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Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 206


The Galaxy Mercenary’s ID card was a multi-functional trading card that records all of the holder’s information, including their name, strength, points, mission records, and other key information. All future transactions on the Galaxy Mercenary platform can be made through this card.

The card was specially bound, so there was no need to worry about being used fraudulently.

Muyang took the card and logged into the computer center, checking the points. The new card’s raw points were related to the power level, and Muyang’s card had 120,000 raw points.

After rechecking the trading platform, the items on it were of various kinds, practical, ornamental, and many scientific and technical information.

However, the points required for exchange were shockingly high, and Muyang’s points were unusable.

Suddenly, technology caught his attention.

“The manufacturing technology of Saibamen.”

Muyang was surprised; the Saibamen was the “Green Humanoid Creature” planted by Nappa when Vegeta and Nappa invaded the earth in the original story.

Even this technology could be exchanged on the Galaxy Mercenary trading platform.

Although the Saibamen’s power level was only about 1200 and was nothing compared to Muyang, put six years ago when the demons invaded earth, it was a very troublesome existence.

It should be known that a Low-Level Planet could almost be called a Middle-Level Planet planet if it had a Saibamen.

Muyang was very interested in such a combat consumable that could be grown from seeds.

However, after looking at the back’s exchange points, which required a full 500,000 points, Muyang immediately felt penniless.

Without going on a quest and simply relying on raw points to purchase it, 500,000 power level was required to be eligible!

However, the good thing was that although he couldn’t buy the Saibamen technology, he could purchase the Saibamen seeds.

Two thousand points per piece weren’t too expensive. With his point, Muyang could buy a total of sixty.

“Please, prepare thirty Saibamen Seeds for me.”

Muyang immediately and very neatly spent 60,000 points.

“Okay, please wait a moment… this is the product you need.” The staff moved quickly.

Shortly after Muyang placed his order, they brought a white bottle with thirty Saibamen seeds in it.

Muyang inspected them and received them with satisfaction.

The Saibamen was very easy to plant. Just dig a small hole in the soil, plant it, and then pour a special nutrient solution. In a few seconds, a combat consumable with a power level of 1200 would be able to grow. This kind of Saibamen could survive for several hours and belonged to the forefront of fodder among many massive power struggles.

“Senior brother, what did you buy?” As she looked at Muyang’s very solemn appearance, Mexia asked curiously.

Muyang said, “This thing is called a Saibamen…” he then explained the function of the Saibamen. Mexia, Son Gohan, and Annin were stunned and exclaimed.

As expected, the universe was so big that even warriors from “seeds” could be found.

Son Gohan shouted, “This is good stuff. I want to buy a few too.”

Muyang said, “It’s a pity that the Saibamen’s manufacturing technology is too expensive. Otherwise, we could buy them and have April study them.”

In fact, Saibamen’s manufacturing technology was already considered one of the Androids technologies, and it could play a crucial role if appropriately used.

Next, he looked around for trading items on top of the platform. He used 30,000 points to purchase a Galaxy interstellar chart of the entire Galaxy.

This was a chart directly produced by the Galactic Patrol, depicting most of the planets in the entire universe.

With this, Muyang wouldn’t be afraid of losing his way when traveling in the Galaxy.

The last 30,000 points, Muyang figured he’d better save it for now. Maybe he’d need it later.

“By the way, you can register items for sale here, too, right?” Muyang asked the platform’s staff.

They replied, “As long as the merchandise does have value, it can be listed on the platform for sale, and we will keep the seller’s identity confidential. However, there is a five percent handling and appraisal fee.”

Muyang nodded and took out three Senzu Beans and gave them to the staff.

“Please place it on top of the platform. This is called Senzu Beans; it is a scarce healing sacred medicine. As long as there is still a breath left, take the Senzu Beans, and you will immediately return to your peak state.”

The staff member received the Senzu Bean with a shocked face and asked, “May I ask how much the price tag is?”

“Ten thousand points!”

Muyang originally wanted 100,000 points per piece, but he decided to mark the price a little lower to get his reputation out of the way first.

After all, the starting point of points was linked to the power level. Unless more quests were done, there shouldn’t be many people with high points.

As for whether or not the Senzu Beans would go out into the world, Muyang wasn’t worried. On the other hand, the Senzu Beans he sold would be very limited.

With an expansion to a scale as large as the universe, they would be invisible. Secondly, those who could enter the trading system were all certified legitimate mercenaries.

With the Other-World’s merit rating to endorse them, Muyang had faith in them for their character.

“Mm.” The staff nodded and quickly put the Senzu Beans up on top of the merchandising platform, although the number of purchases was still zero now.

Muyang believed that as long as it was confirmed that the Senzu Beans indeed possessed the healing effects mentioned above, people would flock to snapping them up even if the price tag was a little higher.

As each Senzu Bean was no different from giving the possessor an extra life in battle.

With that thought, it seemed that the Manufacturing Technology of Saibamen wasn’t far away anymore. Fifty Senzu Beans would be enough to buy it. However, there was no rush now.

As long as he could take the opportunity to mention the price once the authenticity of the Senzu Beans was verified, by then, even 100,000 points would be up for grabs.

A few Senzu Beans in exchange for the Manufacturing Technology of Saibamen, Muyang, felt that it was worth it.

After looking at the exchange column, Muyang’s eyes turned to the quest column to see what quests were on top of the Galaxy Mercenary’s Platform.

“South Area, kill Planet Tuman Demon King Sadalak, points 12,000.”

“East Area, solve the Planet Aolade mystery tower, points 70,000.”

“East Area, save Planet Bluebird species, points 13,000.”


“West Area, looking for the secret treasure lost by the Bach family, points 5,000.”

“North Area, kill ‘Cooler Armored Squadron’ member one, points 180,000!”

The missions on top of the Galaxy Mercenary Platform’s mission board were also varied. Many of them had been picked up, and many of them had been jointly executed.

However, there were always a few missions hanging there marked in distinctive red letters at the top of the mission platform. Still, the number of people who picked them up was very few.

These missions were all issued by the Galactic Patrol. Many of them were related to the survival of the living planet, such as the top one, “killing North Area King Cold, points 420 Million.”

This mission had been pending for an unknown number of years, but no one had ever completed it.

Also, things like “Kill Frieza,” “Kill Cooler,” “Kill Demon Beast Yakon”… were all marked with bright colors.

These expressly noted missions were challenging to execute and had already caused many bloodsheds, or no one was willing to take them at all from the time they were first put up, for different reasons.

In fact, although the Galaxy Mercenary was a huge platform with fighters from all over the Galaxy, limited by the distance and the speed of the spaceship, many of the remote missions that required several years to travel back and forth with a completely unequal reward wasn’t very popular and only a few people who willing to take it.

This also created a situation where the Central Area was relatively peaceful, while the four Galaxys of East, South, West, and North were much more chaotic. For those places, it was up to the Galactic Patrol to delegate people to handle them.

Of course, there were masters in the Central Area who were not inferior to Frieza and the others.

It was just that most of such masters were already indifferent to fame and fortune, living a reclusive life, and had long since stopped participating in Galactic Mercenary.

“Muyang, what mission are you going to take on?”

Son Gohan’s heart itched as he looked at so many masters on the list.

Muyang said, “It’s a little safer to start and pick up a lesser combatant to practice with.”

“That’s what I’m planning too.” Son Gohan nodded. A martial arts practitioner like him would undoubtedly pick the task of killing a specific person.

Although Son Gohan could exert 48,000 power levels if he exploded at full strength, who knew what kind of hidden techniques the alien beings in the universe had?

That was why it was better to pick the ones with less power level to do it, just to be safe.

The first thing that happened was that the two of them were both in the same situation.

With so many challenging objects, Son Gohan’s martial spirit was burning.

However, before they parted, Son Gohan had to buy himself a more advanced spaceship.

Although the spaceship that Muyang had given him before was already fast, the scope of the universe was too broad, and a few months or even years of time was too much to spend.

So, in the end, Son Gohan spent all his points to procure a spaceship that was four or five times faster than the previous one.

It would only take seven days to reach the Planet Namek with this spaceship.

Several people parted in the hall, and Son Gohan cheerfully walked towards his new spaceship.

“Muyang, I’m leaving first with Annin. I wish you all good luck with your mission.”

Muyang smiled, “Keep in touch. Don’t get into trouble in the middle of the journey. I don’t want to resurrect you with the Dragon Balls.”

Son Gohan yelled out, “Of course not. I’m not what I used to be.”

“Have a safe trip.”

“Same to you guys.”

As he watched Son Gohan and Annin board the spaceship and then disappeared into the sky with a “swoosh” through the clouds, Muyang touched Mexia on his shoulder.

“Let’s go now. The mission target is in the Northwest Part of the North Area.”

Just as they were about to leave, a green figure appeared in front of Muyang.

It was the Namekian that they had seen in the hall earlier.

“Mister, I heard that you seemed to mention the Planet Namek in the hall earlier. Can you tell me about the situation there?”

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