Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 198


The Underground Research Institute at the University of West City.

The inside of the clean laboratory was spotless. All the researchers wore white lab coats.

The indicators on the various instruments around them flickered on and off, shining with a different light.

Although these researchers were in a hurry, they were completing their work in an orderly manner.

There was a dark, hard substance floating in a pale blue glass vessel, which looked like stone, but was less dense than even water.

April wore a lab coat and a black-framed pair of glasses above her nose.

“The density and hardness are very unusual. The testing equipment also detected a faint energy circuit, but there is no energy input in this pure vessel. Is the stone actually generating its own energy? What is its principle? Is it illogical? Is it the same as the Lookout or Senzu Bean? A mysterious substance beyond the realm of mortals?” April wrote her thoughts on it in her experiment logbook.

The stone used as an experimental opponent was a relic left to her by her father, Claren.

There were three of them, and April had been studying it for years, never quite understanding its origin.

“Director April, there is an anomaly in Experiment Prototype number two; please go over and take a look at it.” A young man with black hair walked up to April’s side.

When April heard that there was a problem with the experimental prototype, she put down her work.

She walked towards the other lab, asking as she did so, “Dr. Gero, tell me more about the abnormality that occurred with the experimental prototype.”

“Yes. When the experiment was…” the young man named Dr. Gero nodded as he walked away and explained the situation in detail.

This young man named Gero was April’s classmate and a rare talent. They joined the Institute together after graduation.

 As of April’s second-in-command, Dr. Gero not only conducted experiments according to April’s instructions but also researched some other topics. 

For example, the second prototype that was now having problems was a robot that April had tried to create based on the drawings left by her father.

April was already a genius. After receiving the basic technology of the Dominian gifted by Muyang, her scientific research ability had risen to a higher level. With Dr. Ger’s assistance, she had already created the second generation of robots.

Click, the electronic door opened with a soft sound.

In the laboratory, through the transparent tempered glass, the surface of a three-meter-tall humanoid machine sparked and thudded out of control against the glass.

There was a loud, violent impact. The tempered glass cracked visibly, and the entire lab was plunged into a noisy mess.

Not far away, a teenager approached the lab bench to make observations, oblivious to the approaching danger.

“Dr. Brief, get out of the way; it’s too dangerous here.”

The other researchers saw it and immediately snapped with a change in their faces.

However, this time it was too late, the tempered glass shattered, and the out-of-control robot rushed into the lab.

Just as the teenager named Brief was dying, a slender arm reached out, and April stopped the out-of-control robot in front of her. Then, with a twist of her wrist, she knocked the entire riotous robot out of the sky.

“The robot smashed a hole in the wall of the lab with a loud bang.


With the robot still out of control, April’s azure eyes glazed over with a cold light, emitting a radiant glow from her onion-like fingers.


A chopstick-thick ki ray was fired out, instantly hitting the robot’s core processing location. With a rumbling, piercing explosion, the robot stopped moving.

April gasped with a pale face. Her body was weakly leaning against the lab table.

“Miss April, are you alright?” Dr. Brief, who had been saved by April, came over nervously, looking at a loss for words.

April waved her hand, “Dr. Brief, don’t be so impulsive in the future. I can’t explain to Panchy if something happens to you.”

Dr. Brief’s cheeks flushed as if he also felt regret for his recklessness.

At this time, there was silence in the lab. Dr. Gero came over with an excited face, “Director April, I didn’t think that you were actually a powerful martial arts practitioner. That was a ki wave. I’ve heard that it requires extremely profound power to be able to perform it.”

Dr. Gero’s mouth was like a gate that had been opened, and he couldn’t stop talking. April really wanted to slap it when she saw it.

Although April was able to release ki waves, this wasn’t something she could be proud of now.

If it was the past, she would have been excellent in the Kami School and could be proud of herself. 

However, this time was different. With Muyang passing down the Kami School training techniques from the previous Kami, disciples like her with 50 power levels were actually at the tail end of the ladder.

Those few excellent brothers and sisters had reached 100 power levels; even the juniors, who were coming after her, were surpassing her. 

“Dr. Gero, shut up!”

April had a fierce gleam in her eyes, and Dr. Gero shut his mouth knowingly.

Just then, a researcher ran over and said to April, “Director, there is a student outside looking for you. He said that there is a man from the school, claiming to be your brother…”

“My brother?” April frowned.

“Shall I rebuff him?”

April waved her hand, suddenly thinking of the figure of Muyang.

“No, if you’re talking about my brother, I do have one, but he shouldn’t be in… West City right now.” She originally wanted to say not on earth, but that would be too alarming. So she changed it to West City.

“I’m going to go out and take a look while you guys sort out the scene here.”

With that, April turned around with great dignity.

“Hey, Dr. Brief, Director April’s brother is here. Shall we go out and take a look?”

Curiosity flashed in Dr. Gero’s eyes. It was only today that he had learned that the clever April was a martial arts practitioner, so he was particularly curious about everything to do with her. 

Dr. Brief said, “I heard from Panchy that Director April’s brother is a very powerful martial arts practitioner.”

Dr. Gero’s eyes lit up, “Then what are you waiting for? Let’s go and check it out!”


On the other side, in a pavilion at the school’s side, Muyang was quietly waiting for April. With some candies and snacks on the stone table, all of which was April’s favorites.

“Senior brother, April’s a bit slow,” Mexia complained.

Muyang didn’t care, “She’s leading the experiment right now. She can’t get out of it at the moment; we’ll wait slowly.” 

“Look, isn’t that her?!”

The pavilion was located on a small hill inside the school. The view was very open. Muyang looked in one direction and saw a woman in a white coat running towards them. Her brown hair waving from side to side, it was indeed April. 

Behind her was also a growing fat blue dinosaur. It was April’s little friend Blue Dinosaur, Growlie.

After years of not seeing, April has grown up. She was nineteen years old. She was slender, bright-eyed, very beautiful.

With a curtain of brown hair that went straight to her shoulders, she was valiantly shy and had a very attractive sense of beauty.

However… How did April was short-sighted and also put on black-framed glasses?

Although this look was full of intellectual beauty.


With black-framed glasses, a white lab coat, brown hair with a few tufts of dull hair sticking up, the left side of the white lab coat had a piece of red, and the right side had a piece of blue. Even a good pair of shoes, the left and right sides were different styles.

How could such a pictorial had a sense of vested vision?

Muyang was lost for a while.

Previously, when he saw April dressed like this, he had no feeling. Now April’s figure had fully grown and opened up in front of him.

Her plump breasts stood out, especially wearing glasses and a lab coat… it always felt very similar to a particular figure.

Female scientist, brown hair, black mirrored glasses, unconventional outfit.

Oh boy!

This image… April was not supposed to be the Android 21!

Muyang was shocked by his own speculation.

If April really was the Android 21, she was a strong girl.

In the early stage, Android 17, Android 18, and Super Perfect Cell were nothing compared to Android 21.

The Majin Transformation’s Android 21 was more terrifying than Majin Buu.

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