Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 193


Captain Ginyu gloomily stopped for a long time. Looking at the humid and oppressive environment around him, he suddenly threw a ki ball like a vent.

Suddenly the sky broke, and the ground cracked. An extra opening was made in the crustal plate of Planet Demen, spewing out lava in the mantle.

In the universe, 10,000 power level was a watershed. Even a large-scale attack below 10,000 power level would only exterminate the species on the planet at most. It was not that easy to destroy the entire planet.

However, the attacks of a strong person with 10,000 power levels or more could easily change the planet’s plate structure, causing irreversible damage.

Even more so, like Frieza’s stream, the power of a single wave of the hand could wipe out the entire planet from the universe.

At this time, Captain Ginyu was full of anger, and Planet Demen suddenly fell into an apocalypse. The geological structure of hundreds of millions of years had violently changed.

“Let’s go. Let’s hurry up and build up the Ginyu Force before this thing affects King Frieza.” Captain Ginyu said with a cold expression. A wave of monstrous anger buried beneath his icy voice.

“Understood, Captain.” Jeice paled and responded in a loud voice.

As an alien who had managed to stay alive during Muyang’s attack, Jeice was now craving a strong partner.


Next, Ginyu and Jeice both boarded the disc-shaped spaceship. They ordered the alines inside to take the spaceship to its next destination.

The members that were lost this time on Planet Demen were to be replaced in the shortest possible time.

The disc spaceship left Planet Demen at high speed with a swoosh and disappeared into the slow universe.

And what they left behind was an apocalyptic scene.

The damp continent rose with searing steam from the lava’s heat that spread across the entire continent.

It wasn’t long before a blood-red color replaced the pale green planet. Hot streams of lava blasted out from beneath the ground’s crust.

These streams fell from the sky into a rain of lava that flooded the ground and then continued to flow back into the mantle along with the low points of the plates.

For the next five months, Captain Ginyu and Jeice traveled from planet to planet. According to the powerful information network, he was able to recruit several Universe Warriors.

These Universe Warriors were all vicious people who were making a fortune on one side or the other.

Their power level was all over 30,000, except for a few cosmic people who were unwilling to work for Frieza and were killed by Ginyu mercilessly, leaving only three of them behind in the end.

They were:

Burter, who claimed to be the fastest in the universe, had 37,000 power levels!

The ferociously violent red-haired warrior, Recoome, with 42,000 power level!

The Demoness Natani with bizarre superpowers and 46,000 power levels!

Among them, Burter and Recoome were the original members who joined the Ginyu Force.

The Demoness Natani was the Demon Queen of Dark Planet and the only female in Ginyu Force.

With the group of five assembled, Ginyu was finally relieved to deliver to King Frieza.


North Area, Southern Region.

Frieza First Star Territory, Headquarters Planet.

It was a distinctly high-tech planet. As the heart of Frieza Force, the most powerful legion under Frieza’s command was stationed here.

An air fortress in the sky swirls around the headquarters planet like a fortress, monitoring every spaceship that lands on the planet.

It hadn’t been more than a few years since Frieza had taken over this sector of the planet.

Everything here had been built for him by his father, King Cold. As King Cold’s youngest son, the young Frieza enjoyed all the care his father gave him.

Inside the modern and fully modernized palace, Frieza was leisurely sitting on a hall with a raised glass.

Opposite him, on top of the tall throne, a big statured cosmic man with two curved horns lay down dashingly on the throne.

With his chin propped up, sipping red wine, looking leisurely and comfortable, the strapping figure that was close to three meters tall.

It made his entire appearance look oppressive.

He was the overbearing figure of the North Area, King Cold!

“Father, do you see this territory of mine? Soon, I will make all life on it feel the taste of fear.” Frieza pursed his lips and raised his glass.

His blood-red eyes were glowing with ferocity.

Now, much younger than he will be in the future, Frieza, who has taken over a large portion of King Cold’s territory, wants to make something of himself soon.

All of it was to impress his father and to make his brother, Cooler, afraid to underestimate him.

King Cold laughed, “Yes, as a member of the Universe Overlord, you should show such dominance. If you go along with it, you will die with it. This entire universe is just a plaything for our family.”

“Your brother, Cooler, rules the North Area Northern Part. I’m giving you a large southern territory to take care of. Don’t compare yourself to Cooler.”

“Rest assured, Father, I will not be inferior to my brother.” Frieza’s eyes narrowed.

He immediately showed his determination to his father.

King Cold nodded with a smile. His eyes were becoming deeper as he watched his younger son’s spirited appearance.

King Cold had ruled the North Area for an unknown number of years. He has developed his lonely and domineering character after years of emperor career.

However, with the rise of his eldest son, Cooler, King Cold felt a hidden threat. In contrast, the younger Frieza was very obedient to him, so he was happy to strengthen Frieza against Cooler.

“But there is something I want to remind you. Although you are the most talented of our clan and father believes that you will surpass all of us in the future, there are two people you should never mess with. They are strong people that none of our clan can face.”

King Cold’s face suddenly changed, and said to Frieza very solemnly.

Frieza was surprised and asked in confusion, “Father, are there people in this world that we can’t mess with?”

King Crude said solemnly, “One of them is called the Majin Buu, and the other is called the God of Destruction Beerus. Both of them are famous and ferocious people in ancient times, especially that God of Destruction Beerus, who is rumored to be able to destroy the entire universe with ease. Our ancestors once offended him, resulting in a significant loss of strength. The number of clansmen is only a mere single digit. “

“There’s such a terrifying person!” Frieza stared at him. He was taken aback.

King Cold nodded thoughtfully, “I heard that the God of Destruction, Beerus, has an infinite lifespan and has survived from the ancient past until now. Although he doesn’t hang out in the universe much, there is still occasional news of his appearance in some places. So, you should be careful and never provoke the other side.”

“As for that Majin Buu, although he was no less terrifying than the God of Destruction, Beerus, but like Beerus, he hasn’t appeared for a long time. I’ve heard that he’s been sealed away, so you’ll just have to know the name.”

“Hmm.” Frieza, who always listened to King Cold’s words, nodded his head with a hum.

However, he was surprised that the God of Destruction, Beerus, had survived for so long. Was there really someone in the universe who could live for so long?

At that moment, an alien in a universal cosmic battle-armor rushed into the palace and knelt to report.

“King Cold, King Frieza, we have just received word that Captain Ginyu has returned with his Ginyu Force and is now waiting outside the Great Hall.”

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