Dragon Ball God Mu

Dragon Ball God Mu Chapter 208


Super Dragon Balls, also known as Wish Planets, was a giant planet made by Dragon God Zalama in Divine Calendar Year 41.

There were seven of them in total, scattered in the Universe 6 and 7. When collected, they could summon the “Super Shenron” with unimaginable power.

The most prominent feature of the Super Dragon Balls was their size.

A single Super Dragon Ball had a diameter of over 37,000 kilometers, which was already on the level of a giant planet! Compared to the Super Dragon Ball, the earth was nothing. Such a vast Dragon Ball floating in the universe was a planet.

Planet Namek’s Dragon Balls were huge with the size of a football, and require one person to hold them with both hands.

According to the legend, Planet Namek’s Dragon Balls were made by Ancient Namekian using fragments scraped pieces from the surface of Super Dragon Balls.

Compared to the Super Dragon Balls, the scope and ability to grant wishes were quite limited. However, it could still be maintained at the Level 5 Dimension. It was two levels higher than the Level 3 Dimension of the Earth Dragon Balls.

Therefore, looking at it this way, the Dragon Ball’s power really was proportional to its size!

Such a vast Dragon Ball appearing in front of his eyes, the genuine excitement could be imagined. Muyang felt this way right now and could not wait to take the Super Dragon Ball away with him immediately.

However, this was clearly impossible. Usually, the Dragon Balls on that earth could all be packed away by preparing a small backpack.

In comparison, Planet Namek Dragon Ball could be taken with the effort of several people. However, for the Super Dragon Ball, even if they were placed in front of you, you could only stare at them.

It was impossible to move half of it because it was just too big.

Unless Muyang’s Acceleration Space expanded to the point where it could fit a planet 37,000 kilometers in diameter or had the magical spatial moving ability of Whis and Vados, it was better to give up before it was too late.

Unfortunately, Muyang couldn’t achieve any of these conditions, so there was nothing he could do about this Super Dragon Ball in front of him.

It was like meat that had been placed in the mouth but couldn’t be eaten. It was quite a tedious feeling.

“By the looks on your faces just now, you should know about the Dragon Ball.” Birgil saw the shocked expressions of Muyang and Mexia and said with a calm look.

Muyang said, “Yes, I used the Dragon Balls there in Planet Namek.”

“So the Dragon Balls in Planet Namek have also been restored!”

Birgil smiled, “Does it open your eyes? It’s shocking, isn’t it? That giant Dragon Pearl is the planet I’m guarding. When I first saw it, I had the same expression as you guys. I never thought there would be such a big Dragon Ball in the world.”

Mexia also looked shocked and lamented, “It’s unbelievable. This One-Star Dragon Ball is actually bigger than the earth.”

“It’s called the Super Dragon Ball. It belongs to a legend even among the ancient Namekians.” Birgil said.

From the first time he saw the Super Dragon Ball, Birgil felt the pull of the bloodline inside him, so he willingly stayed to guard it.

“So, it’s called the Super Dragon Ball. It really lives up to its name. Are there seven of these Dragon Balls too?” Mexia hadn’t come back to her senses.

“Yes, there are seven of them!”

“Birgil, you don’t have to guard this place; the Super Dragon Balls are so big, it’s not that easy to move them. Even if someone moves them, it’s only one, so it won’t work at all.” Muyang knew that the Super Dragon Balls were scattered on both Universe 7 and 6. It was impossible to collect them all without a powerful ability.

Moreover, the significance of the Dragon Balls was only known to a limited number of people. Even if they were discovered, the Super Dragon Ball’s existence would mostly just be taken back by some people as glazed beads to decorate their identities.

Bilgir shook his head. He had his own insistence, “It’s different. We, Namekians, have an innate affinity for the Dragon Balls. Being able to encounter it and guard it is my destiny and the meaning of my life. “

Muyang looked at Birgil without speaking. Everyone had their own aspirations; this might be Birgil’s understanding of life.

The spaceship slowly circled one side of Planet Ambera. The Super Dragon Ball’s whole appearance was revealed. It was even more spectacular than just now with blindingly bright light being cast from space.

“By the way, the spaceship will soon be landing on Planet Ambera. So prepare yourselves; I’ll take you to the Spring of Life. The spring has excellent effects on life and soul.” Bilgir said.

Upon speaking of the Spring of Life, Muyang’s face became serious.

Shifting his attention from the Super Dragon Ball, Muyang cast his gaze towards Planet Ambera. After all, even if the Super Dragon Ball was placed there, it was of no use to him at this stage. Instead, it was the “Spring of Life” that was more worthy of his attention.

The spaceship flew along the track for a while and then began to descend near the equator.

Through the thick atmosphere, the spaceship landed in a fragrant environment of flowers and plants. The surrounding air was incredibly fresh, emitting a refreshing and excellent fragrance.

The Planet Ambera was a living planet no smaller than the Super Dragon Ball. Since the Super Dragon Ball’s capture sometime ago, the two planets had been each other’s companions, orbiting together around the sun at the core of the planetary system.

“Wow, it’s so beautiful here.” Mexia flew up, a soft laugh coming out of her mouth.

“It’s a very livable place.” Muyang sucked in a breath and felt his head clear up a bit.

The air here seemed to be filled with particular substances that could promote the growth of life. Living here for an extended time would extend his life span.

“It’s comfortable, isn’t it? This planet also gives me a warm feeling.”

Birgil stepped to the side and said, “Please follow me; the Spring of Life is just a short distance ahead.”

“Please, lead the way.”

Next, led by Birgil, Muyang and Mexia arrived next to a small, open lake.

Bilgir clapped his palm against the clear lake, and a round of ripples appeared on the surface of the water. A bump rose above the lake’s surface, and a mass of blue, jelly-like object floated over.

The jelly piece jumped up from the water and landed on the grass with a thud and a wobble.

“Gaia, you go get some of the Spring of Life,” Birgil whispered to the jelly.

The jelly named Gaia squeaked twice. It looked at Muyang and Mexia, then turned around and moved away with a twist.

At that moment, Birgil turned back to Muyang and said, “That strange creature just now is called Gaia. It’s a strange creature conceived from the Planet Ambera, and the Spring of Life is the life essence that Gaia condensed.”

“The universe is truly infinite. This is the first time I’ve seen such a strange creature.”

“Senior Brother, that Gaia is soft and so cute.” Mexia.

“Haha, Gaia’s form of existence is indeed quite peculiar. I still haven’t figured out how it was born.” Birgil laughed cheerfully. “Let’s wait for a while, Gaia’s home is nearby, and it will be back soon.”

The few people waited for about five or six minutes.

The blue jelly came back in a twisted form. What had been the shape of a steamed bun now had a hole hollowed out in the middle and was filled with a bright green liquid that glowed wonderfully in the light.


Gaia called twice softly.

“This is the Spring of Life?” Muyang leaned down to curiously gaze at the emerald green liquid in front of him, dipping a little into his hand. Suddenly there was a cold feeling on the surface of his skin as if he was touching ice.

“So cold!”

“Squeak, squeak!” Gaia squirmed.

“Try it. The Spring of Life might help your wife.” Birgil smiled.

“Hmm.” Muyang eyed Mexia.

Mexia immediately landed. Her small, hand-made body was lying on top of Gaia’s.

The emerald green Spring of Life flooded Mexia’s body. A cool and vibrant feeling came over her. Mexia let out a few comforting whispers and her mental head cleared up; she felt her soul become so much stronger.

“How does that feel?”

Muyang saw Mexia’s face showing the taste of intoxication, so he couldn’t help but ask.

Mexia smiled brightly, “It feels so good. I feel my soul has grown so much.”

“It seems to help.” Muyang’s eyes lit up, and took out a small spoon to scoop up a small spoonful. In his heart, he mused about opening a small passage to the Acceleration Space, preparing to send the Spring of Life to Mexia’s main soul.

Just at this time, Gaia on the grass suddenly felt something. Her body twisted violently, and a small cloud of blue jelly split from her body, floating in front of Muyang’s heel, constantly drilling towards space.

“This creature, can it sense the existence of the Acceleration Space?” Muyang thought unexpectedly.

At this time, an intermittent voice sounded in Muyang’s heart, “Go in… good place… to grow…”

With his eyes narrowed, Muyang’s mind moved and simply put the cluster of Gaia’s parting body into the Acceleration Space along with a small spoonful of the Spring of Life.

“Good place, like…” A young voice full of young energy sounded in the Acceleration Space.

Muyang awakened Mexia’s main body soul.

Since she hadn’t exchanged memories with the billet, Mexia’s memories were still stuck in the previous state. Upon seeing the jelly life that suddenly appeared, Mexia was surprised, “What is this?”

“My name is Gai… Gaia!”

“Mexia, try contacting your soul with that spoonful of emerald green liquid. It should be good for your soul.” Muyang sent a message to Mexia through the small space channel.

“Oh, got it.” Mexia looked at Gaia on the ground and stretched out her hand to touch the Spring of Life.

Suddenly, Mexia’s main soul also had the same expression of enjoyment as the divider in the outside world, and her soul’s mutation speed accelerated by a large margin.

From this, Muyang was sure that the Spring of Life was indeed helpful to Mexia’s soul.

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