Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 207


Muyang fixed his eyes on the Namekian that appeared before him. Judging from the Namekian’s appearance, Muyang felt the pressure. This Namekian in front of him was definitely a master.

“Are you a Namekian from the North Area?” Muyang looked at the Namekian and asked.

“Yes. I’ve been away from my hometown for many years. Can you tell me about the situation there?” The Namekian suddenly smiled. “I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Birgil. I’m a Namekian wandering in the center of the galaxy.”

Seeing no malice on the Namekian, Muyang also smiled, “I’m Muyang, from the earth.” He then nodded, “This is my wife, Mexia, who is currently under some physical limitations for some reason.”

The Namekian Bilgir frowned at Mexia, “Your wife has had her soul damaged, and I feel a coldness.”

Muyang showed a startled expression and said in surprise, “Indeed, how can you tell that?”

Bilgir said, “I’ve lived for many years and have always had good eyesight. The Namekian is born with some strange abilities.”

Muyang nodded after hearing this; it was indeed true.

In the universe, the magical abilities of the Namekian were bizarre and unpredictable.

They were known as the most magical abilities along with the Yardratian’s secret techniques and the mysterious martial arts of the Metamoran.

The Grand Elder of the Planet Namek could develop the potential of the human body. The Namekian in front of him looked young, but according to what Annin had said, he was an old elder of the same generation as the Grand Elder.

So next, Muyang explained the current situation of Planet Namek and also talked about how Planet Namek’s environment was gradually recovering.

After hearing that, Bilgir was silent for a long time and said, “After more than three hundred years, I finally know the situation of Planet Namek. It turns out that I still have people who survived the climate catastrophe!”

“The Grand Elder now, is it Guru? It should be him; that guy’s got a lot of life in him,” Bilgir muttered.

There were several categories within the Namekians. There were Warrior-type Namekian, Common-type Namekian, and Special Namekian, with Warrior-type Namekian and Special Namekian being the rarest. The Special Type Namekian could make Dragon Balls.

Muyang couldn’t help but ask, “Birgil, since you’re at the Galaxy Mercenary Headquarters, you should be well informed here. Why didn’t you take a look at the Planet Namek yourself before?”

Bilgir shook his head, “After that climate cataclysm over three hundred years ago, everything on Planet Namek was reduced to legend, and no one visited Planet Namek at all. As for me, there are two reasons why I can’t get out of it, one being that I have my planet to defend, and two…”

At this point, Birgil laughed bitterly, “I’m staying in the Central Area to hide from a person.”

Muyang asked, ” Who is it?”

“Lord Slug. He’s an evil Namekian. I fought him in the early days, and though I left a scar on his head, I was severely wounded myself.”

“Lord Slug?” Muyang’s eyebrows moved; he was very startled.

Wasn’t that the legendary Super Namekian. So, Birgil had fought him?

“You know him?” Birgil was surprised.

“I’ve heard of it.” Muyang stalled.

With his eyes focused on Birgil, Muyang asked, “You were able to fight Lord Slug. May I ask how much power level you have?”

Birgil smiled calmly and said, “Based on the data is registered at the Galactic Mercenary Headquarters, I have 250,000 power level. If it’s applied at full strength, it’s about 7 million power level. Without testing, it should be about the same.”

“7 million power level!!!”

Hearing Birgil spoke out about his power level, both Muyang and Mexia couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air.

Muyang knew that there were many strong men in the entire universe. For example, Frieza with 120 million power levels, and Cold with 470 million power levels.

However, after all, these were only heard of, not seen before. The strongest master he had truly encountered was Captain Ginyu, with over 90,000 power levels.

This suddenly raised the power level he had seen to 7 million, making Muyang feel unreal.

As expected, for a great master, the power level was just a numerical value now.

“It’s amazing. How powerful it must be!”

Mexia, on the other hand, was stunned completely. She had never heard of millions of power level before, let alone see with her own eyes.

“You…. are amazing.” Muyang held it for a long time and spat out these words.

In front of such a master, Muyang was a little liable.

Birgil shook his head, “This is nothing. Many people in the universe are better than me. Everyone on the mission list is better than me.”

“By the way, do you want to take a look above the planet I live on. There’s something there; it might help your wife’s soul.” Birgil invited.

As soon as he heard that there was something there that was good for the soul, Muyang asked, “Where? Is there really such a thing there?”

Bilgir said, “Yes, there is, right on the Planet Ambera, where the ‘Spring of Life’ is supposed to help the soul. I have been able to maintain my current appearance thanks to the magic of the ‘Spring of Life.'”

Concerning whether or not Mexia could recover sooner, Muyang said, “Please, take me there!”

“Hahaha, of course.” Birgil laughed and quickly agreed.

Perhaps it was because Muyang had received the approval of the Grand Elder of Planet Namek that Bilgir was very friendly to Muyang.

Also, this was the confidence that a strong man possessed. For him, who was many times stronger than Muyang, bringing someone back to his planet was really not a big deal.

“Thank you,” Muyang said excitedly.

Mexia also blinked her clear eyes and looked at Birgil, the Namekian.

“Come with me. Planet Ambera is only a month or so away. You’ll be able to get there soon.” Birgil pointed out the location of Planet Ambera and was taking out the remote control to bring the spaceship over.

Muyang carefully looked at the star map, then closed his eyes and sensed it. There wasn’t any powerful scent that he could sense in that bearing of Planet Ambera, but there was a planet that could be transmitted on a course not far from Planet Ambera. By moving there instantly, it would only take three days to reach Planet Ambera.

“Birgil, I’ll take you there directly with Instant Transmission.”

After saying that, Muyang put one hand on top of the spaceship, and one hand was tapped at the eyebrow position.

At that moment, Mexia said, “Please place your hand on Muyang’s shoulder. His Instant Transmission can teleport us there.”

“Is there such a skill?”

Birgil couldn’t believe it. However, the view around them suddenly changed, and they had left the galactic star in the center of the bank.

“Hey, here’s the view. Wait, let me see, this is the Planet Carlo; it’s near the planet Ambera.”

Birgil thought it was a joke at first. However, after carefully identifying the surrounding stars and confirming that they had really arrived near Planet Ambera, he said with an incredulous face.

“It should be quick from here to Planet Ambera.”

“Well, three days is plenty of time.”

After all, Birgil had seen a lot of storms. He quickly calmed down and began to maneuver the spaceship to open the hatch.

After all of them had all entered the spaceship, Birgil entered the coordinates of Planet Ambera, and the spaceship quickly broke into the air.


Three days flew by in a flash.

Soon, Muyang and the others entered the solar system where the Planet Ambera was located. A giant blue planet appeared in the eye.

The blue planet was round, just like a silly little chubby mound. From a distance, they could sense the rich scent of life on it.

Muyang looked out towards the porthole. As the spaceship rounded one side of the Planet Ambera, a red-orange glow was revealed on the other side of the planet. Behind Planet Ambera, there seemed to be a vast planet hidden.

When Muyang and Mexia looked at the view as the spaceship flew along, they saw clearly what the planet looked like.

Both of them were about to drop their mouths.

It was a super crystal ball that was even bigger than any other planet. Under the sunlight, it was radiating a brilliant light. The orange-red giant object was scattered among a silent planetary system, looking spectacular!

“Senior brother, looking at that planet, why does it look so much like a Dragon Balls with a star on it? Is there such a big Dragon Ball in this world?”

Mexia began to be a little incoherent.

The Dragon Balls she had seen was the size of a fist on the earth. She also heard Muyang say that the Dragon Balls on top of Planet Namek was as big as a football… However, the one in front of her, it was enormous.

Even the earth would look small in front of it.

The earth is 12,700 kilometers in diameter, but this Dragon Ball in front of them was no less than 30,000 to 40,000 kilometers. It was three times the difference, and a whole twenty-seven times the difference in volume!

The size of the Dragon Balls was directly related to the power of the Shenron. With this size, how powerful Shenron would be?

“This is the… Super Dragon Ball!!!”

Muyang was also surprised as he gazed at the huge crystal planet in front of him.

He had never expected that he would actually see the legendary Super Dragon Ball here!

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