Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 197


Muyang grabbed the small purple card and looked at it.

On the front of the card was the logo symbol of the Galactic Patrol. Underneath it was a series of strange digital numbers, which should be the number broadcasted by the little robot, while on the back, there was a galaxy drawn with a spinning top in the middle. 

When Muyang stared at that spinning top, he felt a strange energy. The location coordinates of the Galactic Patrol automatically appeared in Muyang’s mind.

The Galactic Patrol’s Headquarters was located in the center of the four galaxies in East, South, West, and North.

The first time Muyang knew about this organization was when he watched “Jaco the Galactic Patrolman” biography in his previous life.

It was a prequel to the Dragon Ball story about Bulma’s sister, Tights, Galactic Patrolman Jaco, and Dr. Omori, who lived on an isolated island.

The story included how Bardock and his wife Gine, on the eve of the destruction of Planet Vegeta, sent Son Goku fleeing from Planet Vegeta overnight, which kind of restored the truth of Son Goku’s arrival on Earth.

“The Galactic Patrol is located in the center of the galaxy. Its leader is the Galactic King. The Galactic Patrol has a small number of internal members, but it bears the heavy responsibility of maintaining the galaxy’s stability. Therefore, many times, when they face strong enemies, they need to send foreign aid or free mercenaries.”

Muyang briefly introduced the situation of the Galactic Patrol.

Mexia said, “So this organization is still a decent one.”

Muyang said, “That’s for sure. Even the mercenaries recruited in the broadcast just now are required to be good.”

From the previous series of words, it wasn’t hard to analyze that the Galactic Patrol was like a mercenary platform.

It gathers all good life forms within the galaxy that were eligible to receive missions from the organization. 

Mexia asked with interest, “Senior brother, do you want to join this organization?”

Muyang closed his eyes and pondered, “Joining the Galactic Patrol and using their intelligence network would be a good way to train. After all, it’s too aimless for a person to fly around the universe.”

“So, we’re going there now?” Mexia yelled.

Muyang shook his head and said, “We’ll talk about this later. The Galactic Patrol is located in the center of the four galaxies; it may take years to get there. We haven’t been back to Earth in many years, so let’s go back and take a look first.”

Speaking of Earth, they had been out for more than five years. A feeling of homesickness had arisen, and they wondered how everyone was doing.

Mexia was also missing her parents, and her excursions were diminished, “Senior brother, let’s go back to Earth.” 

“Okay, let’s go back there!”


North Area, Earth.

This very remote azure planet in the Southern Part had undergone drastic changes over the past few years.

It had been six and a half years since the demons invasion. As time passed, the memories of that year had begun to blur, but the demons’ impact on the planet was becoming more profound.

The opening of the martial arts era had changed the entire landscape of the planet. Now, martial arts practitioners were the most respected profession.

As long as someone wasn’t a criminal, they could receive a hefty monthly stipend after becoming martial arts practitioners.

If they were to join the Central City and teach in a martial arts dojo established by the Central City, the salary would be extremely high.

Of course, the assessment of martial arts practitioners wasn’t easy. The Central City had standards that only practitioners with an energy index of over 2000j, or 20 power level, could be called a martial arts practitioner.

This requirement wasn’t really high for the martial arts school disciples, but it was a bit harder for the ordinary martial arts practitioner.

The good news was that with the gradual spread of the Kami School Martial Arts, everyone had access to martial arts that were more suitable for the earthlings.

Just four years ago, the 13th World Martial Arts Tournament ended, and many elites emerged.

Although the eventual winners couldn’t compare to the 12th World Martial Arts Tournament, they were all rare elites among ordinary people.

The schedule of these tournaments was faithfully recorded by cameras and made into DVDs for sale.

As soon as the first DVD’s hit the market, it was hotly contested by people who had been waiting for a long time to get their hands on it.


West City.

The spacious streets were crowded with tourists passing by, continually discussing the hot topics of the day.

The prosperity of science and technology extended to the area closer to the suburbs. The smooth board and slick roads brought ease of travel for all.

The bus stopped at a platform, and a handsome young man stepped down from the bus with a “chap.”

A few years ago, this fresh and natural countryside scenery had returned to the way it was before the demon invasion.

If it wasn’t for the cylindrical skeleton presented in the distant mountain peak, the ki waves must have wiped out the entire mountain; it was impossible to imagine that this place had become a ruin a few years ago.

“Senior brother, the scenery here is beautiful, just like the Great Azure Mountain.”

Mexia floated beside Muyang; her small body was like a genie.

“It’s quite pretty.” Muyang had a smile on his face, “April’s school is near here. I heard that she has now stayed on as a researcher and leads the research and development department, which is a fulfillment of her childhood dream.”

This young man was indeed Muyang, who had returned from outer space.

After returning to Earth, Muyang and Mexia first went to Korin Tower. Several years later, a new group of people was on top of Korin Tower. Korin was happy to teach these people martial arts.

The results of the Elixir of Immortality made by Korin also came to fruition. This time, the results were so good that all the ingredients together actually produced 15 elixirs, a few more than expected.

After getting the Elixir of Immortality, they returned to the Great Azure Mountain. The elders they hadn’t seen for years were still the same, but their strength had increased a lot more than before.

Muyang chatted with Isaac and the others about the outside training, while Mexia controlled her tiny body to chat with Alice, Yula, and the others.

Overall, there wasn’t much change in general for all of the Kami School except for their strength and age.

Instead, the development of the town below the Great Azure Mountain had progressed by leaps and bounds.

Now, the Azure Mountain City had been established, and the Central City had sent a special work team stationed in it as well.

By the way, after Muyang and Mexia’s junior sister, Ness got married to junior brother, Aso. She gave birth to a daughter named Kanalita.

This little one inherited Ness’s red hair and cute appearance, but her talent was brilliant.

She would probably become the most accomplished of all the Kami School’s successive disciples besides Muyang.

That was why Isaac and a few other elders paid special attention to her. They also intended to let Muyang take her as a disciple.

Muyang also quite liked Kanalita, so he promised to take her as a disciple in the future.


After living in the Great Azure Mountain for a few days, he left each of the seven elders, including Isaac and Alice, with one Elixir of Immortality each.

Muyang and Mexia came down the mountain to visit April in West City. According to Isaac and the others, April was now growing very well. 

“I haven’t seen April in a long time. She’s nineteen, I think.” Mexia said smilingly.

She liked April very much. Apart from the fact that this little sister was very nice, it was mainly because she had a lovely face with brilliant emerald green eyes.

Her skin was so rosy and delicate that even Mexia couldn’t help but want to nibble on her face when she saw her.

“Yes, almost nineteen this year.”

Muyang was startled. Calculating April’s age, when he first met her, she was still only five years old. A little over ten years had passed; April was now nineteen. 

“I wonder if she has found a boyfriend. Who will she marry in the future?” Mexia landed on Muyang’s shoulder.

Muyang said, “It’s up to April. We can’t control that. However, April is so focused on her research that she shouldn’t be so preoccupied with her feelings.”

“Hey, I’ll have to find out what she’s up to then.” Mexia winked.

Muyang used his finger to touch Mexia’s face and raised her face, “Don’t worry about this thing. Mind your own business first.”

This girl, Mexia, couldn’t even manage herself, yet she was worried about April. Maybe now April was even more mature than her. After all, leading a team for research purposes was something.

The two of them were laughing and talking. Soon, they arrived at the research institute where April worked.

It was an institute founded by the school, and most of the researchers there were top students who graduated from the school.

“Excuse me, student, can you tell me where April’s office is?” Muyang pulled a young man who looked like a student.

The youth man looked at Muyang and said, “Who are you? What do you want to do with Miss April?”

April was a famous genius in the school. She was also a beautiful woman, and usually, many people who sought her out in various names were all slapped out of the room by her.

Had April become a teacher?

Muyang was surprised and said, “I’m her brother. Please take me to her.” 

“Miss April has a brother?” The young man looked at Muyang up and down, unsure if what he said was true. “Teacher April is usually very busy. If you lie, the consequence could be lying in the hospital for a few days.” 

Muyang smiled, “Just go and inform her. I think April will come to see me.”

“Alright, wait here.”

The young man was quite enthusiastic. In case this person really was teacher April’s brother, by doing so, he was leaving a good impression.

Upon looking at the young man’s back as he walked away, Mexia whispered in Muyang’s ear, “It seems that April is very popular.”

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