mind was the Ginyu Force’s name.

Now that there were still more than thirty-six years from the start of the original story and forty-eight years from the Namek Saga, it was normal for Ginyu Force members’ strength to be close to the detection result.

In his estimation, even Captain Ginyu was not at his peak 120,000 power level right now. With the use of the Kaio-ken, Muyang was fully capable of fighting him.

Then let’s see what kind of strength the North Area’s top Special Forces Team had!

Muyang grinned. A cold light flashed in his eyes as deep as a black hole. His heart yearned to see a high-intensity battle.

However, Captain Ginyu’s superpower of changing bodies was overwhelming, so it was better for him to make some preparations as early as possible.

Therefore, Muyang opened the Acceleration Space, fixing a small spatial channel as he had done on Planet Yardrat.

“Mexia, I’m going to face a strong enemy later. Take a good look at your husband’s heroic appearance.” Muyang sent a message to Mexia in the Acceleration Space.

“I like the show!” Mexia wrinkled her nose.

Her soul floating in the air, and her spirit billet made its way to the passage entrance, observing the scene outside through a level of space.

“Cheer up!” Mexia parted and waved her arms.

Muyang stroked his chin and said to Mexia’s spirit billet, “There will be a purple-skinned alien who will have a superpower of replacing his body, so you watch out for me.”

Mexia’s soul couldn’t be counted on because she was still unstable. However, Mexia’s spirit billet was differentiated from the “Divine Divided Soul Tempering” of Planet Yardrat, combined with the spiritual ki of Accelerated Space condensed out; sometimes, it could help Muyang.

Hmph!” Mexia’s spirit billet nodded repeatedly.

Upon hearing this, Muyang smiled and gazed sternly at the sky. Soon, a brown disc-shaped spaceship appeared overhead.

With a rumbling sound, the spaceship slowly descended. A fierce whirlwind blew up, blowing the ferns around it to the east and west.

Seeing the distinctly styled disc spaceship, Muyang fixed his mind and said, “It is a spaceship of the Frieza Forces. It seems to be the Ginyu Force.


After the spaceship came to a halt, with the violent ki coming over, four upright figures appeared in front of Muyang.

The one at the forefront was Captain Ginyu, with purple skin and black horns on his head; his lavender strapping body was like a small mountain, with a heavy sense of oppression all over his body. The two black horns on his head reflected bright light under the sunlight.

On either side of him, three equally upright figures followed, with similarly good power level.

However, after seeing the faces of the four people clearly, Muyang frowned slightly.

Other than Captain Ginyu and the red-skinned, white, long-haired alien next to him who seemed to be called Jeice, the other two people he had no memory of.

“Those two didn’t appear in the original story. Are they the early members of the Ginyu Force?”

Muyang guessed. As the most elite special force unit under the Frieza, the Ginyu Force had carried out a high-intensity difficult mission.

Personnel turnover could occur. Just like the previous Guldo, wasn’t he killed in advance…

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